As Seen On TV Cathy Mitchell Creamy Chicken Dump Dinner Review

hey what’s going on down here from 9 malls and i’m going to make another recipe from the cookbook by kathy Mitchell dump dinners gonna make another recipe it proved to be that popular so i decided to make another recipe from her cookbook if you don’t know who Kathy Mitchell is she hosts a lot of infomercials she is the best-selling author and the she has one this was one of her cookbooks called quick and easy dump dinners so i made the first time it was really good it didn’t really sit well with my stomach so rich so salty gonna make something maybe just a tad bit healthier because it doesn’t have tater tots in it so it’s one can convince cream of broccoli soup 1 cup water 1 package frozen broccoli and i’m actually gonna add some fresh broccoli because i like broccoli 16 ounce package of season wild rice mix six boneless skinless chicken breasts and one cup shredded cheddar cheese so you preheat the oven to 350 combine the soup water rice and seasoned packet seasoning packet broccoli and cheese in a 3 quart casserole dish lay the chicken breast on top cover with foil and bake for 1 hour or until the chicken is cooked through so simple enough I’m just gonna get started so just you know what these these dinners from the dub dinner cookbook there’s all these you know seasoning and you know flavorings and all that kind of thing so you know talking about putting the seasoning packet from your rice mix so we got rice-a-roni i’m going to add a little bit of rice hopefully that won’t cause any problems but I think that’s going to taste good just adding some rice to this dish so like these dishes are easily modifiable which is nice you don’t have to make them exactly for them to work I mean you’re just dumping this in a casserole so you literally can add almost anything you like so yeah that’s seasoning we have a convince cannock cream of a broccoli here and then you know just really really easy the nice part of you know if you have a family you can make this and this is served six people so I mean the prep time is almost nothing I don’t know if you want to eat like this all the time it’s not like i said before it’s not the healthiest but you know when you’re in a pinch you can modify it so you can make it as healthy as you want actually but when you’re in a pinch these kinds of recipes are great so cheese and just so I’m just going to eyeball a cup you don’t really have to leave every little thing and we’re going to add the cup of water here we go cup of water and add that extra broccoli so I just I’m just gonna add all of it why not and it’s really easy i mean you don’t have to get crazy with cutting it up kinda just break it apart and i’ll leave in the comments section is healthy or not healthy but what do you think especially from people outside the united states alright so we’re going to lay this on top and look at that then it doesn’t look too bad does it we just get a shot of that alright so i’m going to cover it up with foil put in the oven and taste test and give you the final results that i recommend the recipe or not if you like these recipe videos let me down a senior popular on this channel that’s what I’m doing another one so let me know alright so i took the Kathy Mitchell dump dinner out of the oven and it’s been in the oven for exactly one hour so i’m going to open it up and see if it’s done you can see the steam the whole kitchen smells really really good smells like home cooking uh-huh so look at this the rice looks to be cooked and broccoli looks cooked to the chicken just look at that looks cooked through it looks great now I’m gonna give it a taste test so here we go to get all the chicken the cream of the cream of broccoli and some of that broccoli and i put in its really hot so I’m gonna let it just cool off a bit give it a taste test and then I’ll give you buy a final thoughts alright here we go another Cathleen Mitchell dump dinner it’s really good really good alright so yeah another dump dinner i think the first one that i could with the ground beef you know the other review that I did was a little bit tastier I mean obviously that tater tots this I think is a little bit healthier not as many flavors i mean i thought i would have a little bit more flavor than what it does i mean if anything I would say this the most the strongest thing that comes through as a criminal cream of broccoli Campbell Soup flavor so if you like that you’re gonna really like this dish chickens nice broccoli you have a nice broccoli flavor so yeah do recommend this recipe and the other kitchen smells great taste great and another dump dinner that I recommend I i just think i do another review i’m gonna try to cook a healthier dump dinner I think these are good like once in awhile happens maybe once a week but as far as something to have every day I would definitely not eat like this every day but yeah you recommend dump dinners I think it’s a great idea you can make these just put them in the oven there is a really cool idea and I like cooking this way so if you like my videos please subscribe if you want to support gonna / 9 malls and let me know if you want another dub dinner review so I thanks for watching

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  1. Personally, I would mix the cream of broccoli soup and water together then pour it in, that way there'd be an even distribution. Great review btw, I'm actually thinking of buying this book and trying out some of the recipes.

