[ARMYPRO]MAGIC SHOP-Happy Anniversary!

I know you’re hesitating Because even if you tell the truth It’ll come back as scars I won’t say clichéd things like “have strength” but I’ll rather share with you my story What did I say, I told you that we’d win I couldn’t believe (really)
that we’d be able to win This miracle that isn’t a miracle,did we make it? I was here and you’re the one came to me On a day you hate being yourself Let’s make a door in your heart Once you open the door and enter this place will wait for you It’s okay to believe Magic Shop will be there to comfort you As you drink a cup of warm tea As you look above to the galaxy You’ll be alright, oh this is a Magic Shop Like roses when blooming Like cherry blossoms when fluttering Like morning glories when fading Like that beautiful moment Would you believe if I told you that I, too, was afraid of everything- All of the truth all of the remaining time All your answers are in this place where you found in your galaxy, in your mind You gave me the best of me. So you give you the best of you You found me You recognized me You’ll find the galaxy inside you

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  1. Happy Anniversary! 💜 I haven't been in this studio for long but it's been fun working with you all in such a comfortable environment + with bts songs! The full meps were always a joy to watch and something to look forward to, and I really agree with the studio being a place of comfort and small joys too when it comes to editing. Thank you to all the members and our wonderful leaders for this lovely studio! I hope to keep working together with you for more anniversaries. 💕

  2. happpyy anniverssarryyy!❤ i'm very glad to be part in this studio,it's still a real pleasure to work all together! 🤍
    Everytime, meps are beautiful to watch!
    and i hope this studio will never stops and so we will continue together still a long time 🥰💙

  3. Aaaahhh Happy Anni!!! I've enjoyed being part of this group since the beginning and I am looking forward to another year!!!

  4. Happy anniversary miiiinnaa!! ;AAAA: adfhaidhais it has been such an honor to work with this group and express so many emotions with this lovely bands message! >///< <3 every mep has been so meaningful and amazing to watch! Editing with these songs also make me get all the bts feels and i just adhfadas PRAISE BE THESE BOYS AND THEIR AMAZING MESSAGE! <3
    cant wait to see what else we create!! <3

  5. happy anniversary army pro <333 ily all thank you so much for being apart of this studio with us uwu <3 and thank you mari for holding it together 😀

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