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marketing phenomenon or thing that I’ve come across I mean there’s plenty of
MLMs out there in the world there’s something
for everything and this literally it just takes your breath away I’m talking
about van tailed pearls yes there is a pearl MLM and in order for you to
actually understand what is going on you’re going to get to have a little
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out there’s a link in the description now I suspect that there may be some van
tell pearl hunt that will hop on here and claim that their little business is
not an MLM because that’s usually a tactic that you know Huns use because
they’re trained that whatever it is they’re doing it’s so different but um
I’m just gonna tell you it fits the criteria you know are you building a
team yes do you have to get a starter kit yes are you selling a product that
has a ridiculous markup on it absolutely and for you van tell Hans I have
absolutely no beef with you at all it’s more the business itself the van tol
pearl company of what they’re putting out and they’re having you do that it
just makes it just blows my mind I find it to be incredibly strange now
obviously I am NOT the demographic and I get that but I’m
trying to just wrap my head around this it’s like I don’t understand why this is
a thing it just is it perplexes me it’s one of those things where I just
literally have no words but I’m finding them to try to describe this for you so
let’s go ahead and take a peek at what these pro parties that van tell pearl
hunts have now I will tell you this van tell pearls is not the only company that
does this pearl party thing or you’re shucking oysters and stuff there are
others but today we are just really going to be looking at aspects related
to Van tell pearls so go ahead and enjoy this little montage of pearl parties so what did you think hunt do you want
to go to a pearl party let me see if I can describe to you what is going on
here because it’s a I just find it strange that’s all what I have is that I
literally I just include us as to why this is a thing but it is and I guess
there’s a part of me I can understand people getting almost like addicted to
this you know wanting to see what color is the next pearl but here’s the thing
there are people going on Facebook doing Facebook lives shucking dead Easter’s
did you catch that shucking dead Easter’s live on Facebook yes it is a
thing so this is basically how that process goes somebody comes on Facebook
live now all of these fan tell pearl hunts and I’ll just say anyone who’s
shucking the pearls out yeah Wow bad joke but anyway anyone who is doing this
they had their own little flavor some are playing games and they’re very
engaging with their audience because people come on and you know it’s just
kind of like you know girls getting together and there’s a lot of chitter
chatter and as I watched these they they don’t go fast I mean if there’s like
long pregnant pauses in everything because I guess you you gotta you know
work the crowd to get to the point where you’re going to shuck a dead Easter you
know I mean I literally don’t get that but anyway I digress
so you go to the pearl party but in order for somebody to shuck your pearl
you have to buy a piece of jewelry from their catalog so you’re gonna spend
anywhere from probably like around 20 some odd dollars on up to over
hundred dollars to get the piece of jewelry that the pearl or pearls are
going to go in now you can generally get one pearl shucked up to three pearl
shuck I think for a piece of jewelry it just depends on the design if you will
so you buy the piece of jewelry and then on the live video the person is going to
shuck oysters these debt voice stirs that have had pearls shoved inside of
them that had then been vacuum sealed in these bags and they’re in like a mixture
of alcohol or formaldehyde I’ve heard both things and what really bugs me is
that they’re touching them with their hands and some of them will touch these
things and then like touch their hair or their face and I am just so grossed out
I’m thinking that stuff has got to smell me being from the Texas Gulf Coast area
I’ve been around a thing or two when it comes to stuff
living in the sea and I’ve never been one to like enjoy fishing or that kind
of stuff but I was the one in my household when my parents would go
crabbing I’m the one that would shuck the crabs so I know about that but I
can’t imagine getting these oysters and then they put them in a bucket and so
you know it’s kind of soupy in there and they’re pulling them out and they will
have sometimes on trays and you saw on the little clip that there was a tray
there and they all had like different little names they’ll be on something and
they show them to you now what I find incredibly comical and I certainly am
just like WTF is that they will hold up the oysters they describe them usually
as he’s I have no idea why they just do same thing with the pearls there he’s
for some bizarre reason anyway they described them to you like the outside
of the oyster is going to somehow relate to the pearl that was shoved inside of
it some way I I don’t get it do you know does that make sense to you I mean I
said I think that’s just weird but they go to great lengths to describe what
