ARE WE GETTING MARRIED?? – Questions we have been avoiding…

have you ever felt something for someone
else while being together? 1 2 3… yes hey guys welcome back to our Channel and today… We are so happy to be back with you here in our house just sitting down without walking everywhere carrying our freaking stabilizer you don’t even have to carry it I have to carry it okay? once in a while we ask you on Instagram
if you have any questions for us. we? I! one time dude.. two times now.. I do it all the time so follow me It does not matter, I post better pictures… so we do that sometimes but there are a couple of questions that we try to avoid and today is the day that we’re gonna answer those questions.. The truth is coming out! My accent is getting worse.. Guys, how do you find Janik’s beard? isn’t it sexy? first question what do
you like the most about Janik? That’s not a question! I like that you’re so foolish okay.
What do you like the most about me? your smile, it’s obvious. It’s only physical? How do you manage to travel so much and where do you get the money from? in my university attendance is not mandatory so you don’t have to go to classes, I go to most classes but when we’re gonna travel somewhere I take some days off and go with you. so why I can travel in between is because I’m working as a freelancer so I can work from anywhere the reason why we can afford to travel
so much is because we don’t spend much when we’re traveling let’s say last year we went to Florida we got a super cheap flight for 175 euros and that’s the only reason why we went and we use couchsurfing which is completely free and Airbnb but like very cheap ones by the way use our Airbnb code in the
description if you want to get some discounts! also through YouTube we are
getting some money (very little) unfortunately YouTube is not a well paid
unless you get a lot of sponsorships which we don’t or views.. yeah which we
don’t.. but we love it so if you are watching this we love you. we are still holding on… ready? Did you used to fight when you were in a long-distance relationship okay 1,2,3.. yes! but you have to differentiate okay? I
wasn’t fighting she was fighting.. because you say “oh don’t talk to me for a day and then I forget about it and we don’t have to fight” and I just need to talk about it. For me it would have been so easy to let go of the
fights by just not talking about it.. we’re gonna get over it anyways.. like the
next day you’re not talking about anymore and is done! if we would have done that till this day we would be having the exact same fights (not sure) yes because we only grew and we only got to a common ground because we were talking about it.. and that’s the truth how do you know he or she is the only
one? I have to answer first? ahh this is too cheesy I can’t say it in front of you! I knew that Janik was the one because we are… I just have the best time ever! like, I’ve never been this happy.. we are
so similar and some people say “oh that sucks because it gets boring because you’re never fighting” but it is just fun.. you’re my best friend like I’m not even kidding.. and you are mine.. what about you? for me the same what she said… no, for me it was just when I realized that she is the most caring and funniest and cutest person I could meet next question.. what will you do first if
you would break up? I would go to the next club and get the next chick… You know how I said that the thing I like the most about you I said you’re foolish? sometimes I don’t like it… I would ask myself “why?” (oh good answer huh?) and I would cry for a couple of days and It would take me a long time to get over it..
and for me… same. X2. I would post it on my Instastories so if you don’t want to miss out then.. no, I would cry I will definitely cry I would be in my room for a long time I will go back to Mexico 100% I would ask myself “why?” too.. How do you choose your next travel location? very easy, we go on Skyscanner and we check what is the cheapest flight that we can get to an interesting place.. and we just go there… -That’s so not true Why Skyscanner, I’m never using Skyscanner…
we’re just like “where should we go?” something that’s close by, so Italy, so
Switzerland so Bavaria, Orlando just came up because the flight was super cheap.. if we would have money… (yeah) we would totally be in Thailand, Australia, Singapore China, Indonesia, China, China…
so it’s all about the money guys just want to take the car and go we
don’t have any money to fly… oh that sucked… Why don’t you like Berlin? how
do you know guys? that’s a really hard question to answer I guess because Berlin is dirty, grey, cold, chaotic, too big. And those are all the reasons why I love Berlin.. as a tourist Berlin is cool, but to live there I didn’t like it that much. I think either you love Berlin or you hate Berlin. well I like Berlin… Have
you ever felt.. (okay that’s a good one) have you ever felt something for someone
else while being together? yes…. I felt ammm…. I felt love… For my mom and my dad and my sister and my dog! What about you? I felt something for someone that’s not related
to me That is not me? -That is not you… okay… I don’t know if I should say it… just say it… ok so here we go… (don’t touch my leg…) the other day I was in the supermarket and there was this woman… and I felt anger because she skipped the line in
front of me… I already knew it! because you said “the other day” and every time you start like that is like FAKE NEWS One of the most asked questions here how can our subscribers get a boyfriend like you? huh in Germany.. Hamburg.. Well, you can find me here in Munich.. hey no! Don’t find him! this is mine okay? stay away and otherwise there are nice
guys everywhere guys… guys guys guys was it socially difficult to be in an
interracial relationship? one two three yes… what does socially mean? to
other people? oh ok to other people.. one two three: no, no.. if you mean like what other people said about us then not really only on YouTube we got some hate comments about “Stay in your own race!” like “don’t mix races, that’s disgusting!” It was actually something pretty interesting like we never really cared what people said… no, why should I care? yeah what did you do when you had to say goodbye when you were on a long-distance relationship? I threw the biggest house party ever..
