Ari’s Birthday Party & New Friend

It’s that time of year again! (Ari: Here we go again!) *BOOM* Ari turns three this year, which means he’ll be dead in approximately 27 years if all goes according to plan. The clock’s ticking Ari. When you’re gonna get a job?” But for now, we can just focus on giving him a good birthday! Since he’s still just a wee lad, he hasn’t accomplished much yet, and the world is full of amazing treasures to be experienced. Like, making friends, or I don’t know, going to a park. Oh wow! o yeah ari look at u go! *w h e e z e* Wow! Look at you! Here we go! (Don’t worry, ari plushie is okay.) *Someone is dying of laughter as ari is actually dying* Now, wasn’t that fun? Getting back to the making friends part… Believe it or not, Ari’s actually made another bird friend! (they did?) He’s not as socially inept as I thought, since he hates everything but bells and spaghetti. My buddies Jordan (ThePivotsXXD) and Kelsey (AntiDarkHeart) also have a bird named baby Jim. So when the two of them met they became instant best friends! They snuggle and get each other’s pin feathers and poop on my computer together. They’re practically inseparable, and it’s freaking adorable. Except for the double poop. That part is not as good. Since it’s always special day I thought we could make a nice dinner for them to celebrate together. I invited Jordan, Kelsey and Joel (Roomie) too – but joel you’re uninvited because I forgot Ari doesn’t like you. *Careful* *rip roomie* We got a bunch of party stuff. So, Jordan you’re working on the spaghetti. So, maybe Gel-Gel-Gelsey and I *giggles* can decorate the table. – All right. Here, confetti, I’m gonna sprinkle some on the.. the table. I wanna open it gently, I don’t want it to just – *pop* *Screams then laughter* *laughing* Kelsey! Nah! He said- *tooot* *faint toot* I think I got confetti on my eyes, guys. *toot* *toot of pain* *laugh* *toooot* Aww. You gotta blow harder. *toot* *long toot* *out of tune toot* *Clapping* Jordan, what’s your spaghetti secret? Umm, garlic bread? 👍 Got a lot of candles. They only came in packs of 24. Oh, it’s the fanciest thing Ari’s ever gonna be a part of. Oh, it’s so cute. Ari, Get on the table.
(Ari: No! I will climb on your head now.) Oh no! No! It’s spaghetti. oh shi- Oh no! Want spaghetti? Aww! It’s a good party after all! *laugh* *Ari is eating his spageter* Aww, It’s like Lady And The Tramp! He’s got spaghetti on his wing, right here. Does he? Yeah. Yeah! *laugh* Ari just took the whole thing. Maybe it’s time for cake. It’s a bird cake. Wanna know how I got the candle in? *drill_noise.mp3* Oh, nope. *laughter* Looks like a U.F.O. *laugh* *eat* *no* Why is she going for a second bite? wat *laugh* It’s like eating a styrofoam, *laugh* but it’s goooooood! Get a piece… *crack* *laugh* You see, now you like it! Look at Ari, he’s got his piece too. There you go. Maybe he doesn’t like… g a y. *laugh* There we go! 🙂 *Ari is eating a U.F.O with a spegeter as toppings* Right there’s a staple. Ari, why do you have a staple? *pop* Want the toy? Wait on the floor. Come here! Here. (Ari: Nope.) *laughing* Where you going? *laugh* (Ari: Guys, thanks for the birthday party, but my planet needs me.) Bye, Ari! *laugh* Last year, we supported a local bird rescue with helping fund their renovations. Which they were really thankful for. (hooray!) I followed up with Anika who works there and she said, with the donations, they were able to revamp The electrical work and AC to be more stable, and are in the process of building more aviaries, and a shed for extra storage. (yay!) I was blown away with how much we were able to help, and I wanted to do something like that again this year. This time I want to help out the bird gardens of Naples. There are nonprofit Florida based organization that takes care of birds that need a home, and prioritize education on general bird knowledge and care! They put a lot of time and effort into caring for the birds they have and all the donations They receive get put back into the birds through vet bills, flight cages, toys, renovations. I asked them to set up a GoFundMe for this occasion. And if you donate at least $10 to it, you’ll be entered into a raffle to win a special Ari’s birthday shirt or Ari plush! I’m giving away 20 shirts and ten plushies and they all come with a signed card I’ve also donated $1,000 to the rescue as well! If you can’t donate or want to do more, there’s links on their website to volunteer Adopt or sponsor a bird or just toured the sanctuary! I hope Ari enjoyed his birthday even though he’s a little brat poopy bite toddler, He’s my buddy, and I love him very much. Hopefully, we can celebrate by doing good things for the birds and And… Eating the spaghetti. *montage of birbs.*
*aww! They’re so cute!* *ok, bye.*

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