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Tap the bell icon on the YouTube app And never miss out on unique stories from 101India How many encounters Have you been a part of? 36 We are aiming to cross 100 We want to score a century There is confusion Some say it is 108 Some 106, 104 Papa, do you remember it yourself? I remember till 116 At this point, has this become a game for you? So, VC, are you enjoying yourself? Gwalior Like most big cities It’s a little fun, and a little torture On the one hand, it’s full of beautiful art and buildings On the other, according to the World Health Organisation This is one of the most polluted cities in India And if you survive the pollution here, Then the street food will spare no effort in getting you Look at this You can’t stay fit in this city You just can’t I wish I’d come to Gwalior just to sightsee But I’m here because of the Chambal region And its proximity to Gwalior But I wasn’t here to dine with retired bandits But to meet someone Who has rid Chambal of its dacoit problem Ashok Singh Bhadoriya The police officer who tops India’s encounter charts With 116 encounters to his name In the last three decades He has rid the Chambal area of dacoit gangs I was hoping his choice in food Would be as kick-ass as the man himself And Bhadoriya met all my expectations Several of our dishes are famous Like ‘bedai’ Bedai? What is that? It’s one of our specialities You won’t get this dish anywhere but here There’s a vegetable dish that comes with it Let’s make you try it And jalebi with yoghurt That’s also famous here Yoghurt with jalebi? Yes While we waited for the snacks to arrive, I thought I’d ask What Chambal’s fascination with guns was In these parts, a man may not have food at home But he’ll definitely have a gun He will sell everything he owns to get a gun license So it’s a style statement? Yes it’s a style statement He will wear the gun and roam around It makes him feel good He may not have a square meal at home But he will put a grain of rice on his lips before stepping out And say he’s just eaten a full rice meal That’s how it is here Here comes the bedai Here, keep it This is the bedai, and this is the vegetable curry Very nice It’s so crispy Taste it, it’s excellent I think there’s some chutney in here too In the vegetable curry Jalebi Jalebi and yoghurt? Now try this Right now, we are enjoying this meal But when we would go bandit hunting in the jungle We would carry pre-prepared rotis After 5-6 days in the jungle The rotis would dry up and start falling apart So we would use muddy, dirty water Infested with insects And dip the rotis in it Just the way you’re dipping the jalebi in the yoghurt We would dip our rotis the same way In dirty water, and then eat them To catch a bandit, you have to become like one Eating 6 day old rotis dipped in maggot infested water… Who would want to work in conditions like this? Perhaps the kind of person who has been fond of going on encounters from a young age My father was also an encounter specialist I enjoyed it I would always go with him Even if he refused, I would sit in the back of the car and go along Once, during the rainy season Father was leaving for an encounter I said I would go along He refused So I hid in a large raincoat Slung a rifle on my shoulder And went along He couldn’t recognise me in the raincoat Like father, like son It’s not every day that you get to meet people Whose obsession is to kill bandits So, when Bhadoriya invited me to his home the next day I said yes immediately This was a great opportunity to see his domestic life up close I was under the impression that his job Would be a source of concern for his family But his wife was quick to put any such illusions to rest He became an encounter specialist later First, he became my husband And we are also from a police background My father was also in the police force So we were used to it, since I was joining another police family So it’s fine Everything was fine till 16 November 2002 When, during a dangerous encounter with the Pappu Gurjar gang Bhadoriya was shot in the thigh Assuming that the story would be inappropriate for lunch I decided not to ask him for details of the encounter At the lunch table But I did want to know how the family got through this difficult time When I first heard that he had been shot For a few seconds I felt like I couldn’t see or hear anything Everything was spinning Then at 2 am, I reached Sahara Hospital Seeing me, his staff burst into tears I scolded them “If a bullet has been fired, it has to hit someone’s son, someone’s husband” “Why are you behaving like this?” “Everything is fine, there’s no need to cry” Has hunting bandits become like a game for you? If someone else does an encounter, Papa gets jealous As the count went over 100 We stopped counting, quite a while back There is confusion around the final number Some say 108, some 106, some 104. No one knows Papa, do you even remember the number? I remember till 116 Despite his obvious passion for his work Bhadoriya has seen ups and downs in his career If you go by what the family says The system has never fully appreciated his efforts And sometimes, that very system has gone against Bhadoriya You were speaking of the system, right? He has been nominated 16 times for the Gallantry Award He’s never won even once An out-of-turn promotion was announced for him That has stayed an announcement I think we will only see it after his death What will we do with it then? Eat it? She always speaks her mind, even to the DCP (Deputy Commissioner of Police) He has asked me “Where did you find her?” “Seems like she drinks from the Chambal river” What have we ever got? CBI enquiries Court cases A police officer has to spend 10 days running around in court This is what we’ve had to go through Yashmev is talking about the allegations of fake encounters That have been levelled against his father But Bhadoriya is very clear on this topic There’s nothing fake about his encounters Once, there was an encounter The gang killed one of my men Even that charge was levelled against me That I have killed him And that there was never a gang, we just killed some villagers I was suspended because of this And had to fight the case in court A murder case Eventually, I was acquitted But this went on for a while After polishing off the main course It was time to taste dessert – gazak A dry sweet that’s made from jaggery, sesame seeds and peanuts While eating the gazak, I was given