they look like and if they have hair they were talking about seaweed on it
and they just show you everything and then when they shuck it they’ll show you
and nothing here which will be the side of the shell where there’s no dead
moisture meat in it and then they’ll proceed to poke around the dead boy stur
meaty area to have a pearl pop out kind of like popping a pimple in a way but a
dead boy stur I just I am so grossed out at the thought of
anybody doing this and then there’s a bunch of whooping and hollering and how
beautiful it is and they’ll roll the little pearl and some salt and they’ll
put it up close to the camera so you can see the color and you too can do an oo
and then we proceed through the usual you know steps of what they did before
they’ll take that pearl put it in a little envelope and then they send it
off to mantle pearls and I’m presuming like with your name and address and
everything on it because you’re already paid for this masterpiece and then Van
Til pearls will take the pearl that was sent supposedly I don’t know if they
really do but you know that’s supposedly that’s what happens and then they put
that little pearl in whatever overpriced cage thing that you got and then ship it
on to you now that you know a little bit about what’s going on at these pearl
parties and all that jazz let’s go ahead and do more of a deep dive into Van tell
pearls itself Joan Hartl cabrel I’m not sure if I said her name right anyway she
is from Boston Massachusetts and she is a graduate of Brandeis University she is
the founder and president of Van tell pearls the story goes that Joan returned
from a troop that she went on to Hawaii with a gift for her niece a pearl with
an oyster inside of it and once she saw how her niece was just enamored with the
oyster and the pearl she decided to share the oyster opening with others
before the MLM arose she had opened two retail stores and then after a few years
decided to host a home party that one party changed everything now honestly I
cannot imagine going to a home party where somebody is shucking these oysters
and you know for the piece of jewelry I bought now that’s just me maybe you’re
different maybe it’s George it most certainly isn’t mine this is
straight from their website it says van tell pearls is unlike any other company
for one simple reason the magic of oyster opening ooh ah do you feel the
magic inside our oysters are genuine pearls they come in a variety of colors
and sizes and each one is one-of-a-kind alike the pearl
you are one-of-a-kind you’re in life your personality your dreams they are
unique to you Van Til Pearl’s offers the opportunity to build a business that
fits your life on your terms a business that thrives when you add your own brand
of personality when you make it uniquely you now let me just ask you this how is
that different from any of these other MLMs that I have ever talked about they
all say that they’re unique and they all want to offer you quote an opportunity
yeah no this is from an article from Western Massachusetts news and it states
you order a setting choose an oyster and wait to see what kind of pearl is hiding
inside for time consultants used a chart compiled by the national pearl
Association of the United States to appraise each pearl no such Association
exists and most consultants have stopped giving a dollar value to the pearls
after opening the pearl it’s it’s a van tell where it’s placed in its setting
Western Mass News reporter Mary Kate Mannion bought a pearl and chose the dog
key Jane tag which retails for $40 and 28 cents the order arrived with an
additional door prize a black pearl peacock necklace that lists in the
Bantle catalog for $85 then we took the keychain and necklace to qunari
jewelers in Chicopee it turned out the Pearl was plastic and the metal on the
necklace could have been made out of lead this is that chart that was used by
these distributors consultants whatever you know
they’re called these pearl ladies in an interview with BuzzFeed Jeremy Shepherd
the treasurer and marketing director of the cultured pearl Association of
America says to be completely honest I think they pulled that name out of a
dark crack somewhere the national pearl Association does not exist and according
to industry experts the NPA is a fabrication of pearl companies looking
to scam customers now doesn’t that kind of give you pause to think doesn’t that
really make you wonder what are people really getting what is this opportunity
all about and is it worth it getting involved in I’m just gonna say right
here right now no it’s not boo we are going to look at some of the information
in the consultant agreement with Bantle pearls since you are watching this
hopefully you are anti MLM or I’m turning you to be anti MLM and you’ll
know better than to get hooked up with a company like this now under number four
of this document the independent contractor relationship it clearly says
that you are not a business owner and that you are an independent contractor
and then if you look under five a under the rights responsibilities and duties
you submit an application to serve as a direct sales consultant to Van tell
pearls and those that you recruit or refer to as your downline now doesn’t
that sound an awful like multi-level marketing just for you van tell pearl
