Army Birthday: 75th anniversary of D-day message

Happy birthday America’s Army. Gen.
Milley and I are honored to lead our Army as we celebrate our 244th
birthday this month. This year we especially remember our greatest
generation. Last week marked the 75th anniversary of the D-day landings. The
allies attacked Normandy France with 11 divisions more than 150,000 U.S., British
and Canadian soldiers dislodged the ground forces of Nazi Germany before
August 1944, the American force increased 19 U.S. divisions, more divisions that are
in our entire U.S. Army. It’s particularly fitting that the theme for
this year’s Army birthday observance is America’s Army, honoring the call to
service from D-day to today. The D-day invasion was an incredible challenge but
the paratroopers who jumped behind enemy lines and the Soldiers who hit the
beaches at Normandy persevered against great odds in the face of fierce enemy
resistance high casualties and difficult terrain the Allies seized a foothold in
France that would set the conditions for the defeat of Nazi Germany. As we
celebrate our Army’s birthday we thank our department of the Army
civilians and our Army Families and we also remember the more than 180,000
Soldiers serving in 140 countries worldwide on freedoms frontier
continuing the defense of our nation and protecting our way of life. The United
States Army remains the best in the world because of our exceptional
Soldiers, civilians and Families. Thank you for your continued service to our
nation, Happy Birthday US Army, Army Strong.

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