Ashok Bhadoriya: Chambal’s Bandit Hunter (ENG) | Dinner With The Cops | Unique Stories From India

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  1. Please get blue tick on your channel. I accidentally came across your channel and saw this video. Your content is very very good. You have guts to do some thing different. Please Keep it up.

  2. the saddest part is our fucking country is rich enough to give these men a basic kevlar suit and night vision glasses. but i cant compare with usa . still bad ass lot

  3. you need to be a lifeless dumbass to dislike a vid of this channel, u r a pappu if u do dat๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  4. isne aisa roadshow Kia ki BC 2 hour ki bus journey 5 hour m Hui…. US din dum SE chlwaya isne .. ab to ye bhi neta bn Na chah rha h

  5. You guys are doing a great work man…The kind of reporting you guys do is phenomenal…Anytime lyf gives me a chance I'll surely work wid you guys…

  6. Asli Dabaang!!! My ex belonged from the royal family of Gwalior and I had heard a lot of true mind numbing events from her about this brave man… but due to his attitude…. nidar, corruption free, blunt on the face, he didn't get promoted up the ranks but the fact remains that the daakus of chambal truly feared this Sher!!! Jai Hind!!!

    Luv from Sydney

  7. jis desh me kasab ko bhi nyayik prakriya se fasi mili waha pe bhajoria ji ka ye kehana ki dokuo ko mar dena hi unka ant hai galat hai. unako dakuo ko pakdaneki koshish karni chahiye marne ki nahi rakesh maria bhi kasab ko goli mar dete to unse koi sawal nahi hota par ye karna loktnra nahi tha eisi liye kasab ko court me fasi mili….marna solution hota to ab tak daku khatam ho jate ..

  8. Hey ! 1o1 india team …You guys r doing great work , All interview are really good , liked ur work and dedication to bring something new everytime…. Goodluck for the upcoming videos
    N One more thing ..Can I also join ur Team ??๐Ÿ˜…

  9. you guy say the fucking city are you educated .
    or do you think that you are some one super it's a blaring insult to all gwaliorites.
    first you unconditionally apologize you stupid fellow.

  10. keep it up guys, you make me feel I am back in India. I grew up in MP and just listening to the people of mine was nostalgic AF.
    Pl keep making videos like this which portrays India.

  11. u r simply amazing buddy, the narration i soooo good, one needs to have balls to have fancy time with such vast cultures and dangerous people, but it proves as wel all r humans from inside, keep d good work buddy, best of luck

  12. Sorry to see that out Policemen are hunting for Bandits without bulletproof jackets, night vision or any other modern gadgets.

  13. 101 India is the best YouTube channel I have seen in recent times .It has some great content and realistic stories.l am a big fan of this channel and hope to see much interesting videos like this

  14. my daughter is a big fan of yours. she told me to watch your videos. please say hi to her. this will be her birthday gift. her name is Meenakshi.

  15. Hey please avoid including any details about informant's and there whereabouts. There life can be at risk and I am sure police needs them the most.

  16. To be honest, its not easy to get these interviews and info from these guys are doing an outstanding job by making these series!๐Ÿค—

  17. I dnt think is a proud thing to kill someone whether he/she is bad or good.This both apply for the police and bandits.

  18. I donโ€™t know for how many years I am using YouTube but I never regret to subscribing this channel and the bar which this channel has raised its like take you to the parallel universe of YouTube where everybody wants to go but few discover such universe. Great work men great

  19. Thanks for the video anyways!
    Par tum vo chuimui ho jisko agar keeda kaat jaye to ui maa ui maa karke hosh kho bethe
    Canโ€™t be fit in this fucking city – You hypocrite sperm, how many times have you been to Gwalior! Do you even know how many people are fit and what is the ratio!
    Gwalior ko fucking city bolne wale tum jese chuimui londe londai pe kalank hein!

  20. Why did you stop making?? Could you please start shooting more episodes. People love these. Please bro!! Thanks!!

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