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  1. I wonder if those who make the claims you address in this video are players and not game developers. To me, this channel is for game developers and those who want to enter the industry. This channel is not really for people who play games and I can see how from that perspective a deep dive into how to make games better would make games less fun. Knowing video game trade secrets may be like knowing how a magician performs their tricks. For example, something I think I learned from this channel is that when you are low on health in a boss battle game devs may tip the scales in your favor a little to hopefully give you a better time. There are certain topics on this channel which might make playing games less fun. and if your that kind of person I think you should just stop playing.

  2. Took me 6 years to find this video, good to know there are other people striking to make games more meaningful…Don’t see big revaluation in this mediums though…but I’ll dedicate my life working on it ☕️

  3. 1:40
    I’d like to point out in literature, when you analyze the cliches in a narrative, it can fill somewhat predictable. Although I agree with you guys I just felt a potential counter argument.

  4. People who claim this are the same people that criticise great films for not having enough, and I quote "car chases and shooting"

  5. So i was listening to this episode and I dropped my phone, my earbuds got unplugged and the video automatically paused at 1:01 the comedic timing

  6. Going back and watching some of these older episodes in 2019 is sad considering how some of the warnings came true. Love this channel and agree entirely with what they believe games could be

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