Aruvam Movie | Catherine agrees to marry Siddharth | Stunt Silva assaults Catherine

So much of confusion Very rare case Actually the density
of this footprint …fits neither a man nor a woman I don’t understand Usually when a man walks
even if he weighs 35 kg …the impression will be heavy In the case of a woman …even if she weighs 85 kg
the foot impression will be light – But both densities are mixed in this
– Then? Do you mean a transgender? Good question
To be precise …based on the raw
cut leg impression …cutting to a micro millimeter range And patching everything I need to match the density
to be able to say anything So give me a couple of days I’ll finish my tour and
tell you all my findings Bye…bye, bro You’re dead meat Tour, huh? – Tell me, sir
– No violence, please Dai! Do you know
the value of 2 days? I swear I don’t know, sir – 2 days before
– I’ll do it, sir Those who were alive
are dead all of a sudden! Do it immediately Aw! So sweet – Happy Teacher’s day
– Thanks Didn’t I tell you? Destiny will unite you and me Coffee… …without sugar, sir Don’t think I asked you out for coffee
and I am talking nonstop I never regretted the fact
I had no parents Because I’ve never seen them But I saw you If you weren’t in my life I will regret it very much Because, Jothi I’ve seen a certain kind of life I’ve lived life to the fullest
But everything seems different now Then …you got back your sense of smell So won’t I occupy your mind and heart? 100% I will You can call me whenever
you feel like talking to me Bye Aiyo…!
Just a dream? ‘I really like you very much’ ‘I feel destiny will unite us for sure’ Dad, I’m attending Ramya’s wedding
and I’ll eat there – Bye
– Jothi When will we serve
your wedding feast? That…shouldn’t you be
the one to decide, dad? Really? Yes, pa All the prospective grooms who came
only looked at my disability Some of them eyed what little wealth
we have accumulated But it was only Jagan …who understood clearly
I was in a confused state of mind My dear princess!
This is enough for me I’ll take care of everything
Go and have fun God! You answered my prayer! ‘Footprint’s density confirms
the killer to be a transgender, sir’ Sir, just as you suspected
this is a lady’s strand of hair I don’t know all that Who is she? How does she look?
Where can we find her? Is it possible to trace her face,
based on this hair strand? Impossible, sir No such technology is available in India – No one can do it
– It can be done, sir – How?
– 1st time in the world Someone has invented this 3 years ago They are called information artists They can certainly trace the person
based on the item he or she uses How? From cigarette butts used by humans From the gum chewed and spat out …they have proved the face can
be drawn through DNA tests – Where are they?
– In the U.S, sir These Americans are true ‘brainboxes’! This technique was invented
by an Indian, sir! Is she the owner
of that strand of hair? Yes, of course, 100 % Take this photo
Link it with Aadhar card And bring her here, boys Right away! Tell me What is your link with my men? Why did you kill them? TELL ME! I swear I don’t know
I am a teacher I don’t even harm
the smallest of insects I haven’t killed anyone I don’t know Are you taking your lesson here, huh? I know you killed my men I have proof of every move you made Tell me
Why did you kill? I don’t know It’s okay if you kill me I can tell only if I am the killer I haven’t killed anyone I will never commit that sin It shouldn’t be done either Showing off your acting skill? She won’t budge
if we ask her gently Strip her from head to toe and
check her out in her birthday suit Then she will break down ‘Hey, look over there’ Bro…! She is here Where are you trying to hide? You can’t escape from us

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