really? no, we cried. we cried, oh god! something that we would do pretty often was we would write a letter and we would
give it to each other and then read it in the airplane. that made you even more cry yeah that was like oh it’s hurting? I wanna hurt even more! how do you keep your relationship fresh and full of love? That’s a hard one I have no idea. We don’t
really do it anything specific something that we like to do sometimes is when we’re having dinner we like to light up candles a lot and
then we watch “How I Met Your Mother” at the same time so we don’t have to
talk.. so somebody asked a very interesting question of why don’t you show your love in your videos? if you say there’s nothing “loving” in
these videos then I don’t know.. I think you guys can see or most of you guys can
see the chemistry between us and that’s enough. The more cheesy part of our relationship we like to keep for ourselves we hang out with you like we
would hang out with our friends do you did you realize that you asked me that question and you basically said everything? That’s me sorry, I had a better answer! you didn’t even leave me a chance. Okay go go For me is just that if I would see a couple on YouTube and they are kissing all the
time and being super cheesy I would be like oh my god they’re so annoying… and
that’s why I wouldn’t watch them I don’t want that in our videos either.. you never liked that a couple in the group of friends that is just like kissing all the time and like: We don’t wanna be that type of couple (full of makeup) I’m
gonna answer my own question from now on what’s the name of the song? we get this
question a lot on our travel vlogs especially we get our music from a
website that’s called epidemic sound and there you can sign up and then you can use their music on your videos without having to worry about any copyright claims it’s not music that you are gonna hear on the radio often, that’s why you probably don’t recognize it but they have super
good and talented people so here’s my plan: We have a website “”
check it out if you haven’t yet and on this website I’m gonna make a page with all the videos and all the songs that were included in those videos it’s gonna take you forever every… I already know he’s not gonna do it guys I will do it I am already starting.. you swear? yeah I swear so if you want to check out what songs we have been using go to our website we’re gonna leave the link in the description and if you wanna check out epidemic sound too then we’re also gonna leave that link
there why don’t we speak Spanish on our videos? the reason is because I’m just lazy that’s why I don’t speak Spanish and that’s why you don’t want to speak German with me! we already talked a lot and if we want.. Ok listen listen.. um you you asked me that question!! Can I answer my question? do it you weirdo! or do you want to make a video by yourself? just do it now… ok the thing is we’re always speaking English with each other which is probably not the best thing to do what are you doing? I don’t know I thought it would be funny.. And that’s why it just feels natural to also speak English in the videos we have a lot of people from Mexico, Latin America but we also have people from the US and from Europe we don’t want to leave anyone behind and
that’s why we are translating the videos yeah when will you come back to Mexico? in 3 weeks! I’m back to Mexico only for 10 days and only to San Luis Potosí. I’m sorry Mexico City but I’m going on my own yeah I’m not going with her. why? Because I don’t have enough money for the flight my sister is getting married and I’m gonna go to her bachelorette party so I’m not invited anyway so why should I go? and also because my grandpa is turning 99 years old and I really want to be with him for his 99 year old birthday next question is: do you want kids? yes… same… one day, one day…. so the last question is something that we’ve already had before And it is…. When will you propose? so these were all the questions that we
had for today we hope you had fun hanging out with us if you like this video and you wanna see more of us then hit the like button, subscribe to our channel if you’re not already and we’ll see you next week and lastly a lot of people is still asking us how we met so if you are wondering this we’re gonna leave you our video that we made about it already here at the end so just click on it and go check out our story and with that we’re gonna say goodbye see you next week stay classy Adios muchachos tschüss!

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