huns if you think you’re not in a multi-level marketing thing you kind of
are so let’s be clear there’s only one profession I know of and I’m using
profession loosely that uses the word downline in its multi-level marketing
network marketing pyramid marketing whatever name you want it to go by it’s
not what a typical business what a quote normal business uses because I do not
consider MLM to be normal you know okay under five D it says that you agree to
their terms and conditions and that you signed the it consult
agreement and in this agreement you discover all of a sudden there is $100
boy stur fee under five age and this should be a red flag you are told right
there that you cannot purchase you know any of these oysters anywhere else and
like basically sell them so if you can get them elsewhere that lets you know
their entire little pearl thing isn’t something special meaning this is not
the only game in town you can get this stuff elsewhere and I’m gonna share with
you some places where you can get pearls for a fraction of the cost if you’re so
inclined that you want to open up you know a debt and squeeze out a pearl I’m
kind of hoping that you’re not into that but that’s just me so let’s see what it
takes to you know be chosen to be a Van tell pearl distributor because you know
anybody who is sending in that application you know they’re getting in
because look at what the qualifications are eighteen years or older a citizen or
permanent resident in the United States have a valid social security number must
have read and agreed to the van tailed Pearl’s consultant agreement maintained
a valid credit card on file purchased a van tell pearls consultant starter kit
and have access to the internet and have an email address that’s it
so basically if you have a pulse you have a home and all of that you’re in
you can start today you know again I think the Hunts that work for Van tell
really need to look at what are they doing it just really looks like anybody
can send in an application and that they’re going to be accepted I highly
doubt that it’s super competitive now when you decide hey I want to shut
pearls on face book lives because that just sounds like a good time to me you
have two options you can pay either ninety nine dollars or a hundred and
forty nine now we all know the more you pay the more you get so they they get
you with that you know that like look at all these other things you get if you
just spent a little bit more you do this technology fee that you pay which
is 1295 per month but when you join they waive it for the first three months that
should kind of tell you something right there you know and what you get you get
a replicated website and a monthly e-newsletter Wow when you sell anywhere
from $1 to three thousand nine hundred and ninety nine and dollars worth of
their quote jewelry and I just want to eat the things that I want to say are
not going to be nice I’m really trying to refrain but anyway you sell this
stuff not quite four thousand dollars but once you hit four thousand dollars
then you can earn 30% Commission but let’s say that you know you’re looking
to make three thousand dollars per month to do so means you would need to
consistently sell ten thousand dollars worth of this jewelry or two hundred and
thirty-eight sales you know that’s two hundred thirty-eight pieces of this
jewelry roughly seven sales per day every day of the month meaning you
better get to some oyster shucking right now sister now again in case you’re Van
tell pearl hon you’re saying this is not multi-level marketing doesn’t this look
like there’s different levels and when there’s different levels hence multi
level okay so in this example of this mixture thing that we see on the screen
were Tina is a gold leader to be a first generation qualified leader I’m going to
reach you an example from their compensation plan okay
and the example below Tina is a gold leader and needs to first generation
qualified leaders in order to be qualified as a gold leader
first generation leaders do not need to be on level one but they can’t be below
level four in order to find a first generation leader we look at each
downline of Tina’s level one consultants alex is a qualified silver leader this
month so she counts as one first-gen qualified leader tina can only count one
qualified leader in each downline leg so she does not count and jean who is on
a down leg of Alex Barb and Cher are not qualified leaders and have no downline
Dana is not qualified leader but if we look at her downline
she has Kim on level three who was a qualified leader Kim would be another
first generation qualified leader for Tina
therefore Tina has her two first generation leaders Alex and Kim are
first generation qualified leaders for Tina now let me just say reading that is
just confusing as all heck like all MLM companies their compensation plants are
just not easy to follow they are fundamentally confusing now we’re not
going to take a look at every level or anything but what does it take to be a
quote an active consultant because you know with any of these companies you
have to be active active consultant qualifications and active consultant is
one who has submitted $500 or more personal total sales volume over a
two-month rolling period starting with the first month consultant
