Arranged Marriage VS. Love Marriage | Rickshawali | feat. Rishabh Rishhsome

You want Tea? Yes please Sugar? One teaspoon I have made Kachori. Will you eat it? I will have one Let’s make it official Really? Yes.
Let’s inform our kids? Better we create a family Whatsapp group Of course I will marry you It’s not even a thing to ask Oh God! That’s my mom ring I got it to polish it.
How did she find it I can’t wait for my wedding Oh My! Anishaji listen I want to tell you something Yeah say I started riding bike It’s just for you You love it right? Really?
Yes Your so cute Not more than you Anisha, what I was saying… I am watching something Listen atleast I know everything about you Please let me watch Netflix Please it’s a good scene Goodnight Don’t get angry Let me sleep I am sorry. Totally forgot that it was our anniversary I can understand. You are busy with your work Tomorrow we will go to your favorite restaurant Totally forgot that it was our anniversary Even I have forgotten you Don’t say anything Oh My! You get married now I need to play with my grandaughter Oh my! I am pregnant Really? Let’s get married Wait Wait Wait Is it my baby? Oh my! This video is in collaboration with Rishabh Rana/ Rishsome Please do Subscribe to my channel Also Subscribe to Rickshawali’s channel Do comment below the best part Do let us know if you have done arrange or love marriage Obviously love marriage Do like the video. Aiming for 30,00 to 50,000 likes Hit like If you do everything, all would be alright

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  1. Ricksters! Tum logon ko kis type ki shaadi chahiye? Arranged ya love marriage? Neeche comment karo aur is Video ko 50k likes pe laado!!! Aur channel pe subscribe kiya ya nahin?? Better you do it now: ! Sending you all a big ❤️👊🏽 from Bali!!!

  2. Love or arranged- if the universe or God wants to screw you- you are screwed- Best we can do is at least do our homework and find out as Much about our prospective partners, and be true to ourselves as to what we can/cannot deal with.

  3. Love marriage is the best …
    Bcz it's always better to marry a well known kamina than an unknown namuna ….
    Like here if uh too like love marriages …

  4. I think arrange marriage is best qk sb kuch naya hota hai to good memories bnti hain well love marriage is also good…..
    Nice vedio……😍😍😍😍

  5. Ager life partner achha ho to love marriage or arranged marriage dono hi best hai ..wese mera to arrange marriage hai ….n i am very happy with my hubby ….owh Humesa mujhe special feel krate hai …

  6. arrange wali bhi sir pr chdkr nachti h love waliyo ko smaj k dr se jyada shna pdhta h sadi k bad ki talak n ho aur isme kutte jhhut dikha re h

  7. in my opinion, love marriage and arrange marriage dono cute hai ❤ . Love marriage mein two people meet each other as stranger after falling in love become as close as family and commit their life with each other after marriage. Arrange marriage , where two people marry each other based on instinct and liking after that get to know each other slowly slowly and love happens gradually.

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