Arthur, DW, Boris and Franny Gets Grounded on VittorioTheVyonder2003’s 17th birthday

Franny: Let’s see on YouTube today. Franny: Wait. What is this? VittorioTheVyonder2003: Hey Everyone! I’m VittorioTheVyonder2003 here. VittorioTheVyonder2003: Do you know today’s birthday is? VittorioTheVyonder2003: Today is my 17th birthday! I hope you guys wish me a happy birthday. Franny: Oh my god! I can’t believe that VittorioTheVyonder2003’s 17th Birthday today! Franny: He does not deserve for celebrates his birthday! So What should I do? Franny: I have an idea, My friend Arthur, DW and me and we are going to jumpscare VittorioTheVyonder2003 with BND of Doom Mask. Franny: (laughs) Franny: But First, I need to call DW. DW: Man, I’m bored. I don’t know what should I do today? DW: Um, Who called me? DW: Hello? Who is this? Franny: Hello DW. It’s me Franny. Franny: Well. Do you know that VittorioTheVyonder2003’s 17th birthday today? DW: Yep I know right? I really hate him for making grounded videos out of us! Franny: Yeah I agree. Franny: Yeah I agree. Franny: So I have an idea. How about Me, you and your brother and we are going jumpscare to him with BND of Doom mask for his birthday. DW: That sounds a great idea Franny. I need to tell Arthur about you said that. Franny: Also, Do you have a BND of Doom mask? But I don’t have it. DW: Um, I think Arthur have it. Franny: Okay. I’m coming to your house right now. so bye. Arthur: Oh, Hey DW. What do you want? DW: Hey Arthur. Do you have a BND of Doom mask? Arthur: Yes. There 3 BND of Doom mask in the table. Arthur: So why do you want that? DW: Well. Franny called me about her planning Franny, you and I’m going to jumpscares VittorioTheVyonder2003 with BND of Doom mask for his birthday. DW: You know that his birthday today? Arthur: Wow. That’s good idea about you said that. Yes, Since I hate him for making grounded videos out of me. DW: Alright. Wait to Franny comes to the house. Arthur: Hello Franny. DW: Hey Franny. Franny: Hello Arthur and DW. Are you both ready? Arthur: Yes, we are ready. Franny: Okay. Now grab BND of Doom mask. Franny: Now let’s go to his house and don’t forget to wear that mask. VTV2003: Wow Guys! Thank you for coming to my birthday! Let’s sing. VTV2003: Um, I think someone is coming to my house. So hang on guys. I be right back.. VTV2003: Huh? What? Where someone go? VTV2003: Oh my god! I need to run before BND of Doom trying to kill me! VTV2003: Phew. Ah. That was close. And these 3 BND of Doom won’t chase ever again. VTV2003: What? VTV2003: Arthur DW and Franny! Do you three jumpscares and chase me with BND of Doom mask for my birthday? Tell me right now or else I’m calling your parents! Arthur: Oh, yes, we did to you Vittorio. Franny: Why? Because we are decided to get revenge for you making grounded videos out of us. DW: So this is your present for jumpscares and chases you with BND of Doom mask. VTV2003: Oh my freaking god! I can’t believe you three jumpscares and tries to chase me with BND of Doom mask for my 17th birthday! VTV2003:You know what? I’m calling~ VTV2003: (screaming) Franny: Um, Boris. Did you actually push VittorioTheVyonder2003 off the cliff? Boris: That’s right