qualifications and benefits commissions a consultant may earn 25 percent of
personal commissionable volume of jewelry sales consultant does not need
to be active to earn this twenty five percent commission oh well
slap me silly you don’t need to be active to earn commission that’s that’s
odd because generally you need to somehow consultants are eligible to
receive two percent sponsorship of a right under monthly cv jewelry sales of
personally sponsored consultants two percent override on level one
consultants not personally sponsored 40 percent discount on personal jewelry
purchases monthly requirements to receive consultant overrides must be
active and must have a monthly TSV of 250 or more overrides are payable each
month these requirements are met okay so there’s the kicker if you want to get
your override then you need to be able to have you know the 250 or more but you
can get a 40% discount on your personal jewelry purchases and here’s
the thing when you watch those Facebook lives there’s all kinds of prizes so you
know that these people are going to be encouraged to get different things so
that they can offer them as prizes and you know entice people to buy their
Genki jewelry there I said it I just think it’s janky jewelry so where else
can you find this stuff well we can go to oriental pearls dot net because let
me tell you the price is there are much much less so here we are at Oriental
pearls dot net and I mean you can get all kinds of things I’m just gonna
scroll down here look you can get one oyster with an untrue
for 8 dollars and 97 cents and remember when you’re going with Bantle pearls
you’re spending anywhere from 20 on up to get you know a piece of their jewelry
and to be able to shuck one Easter up to three I mean because usually it’s a
shuck 3 oysters you’re going to be paying a pretty penny so these are some
of the things that you can just go and skip all of that and go right on over
here and look at this you can get this Wish pearl gift set and I even saw one
video where somebody had something like this as it was like as seen on TV so
there are other ways to be able to get these things if you’re so inclined and
really the only way I could see Everett being interested in doing this is if I
had a daughter and my daughter was I don’t know 10 to 12 years old and she
was having a slumber party and you know we were doing this as some a little gift
thing for the girls to have you know what I mean that’s the only time other
than that I do not see the appeal but like I said I am NOT the target market
and looky looky over on Etsy guess what you can get these things too in other
words you don’t have to go through fantail pearls that is my point it’s
going to be a ripoff because whenever you buy anything from an MLM they’re
always over price you know you don’t get some amazing
thing there you go and you even can get like you know the
Lowell pendant things and all of that so you really can do this in a much more
economical way you don’t need to watch somebody on Facebook squirting out
pearls from dead wasters is my point and looky looky you can even go to Amazon
and you can get a bulk of stuff there again you just don’t have to go to an
MLM whenever an MLM is selling something somebody is going to be selling that
same thing for a lot less now we’re gonna hop on over to Instagram and look
at some of the posts and notice to hear I mean really five liked it really I am
looking for two motivated ladies or gentlemen to join me and my team on this
amazing journey with Bantle pearls let’s chat about your opportunity to work from
home and so much more a bunch of hashtags do you know and there’s even a
hashtag join my team seriously Wow and even hashtag make money hashtag love to
shocked oh my gosh discover the pearl in you one open an oyster to find your
pearl three choose your setting for send us your pearl five wear and enjoy host a
pearl party ask me how did you know that you can earn free jewelry by hosting a
pearl party this is a great way to bring friends together you can host online in
home at mixers in your small business or just a group of friends together in a
winery yoga studio book club coffee shop the possibilities are endless
ask me how hash tag Van tell pearl independent consultant hash tag friends
hash tag party ideas hash tag party as I get together hash tag girls night
hash tag bridal shower hash tag young a hash tag coffee shop hash text of all
business support and there’s a whole bunch of other hash tags after that and
I ran out and look there’s only one like which is really makes me kind of sad for
her you know I mean you know girlfriends trying it
just it’s I don’t get it and you know I I try to do this good
golly I don’t think I’d be able to get a single person interested in me shucking
pearls I mean seriously welcome Wednesday like us on Facebook
Instagram stay tuned for all of the weekly party of days join the blank
community to show your pearl mail and post about your day there have been
quite a few new likes and follows lately so I wanted to take a minute to say
welcome and introduce myself to y’all I’m this person the girl behind all the
pearls or better yet the girl always covered in pearls and known as whatever
I have a wonderful supportive team around me on this journey and I’m always
