Aria Buffet Dinner Free 2 for 1 Pass Coupon Las Vegas

oh sorry to bother you while you’re
enjoying the music and watching food but let’s talk about the important stuff
first and then you can go back to watching more food from the buffet at Aria.
To get a free buffet pass or a two-for-one coupons you need to earn
points into my Vegas app which is by MGM once you get enough gold chips you can
use them for discounts and freebies at the MGM property
I always just let it run next to me while I’m working. I’ll post a link to
the app in the description box below. You need to be an Aria hotel guest to redeem
anything that’s completely free but the two-for-one coupon is good for anyone to
use. Yes even if you’re not staying at the Aria you can still use the
two-for-one coupon. There are some restrictions and blackout dates so make
sure you read the fine print so once you redeem it in your app you have to go to
my players club to get your coupon. By the way why does everybody name their
buffet The Buffet? The buffet at Wynn the buffet at Bellagio the buffet at
stratosphere. Anyways we came for their weekday dinner which was 38 dollars a
person with the coupon it comes out to 19 dollars a person which makes it a
great deal when you pay they give you a menu which shows you add-ons you can get
unlimited alcohol for $20 3 pound lobster for 55 fish of the day for 35 or
a dozen oysters for 26. You know the rest 18% automatic gratuity for a or more
there’s a nice rest room inside the buffet and stay away from the Asian food alright let’s see what they have they opened in 2009 and they remodeled
in 2012 and we were impressed. The modern and bright interior felt a lot more
inviting than the village buffet or the Bellagio buffet in general we thought it
tasted better than your average Vegas buffet I especially enjoyed everything
from their Carvery section and their whole steamed crab legs. With the buy one
get one free coupon the buffet area is a great value and I would recommend it! I
hope you guys liked this video and I appreciate a thumbs up. I do read and
enjoy all your comments so please feel free to ask questions in the comment box
below and thank you for watching

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  1. When do you think the best time to book is? Some friends and I are going for the first time for MLK weekend in January and right now a lot of the rates are a little high except for places like Luxor and Excalibur. Do you think there's a time when they maybe will drop?

  2. Also! Download PopSlots and MyKONAMI Slots! All use the same login info and ran by the same company. So when you win coins, they transfer between the apps

  3. Great video I like how the food is served in medium sized trays and bowls to ensure small batches and consistent freshness.

  4. Great Vegas videos. I just recently found your channel and we are regular visitors to Sin City. Gonna try for an upgrade. I'll keep you posted.

  5. Planning an RV trip to LV … just wondered if there are any properties, on the strip, that have any overnight RV parking… ( 3/4 nights) quick video would be nice if there is one available… Great Videos BTW….

  6. If you enjoyed this video, please view my tour of Bacchanal Buffet too!

    Bacchanal –

  7. Subscribed, like your videos and will watch the rest later on, great videos and great tips. Oh yeah, I am from NYC and definitely gonna visit LV

  8. Stayed at hotel and had Christmas eve dinner buffet at Aria . Nice. It was $51.00/ person including tax. It was good/ high quality, but there was sooo much food! Really liked the mini clam soup with delectable broth. Also, very artistic desserts and delicious too. Expensive, but it's the Aria….

  9. Ok can't resist, why to stay away from the asian side of the buffett? Is there one real good Asian Buffett in LV? What about the food at the Lucky Dragon? Thanks for any help, we are planning to be back in Vegas this time in 18.

  10. Hi! I like watching your videos. Have you been to the buffet in Planet Hollywood? It's my second favorite buffet after the Bachanal.

  11. 0:20 I was kinda uncomfortable with showing Asian food then a pic of a dog.. haha. I’m JK.. was that intentional?

  12. Hey Ken. Great video! Very informative and well-made. I was wondering approximately how long it takes to earn a free buffet pass for Vegas in the slots app you were talking about. Let’s say you had it running 8 hours a day for three days a week. Thanks.

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