Franny. Because he always makes grounded videos out of me for no reason! Boris: So I have a present to him for I had to push him off the cliff for his 17th birthday! Arthur: Oh, okay then, I think he already dead. Leah Fabi (VTV2003’s Girlfriend): Um, Where VittorioTheVyonder2003 go? Leah Fabi (VTV2003’s Girlfriend): Boris, Arthur, DW, and Franny. What are you four doing on the cliff? And Where VittorioTheVyonder2003 go? Leah Fabi (VTV2003’s Girlfriend): Tell me right now or else I will call your parents. Arthur: Um, (x7) Yes, we did. DW: Why? We are decided to get revenge for he makes grounded videos out of us! Franny: So we are giving a present to him for jumpscares and chases to him with BND of Doom mask. Boris: Also, I’m giving a present to him for pushing him off the cliff because he always makes grounded videos out of me for no reason. Leah Fabi: WHAT THE HECK? I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU THREE JUMPSCARES AND CHASES TO HIM WITH BND OF DOOM MASK FOR HIS 17TH BIRTHDAY! Leah Fabi: AND BORIS! I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU PUSHED HIM OFF THE CLIFF FOR HIS 17TH BIRTHDAY! THAT’S SO IT! GO HOME RIGHT NOW AND I’M CALLING YOUR PARENTS ABOUT YOU FOUR DID! Boris: Come on Arthur DW and Franny. Let’s go to my house and go to the living room! Boris: There’s no one here. Now get to the living room guys. Arthur: Um, Boris, Where your family go? Boris: My family are going to watch some movies. And My wife Doris wants me to stay in the house because I’m still grounded. Boris: Uh-oh! It seems like your parents and my wife Doris already know that about we did to VittorioTheVyonder2003’s 17th birthday! Boris: We are so screwed! David: ARTHUR AND DW! I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU BOTH JUMPSCARES AND TRIES TO CHASE HIM FOR HIS 17TH BIRTHDAY WITH BND OF DOOM MASK AND FRANNY! Grandpa: FRANNY! I THOUGHT YOU ARE GOOD GIRL! BUT NO, YOU ARE NOW A BAD GIRL! I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU DOING LIKE THAT! Doris: AND BORIS! I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU PUSHED VITTORIOTHEVYONDER2003 OFF THE CLIFF FOR HIS 17TH BIRTHDAY! THAT’S WORST FREAKING THING YOU FOUR EVER DONE! Jane: THAT’S TOTALLY FREAKING IT! All: YOU ARE GROUNDED (X3) FOR 9 9 4 5 8 7 3 8 7 2 7 5 8 0 3 2 2 4 5 5 8 7 4 8 3 3 2 5 0 0 0 9 2 3 4 0 YEARS! Jane: Oh. I think the police are coming. Police Officer: Are you Franny, DW, Arthur, and Boris? Doris: Tell him right now! Franny: Yes. Arthur and DW: Yes. Boris: Yes. Police Officer: Well. You four under arrest for Franny DW and Arthur jumpscares and chase him with BND of Doom mask and Boris pushed him off the cliff for his 17th birthday! Police Officer: Get the police car right now! KingRay (Police Officer): This is your cell. You four will be staying here for 2 years! Boris: Man! We can’t believe that we got sent to jail for doing get a horrible present to VittorioTheVyonder2003’s 17th birthday. Arthur: I know right? Boris. Boris: Guys, I have an idea. DW: What is it? Boris. Boris: What about we going to escape the jail using GoAnimate Logic? Franny: That’s a good idea Boris! FatBlossom490: You four can’t escape the jail! GayLoo: Potatoes