looking to share the amazing opportunities send me a message to see
how you can join my team I love all things involving pearly treasures
animals like trash pandas dogs cats and more all of them also I’m a total food
enthusiast and there are four likes and this isn’t that kind of sad I mean you
know you’re going through all this trouble of making a fancy little thing
to put on Instagram but boy that is oh my gosh because I can just I remember
myself with Beachbody making my little graphics and feeling productive cuz I’m
making graphics it’s not productivity it’s dizzi work it’s all busy work to
keep you sucked in and to keep you buying things at 40% off so that you can
give those away as free to entice people to maybe buy some of this jewelry from
you bottom line that’s what’s going on front
she believed and I can’t read the back so if you can good for you front life at
the celebration front prayers and support front she was brave and strong
okay all of that all of those could just be sold to anybody in an MLM cuz doesn’t
that sound like you know the kind of things that MLM are say let these
two-sided necklaces I’m struggling to decide which is my
favorite which is your earth hashtag dan tell pearl independent consultant
hashtag she believed hashtag she danced to her own beat
hashtag life is a celebration hashtag start the party
hashtag prayers and support hashtag with you always
hashtag she was brave and strong hashtag she was true to herself and there’s one
like that’s just so sad and I think I went to yeah I went to truth in
advertising because there are some over-the-top claims that are made a lot
of them have been taken down but let’s just check this out do you love ban tell
pearls do you want financial freedom do you have three days per week to dedicate
to Pearl parties send me a message to inquire about drink ban tell pearls I’m
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you are you huh huh huh let me know let me know in the comments if you’re if
you’re just dying to do pearl parties and this is another from truth in
advertising Dan tell pearls 2017 getaway Mexico Beach Resort your chair awaits
I love the financial freedom being a consultant with Dan tell pearls thanks
to all of you who have made my journey a huge success I’m so close to reaching
one of my goals which is hurting this free vacation I need only two more
people to join my team with only a small investment of $99 for your complete kit
and $100 deposit so you can start your journey who’s ready to have fun and make
money PM me or comment below discuss the opportunity waiting for you this direct
sales company is like no other oh good guy so basically you are saying
for 200 bucks you can get this crap and you can start doing it yourself I mean
really and there was unlike just saying one like all of these
are so sad that nobody is just jumping on it but then again why would you why
okay there was a class-action lawsuit in 2017 now it has since been dropped but I
want you to know what people complained about consumers have complained of a
number of problems with fantail pearls including delayed shipments and poor
jewelry quality now attorneys working with class-action org are investigating
whether a class-action lawsuit can be filed to help customers and consultants
get refunds now I’m going to say this to you guys I always put a link to how to
file with the FTC in my descriptions I’ve also made a video about it
if you have quote worked for an MLM company fantail pearls Beachbody it
works I mean choose your MLM poison whichever
one it is you need to file with the FTC and let them know it’s only through us
doing that where we kind of you know we show the numbers of people who are being
taken advantage of by these companies so you need to do that now get to it okay
now back to this there was a class-action lawsuit filed in 2017 they
were working with class action org which has since kind of like dropped that
entire investigation and all that sort of thing okay now let me say this to you
if you have ever been with an MLM company be it Beachbody it works fantail
pearls and ajik Mary Kay I mean pick your poison when it comes to MLM it is
very important that you file with the FTC because it is through the numbers of
people filing that will get the FTC to take action so if you haven’t done that
I created a video on how to file a report with the FTC plus there’s always
a link in my video descriptions that tells you how to do that we’ll help you
out and all of that sort of stuff it’s not that hard it’s going to take
you maybe ten to 20 minutes to do it and it’s worth getting yours out there so
that you can just basically stack the deck against whatever company that you
were with you got it now get to it Jewelry isn’t being delivered or is
taking several months to arrive if the shipment arrives the jewelry is at
sterling silver and isn’t the pearl picked out by the customer meaning I
guess it wasn’t the Pearl shucked the jewelry is breaking within two or three
uses the pearls are breaking and or falling off the jewelry is changing
colored the pearls are fake and were placed into the oysters well hello how
do you think the pearls even got there did you think I mean the likelihood of
finding a pearl in an oyster a real pearl is you know very slim they’re
