Ariel’s Royal Celebration Boat by LEGO | Disney Princess Unboxings

Hi there! Welcome to Disney Princess Unboxings! Today, we’re gonna build
Ariel’s Royal Celebration Boat Playset by LEGO! Let’s open it up,
and see what’s inside! Here’s an instruction manual. This will be our map to
building Ariel’s world! Wow! 380 pieces! I can’t wait to dive into this! Let’s find out what these pieces make. It’s the royal gazebo! This revolving dancefloor is perfect
for Ariel and Prince Eric! Do you like to dance? Next, let’s build the ship itself. Wow! That came together so great! Now we’re ready for some adventures at sea! Yay! It’s Prince Eric’s dog, Max! Max loves Ariel! I wonder what all of these thingamabobs make? Oh! It must be Sebastian’s island! The spinning starfish makes
the perfect finishing touch! These fun pieces make the ship’s dock! Yay! Let’s see what’s in this chest. Oh no! It’s Ursula’s contract! Check this out! The gazebo can go right onto the ship! Now, Ariel and Eric can dance
wherever they go! Look at all these cool accessories Ariel
can bring along on all her adventures! I wonder what these do? Wow! Fireworks! Time to celebrate all the adventures ahead! Have fun!

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