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  1. Vittorio the vyonder 2003 dosen't deserve to get pushed of the cliff by boris arthur dw and franny

  2. Request Character from Boris gets Grounded.


    Borisโ€™s Nice Clone.

    Inspired by VittorioTheVyonder2003

  3. This video is premiering on January 9, 2020. That is 2 months before my birthday. By the way, my birthday is on March 3rd

  4. Request:Devious Diesel Forces Me, & VittorioTheVyonder2003 to Stop Making Arthur, & D.W Gets Grounded Series/Devious Diesel Punches Me, & Him/GROUNDED BIG TIME!!!!!!/GET BEATEN BY TBONE ANIMATE, CAILLOU, ARTHUR'S DAD, & ARTHUR'S MOM!!!!!!

    Devious Diesel(Voice:Simon/Angry Voice(Turn into TEETH GUY!!!!!!!!):SHOUTY VOICE!!!!!!!!)
    Me(Victim 1)(Voice:Eric)
    VittorioTheVyonder2003(Victim 2)(Voice:Paul)
    Sir Topham Hatt(Voice:Eric)
    Thomas the Tank Engine(Voice:Brian)
    Emily the Emerald Engine(Voice:Salli)
    Tbone Animate(Voice:David)
    Arthur's Dad(Voice:Paul)
    Arthur's Mom(Voice:Kimberly)

    Inspired by:PokemonComedian2004 The United States Vyond Gamer

  5. Request : Boris ruins Rosie birthday/Gets away with it/Grounded big time/Punishment day
    My idea was: Boris were invited to Rosie's birthday party at your house, and he will have to go whether he like it or not. (P/S : Your house will be full of entertainment and lots of Peter Piper Pizza, McDonald's, computer games and PS4) When everybody was celebrating Rosie's birthday, it was the time that Boris was very upset and angry due to the fact that Rosie is always grounding him just like Caillou, and then Boris calls all of Goanimators that they shouldn't have celebrated Rosie's birthday and even call them the N word which is racist. And then, he destroyed Rosie's birthday party in your house by vandalizing your house with a hammers and bombs.
    And form that moment, Rosie started to get angry with Boris, her eyes on fire, she yells at him, something like :"OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH! Dad. I can't believe that you ruin my birthday party. First you ruin my siblings's birthday, then The Goanimators, and now you ruin mine also."
    And Boris got away with it by getting out of the house, stealing the Video editor guy 6579's car, running over 100 km/h, being chased by police car and helicopters, Boris used Go animate logic to summon gun and shot many police officers and crashing to some random guy
    At the court, Boris was found guilty of vandalizing somebody's house, being racist to everyone, stealing a car, running more than 100 km/h, killing police officers, and injuring a people, get sent home for punishment day by YOU
    +)First punishment :you will spank Boris
    +)Second punishment : concussion Time
    +)Third punishment : Destroying Boris's Laptop and Phone
    +)Fourth punishment : Loud music
    +)Fifth punishment : Taking a very cold shower
    +)Sixth and final punishment : Executed by getting deleted from Vyond

  6. Boris you are not allowed to punch VittorioTheVyonder2003 off the cliff! And as for you Arthur, DW, and Franny you are to scare VittrorioTheVyonder2003 with BND of Doom mask and chase him for 17th Birthday!!!!!!

  7. Booooooooo ๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿฟ๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿฟ๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿฟ๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿฟ๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿฟ

  8. HanifImranAnimator, Can you Please Tell me How you Got the Legacy Video Maker Back?
    P.S. Happy 17th Birthday to VittorioTheVyonder2003! (A.K.A. CharlieBrownAndCaillouYes BongoNo)

  9. ๐ŸŽต Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you. ๐ŸŽต Happy birthday dear VittorioTheVyonder2003. ๐ŸŽต Happy birthday to you.

  10. Request: Little bill rescues Franny, Boris Arthur and DW from prison/ Goes on a crime rampage/destroys the city/killed by God

  11. Happy Birthday to Vittorio!
    HanifImranAnimator: uploads a video & successful uploaded
    Me (Terenz): Finally! Yessssssssss!

  12. Request: Vittorio the Vyonder 2003 Jumpscares Arthur DW and Franny and Push Boris down the Cliff and gets Rewarded and Ungrounded Big Time

  13. Request: Arthur, DW, Boris And Franny Forces Me To Cancel Dora And Elena Gets Grounded And Gets Grounded PS Happy Belated Birthday VittorioTheVyonder2003 Here's A Suprise

  14. So I didn't mean to say that, but please just make sure you have gotten real life logic to apply this morning so I can use it, and if it still hasn't then I'll side with Boris, that's what I meant if you wouldn't do it by this morning๐Ÿ˜„

  15. I saw that VittorioTheVyonder2003โ€™s Friends weโ€™re a LOT of his house. This image looks amazing. ๐Ÿฅฐ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜

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