manufactured they they are made I’ve watched videos of cultural pearls
being made but there have been instances that these pearls were plastic because
people have taken them to you know jewelry stores and stuff right
in addition fantail pearls is allegedly telling customers to contact their party
consultants regarding delayed or missing orders refunds and reimbursements and
complaints about jewelry quality now why in the world would you tell your
consultant about that then tell pearls the company they’re responsible for it
in cases where the jewelry hasn’t arrived the company is alleging telling
shoppers to call the local police on the consultant claiming he or she has stolen
their money in essence ban tell pearls is reportedly trying to avoid
responsibility for its product and instead passing the buck to its party
consultants now I’m telling you if you are with until pearls or ever were with
them tell pearls you need to file with the FTC because that is absolutely
horrible that they are going to just try to pass off the buck because when I look
at Joan she looks like a nice lady but when I see this kind of stuff and what I
know what MLMs are all about because it’s endless chain recruitment it’s
never meant for you to be making big bucks or anything and if anybody is
remember you have to have those people keep coming in at the bottom so that you
can make any money it is a horrible horrible design and it’s designed to
suck money out of your pockets something I had meant to talk about when
I was making this content and I’m in the middle of editing it is a concern I have
because there are a lot of women who seem to be you know wanting to have a
chance to get a free oyster because that’s one of the gimmicks that’s often
used or they’re wanting a particular type of pearl so they’re willing to keep
buying these oysters and hoping that they’re found but you know that just
rings to me a form of gambling plus there are also these various games that
are played these games involve rolling a dice or spending a will to decide the
number of oysters that are open and that sort of thing and I think that probably
breaks a lot of laws in many countries and definitely in the u.s. because guess
what as far as I know there’s only one state that allows gambling and that’s
Nevada so you know I think it is very deceptive I think this particular type
of MLM or there’s this you know oyster shucking thing going on that it can be
overly damaging to people because it can get you addicted to wanting to get that
chance to get whatever you’re looking for you know does that make sense and
then add on top of it that what you end up getting because you know it’s been
taken to different jewelers and jewelers have said they’re pretty much worthless
you’re not really getting anything for your money nothing that is worth while
you’re better off in my opinion just you know like here in Houston we have a
street called Harwin and there’s all kinds of stores up and down it and you
can get stuff like really really cheap people come from all over the country
just to go to Harwin you’re better doing that you’re better going to charming
Charlie’s you’re better going to ebay anywhere but you know just don’t
participate in these pearl parties and I really want to know if anybody has a
clue if all of this would be considered gambling and you know what kind of laws
are being broken by having these people have these quote pearl parties live on
Facebook well I hope this has given you some
insight into this ban tell Perl MLM and also just parole parties in in general
which just to not sound like a good idea I mean it maybe you wanted to have a
perl party I don’t know but if you do use Etsy use Amazon or that other
wherever Perl whatever net that I found use that don’t go through an MLM because
you’re not going to get good quality that’s the bottom line that’s the
problem with all these MLM ziz that the products themselves they’re not so good
because they’re overpriced so that it will pay up to the people at the C level
and also pay the people up above you it’s not designed so that you make big
bucks it it just isn’t now if you enjoy anti MLM content go ahead and hit that
subscribe button make sure you hit the notification bell and also give this
video a thumbs up and if you have been advanced help early insulting I would
love to know what your experience was like and if you’ve had complaints and
you know how did you get comfortable shucking oysters you know don’t they
stink I mean you know I just can’t I can’t get past the thought that they
must stink and getting my hands and all that stuff just sounds like a big bucket
of suck to me but you know hey that’s me maybe you enjoy putting your hands in
whatever that gook is it just seems so very gross to me and if we want there to
be any kind of change remember it is up to us to get our stories out there so
again I’m urging you to file with the FTC make sure that you check out my
video or use the link in my description so that you can do that because we
really do need to kind of do our best to get this type of company you know off
the map it’s been around for like over 30 years people have been shucking
pearls that long and like I said they’re not the only company but it’s just such
a weird weird thing and remember change starts now