  2. Id say that it is pretty healthy. The worst thing on there was the cream soup and they make that in a low fat version. I would have added salt and pepper seeing that chicken is pretty tasteless without any seasoning on it. LIke other people have said I would have mixed the soup and water to make it blend more evenly. Still a nice review. Just so you know that Cathy only wrote a handful of the recipes in the cookbook. I checked this book out at Target and saw that was the case.

  3. You added extra rice but not extra seasoning. Rice soaks up seasoning like a sponge. So of course there wasn't as much flavor. And yeah…This isn't healthy at all. It may not be super high in fat. But the sodium in cream soups is absolutely terrible. If only people would learn how to make their own base they could elimate all canned cream soups and it's so easy!

  4. Maybe if you first mix the soup with the water then pour on top of rice, so that the soup would be evenly distributed…

  5. Hi There, It Looks Healthy to me:) Looks very Delicious!!! Thank You for this wonderful Recipe!! God Bless You:)

  6. I would neither call it healthy or unhealthy…it's in the middle. Good call on the broccoli. Personally, I avoid those canned "cream of" soups. I would rather make a white sauce which totally voids the whole dump dinner concept. I'm surprised that you didn't have crunchy rice since you didn't seem to adjust the amount of water you added.

  7. You did pretty good. Next time I recommend the bigger chicken breast. That is if you have a big family. These meals are great for people who don't have a lot of money. They can also make a salad and fruit on the side so it is more healthy.

  8. I would have done a few things differently, and that’s okay. It doesn’t mean there’s anything ‘wrong’ with the way you made it. Most of all, I thjnk I would have used fresh broccoli, but mixed it in a bowl with some milk, some minced garlic, salt, pepper, and 1/3 of the cream soup, and added it to the dish for the last 20 minutes of cooking- so it doesn’t overcook. I would have pressed it down a little into the hot casserole and saved a little shredded cheese to top it with before returning it to the oven for the remaining cooking time. Fresh broccoli overcooks easily, gets undesirably mushy, and can develop an unpleasant, bitter taste when allowed to overcook in an even heating situation like an oven. The frozen broccoli that the recipe called for would have fared slightly better than fresh, because it would have been too cold at the start to overcook- but frozen broccoli is always very bland imo.

    I’m a little unclear about the chicken tho. The recipe called for 6 chicken breasts, but you used chicken tenderloins. Tenderloins are much smaller and quicker to cook. Would an hour still be sufficient for chicken breasts?

    That dish would never make six servings in my house…three is more like it! Just Sayin! Lo!l 😋

  9. you add d extra rice I'd think you would need more water. Also I would stir it up and stir chicken in to get some sauce on it

  10. You added at least an extra cup of rice, rice is cooked 2 cup water/1 cup rice, I KNOW that rice was not completely cooked. And always wash your veges/fruits…otherwise who are you performing for?

  11. looks like somthing cooked from items found at the dump. Im sure it is an interesting thing to try……….but dont recomend once a week.

  12. Probably enough sodium for an entire day in one serving. The soup and that seasoning packet im sure were loaded with salt. Everything else is decent. Probably low in fat. I'd at least put some pepper or Mrs. Dash on the chicken for extra flavor.

  13. Baby, it's cute you cookin' 'n all…😒 SMDH…spreading yo wings BUT BABY…wash your veggies!😲😨😖 Worms be living up in there. You DON'T want to get sick. 🙂

  14. Cathy Mitchell is apparently a murderer! Unconfirmed rumors state that she kidnapped, murdered, and dismembered legendary infomercial king Joe Farago. Apparently his dismembered body was found scattered around Mitchell's estate. Not sure where I heard this rumor but it's pretty well publicized. RIP Joe.

  15. In France, you would use fresh cream or creme fraiche. Never from a can. Then add broccoli and maybe a few other veg. We would only use about one quarter of the rice you used (not too much starch). Then you can "dump" your leftover ham, chicken, turkey, etc. Good way to use up left over roasts. Then seasonings to taste, of course. Just a light sprinkle of cheese on top. It might be similar and much healthier.

  16. The sodium for one serving is probably like 100% of your daily allowance. I could eat the whole thing, and that would probably kill me. Never use stuff from a box, a can, or the freezer that has salt in it, cuz it’s probably a dangerous amount. Especially if you eat a lot, or start combining them.

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