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  1. OOOOOOK, that's wierd. Honey, I'm going to have the girls over and we're going open oysters looking for pearls. Think my wife and I would have a nice long talk!!!!!

    I'd rather find my old pet rock!!!

  2. I think it's hysterical how saturated Facebook is with those Pearl parties. It's disgusting that people push that garbage on people! Very Wrong.

  3. I've seen this(shuck a pearl, buy a inlay-not the MLM part) as a gimmick kiosk in the shopping areas of Vegas casinos* for years now. I have never seen anyone ever buying one. The clerks always looks bored. Guess it fits the gambling part of it all.

    *Excalibur and Luxor IIRC

  4. I worked with a woman who was on my Facebook and she was always posting about mlms and supporting friends/acquaintances who did them. She had the pearl shows shared on her Facebook a year or so ago from one pearl hun out of Alaska? And omg it was crazy watching all the women commenting on the videos and being so excited about it.. it was like a frenzy!!!

  5. When we were on our cruise to Alaska the canned oysters with the pearls and a necklace or bracelet were all over the gift shops in every port.

  6. Just heard of this recently. Poor dead creatures. If not for that, I'd kinda want to watch people do it, whilst I reject this MLM completely… so torn lol.
    Btw, former mlmer, too! So glad I never had huns in my teams.. yes, multiple MLMs

  7. I think lots of states allow gambling. NJ has casinos, PA, DE, CT and many more have casinos. That being said, it is highly regulated and I can completely see how this could be considered gambling. So sad. I’ve always been fascinated by these bizarre “pearl parties.” Great video.

  8. Some of these girls actually seem clever and creative and put a lot into these events. If they put that towards other things they could really do well.

  9. This is why I love youtube, falling into these strange worlds… I never heard of these pearl shucking parties before in any way, shape or form. Looking at the products you showed, I would ask myself, if I walked into a store and saw the jewelry objectively would I want to buy it. The answer is no, it looks like cheaply made jewelry that I could buy at any low end store or souv-y place on the boardwalk. It's a shame when people get caught up in a frenzy and get sucked in.

  10. I still can't believe i did that 🙈 ngl tho it was fun opening the oysters and seeing the sizes and colors 😂

  11. It really is like gambling. When I sold ppl would go for darks bc they thought they were more likely to be pink.. When they weren't. Once I got sent an entire jug of yellow pearls🤦‍♀️ that was fun 😂

  12. Apart from being weird, this MLM is so utterly environmentally non-friendly that I am surprised no-one (to my knowledge) has brought it up. We do not know how these pearls are farmed (and some are plastic which further proves my point, as if we needed more plastic in the world!) the process requires the pearls to go back and forth by plane across great distances.

    It may not seem much but that's extra fuel and more pollution added to the atmosphere and does not, at all, need to be there. Instead of having the consultants or whatever shuck the pearls then send them to the MLM that then sends them finished product to the consumer- a hellish procedure all along- they could cut a step or two.

    In this day and age when environmental concerns are becoming more pressing, I do not expect this system to gain much traction. This without the creepiness factor, that is, and the fact that pearls are not Pokemon.

  13. This has to be the cheapest quality jewelry I've ever seen. If someone wants jewelry like that they can buy it from a drop shipper without th oyster-shucking, for like $1. So why pay $20-30+ from Vantel??

    Who do you think is the demographic for this? Pearl isn't a popular jewelry choice anymore, and for those who do still love pearls (me!!) They want good costume pearls like from Macy's, or fine jewelry pearls. The whole point is that the jewelry looks classic, unlike this stuff.

    And I have no words for how gross the in-home oyster shucking looks.

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