another invitation But this one was a little more dangerous than lunch with his family There was to be a drill on catching bandits And Bhadoriya wanted me to be a part of it The drill will be conducted in a couple of days When it does, we will take you along Anything can happen while you’re on a drill It’s not safe? No, it’s not safe. Guess I should enjoy my dessert for now We’ll cross that bridge when we get to it Now, if I started taking warnings seriously, this show would never go anywhere So the next day saw me seated next to Bhadoriya in his car And we were off on a drill, which could prove fatal for me The dreaded dacoits of old Are no more There are very few now Encounter mein maare ja chuke hain But there are some new gangs now There days there is a lot of movement in these parts So that’s where we will take you To the Chinor region Chinor? Bhadoriya’s informants in Chinor, about 40km from Gwalior Had given him a tip about a gang’s movement in the area Suddenly, the drill turned into a mini-operation We needed a larger force And Bhadoriya decided to gather the rest of the team at Chinor Police station Gather the force outside The operation we were preparing for Usually uses small groups of police forces Each group has a specific task Like search, assault, perimeter guard, etc. Force, at ease! Easy. We have received word that a gang is in the Mauchh valley Based on this information, we will march on the valley We will also have a guerilla party with us Bear that in mind And look at these faces carefully Along with these teams is one special group Whose job is to look and talk like the bandits Infiltrate their gangs and help the police wipe them out This group is called the guerilla party It is mostly comprised of police informants and nearby villagers The success of any encounter often depends on this group I’m going to report to Sir now And then we move out As night set over the valley I noticed that I was one of the few people in the group Who didn’t have a gun If things went bad Then the only thing between me and danger would be Bhadoriya’s gun But I took some comfort in the fact that Bhadoriya and his gun go way back I love this AK-47 You know people say My hands have gotten used to this gun Since 1996, when I started doing bigger encounters With dreaded gangs Like the Gadariya gang Gurjar gang Haribaba gang All those were with this gun I think she’s seen about 100 encounters Have you given her a name? Yes, she does have a name… Do tell I call her my ‘Darling’ Wow! Darling! She’s always with me Even my family is upset with me sometimes Asking why I keep her by my side all the time That’s amazing! She must be your Darling indeed, she’s saved your life so many times! Yes Has it ever happened that Darling betrayed you? No, no. The best thing about her Is that this Darling has never betrayed me That’s amazing Sir Whenever I have been trapped Even when I got shot, she was the one who saved me Wow! People say she has tasted too much blood Now no one else will touch her Out of fear Even if I put her down, no officer will pick her up They say she is bloodthirsty Okay, everyone out, quick! What we have heard Is that the gang is in this jungle They can kidnap people from any nearby village Until you hear the order to fire Till then, no one will load or fire their rifle You will only fire when the order is given Most encounter specialists set off to hunt bandits under cover of darkness This is because the daakus take the help of the villagers in the area To keep an eye on police movement during the day But the cover of darkness levels the playing field a little Let’s send the guerilla party from below VC? Yes? You see that hill? We have to surround it A search party will go forward, and we will set an ambush here Any bandits escaping from there will pass through here Ok, Sir And we will shoot them down If there are any If there are any Ok, Kedar, take your party and advance You were injured once, during an encounter Despite that injury, how are you able to walk so much It was quite a serious injury For 6 months to a year, I was bedridden After that, I thought I would take it easy Perhaps not do this anymore But my superiors wouldn’t hear of it And in that time, the bandits spread a wave of terror So I had to come back to the same job I had to get back to killing bandits So how long do we have to wait during an ambush? It’s been a couple of hours The thing is, till the search party returns We will have to wait here And we have our guerilla party behind us as well They are also working with us And along with them, our local informer Behind every successful encounter is a network of informants And this is true for Bhadoriya too Dileep Singh was one such member of the guerilla party He’s helped Bhadoriya hunt down gangs in the past too But for Dileep, the fight against the daakus wasn’t one of right vs. wrong. He was driven by the desire for revenge I was introduced to Bhadoriya Sir by Pran Singh Then bandits killed Pran Singh When I told Sir what had happened That he was dead He told me to turn informant, just like Pran Singh He promised we would kill the bandits Did you ever feel you should forgive them? No, sir. Never. They have killed my brother So I can’t… Whatever happens, I am in this till the end We will kill those f**kers too Because they killed my brother After a long wait, the search party returned empty handed Meaning an encounter with daakus was not in my destiny tonight By then, the fire in my veins had turned into a burning hunger in my stomach This late, there was no way we would find a hotel So Bhadoriya decided to take me to a friend’s farmhouse nearby His friends were Punjabis, and the moment I stepped out of the car I felt I was no longer in Gwalior, but in Gurdaspur So, VC, where are you from? Mumbai or Gwalior? Mumbai Very nice, do you speak Punjabi? Yes, full Punjabi Before dinner, I came to realise Why Bhadoriya is so influential in these parts He wasn’t just a friend to these farmers and land owners But from time to time, he was was their sole protector The Gadariya gang had spread such terror in this area In the evening, people were afraid to even have women on the bus On the way from Gwalior to the interiors The campaign that these people led against the daakus Cathing them, killing them There was an economic boom in the area after the gangs were cleared out No, no, it was only possible with your help You were very helpful Come, let’s eat Now, it was time for my host to take me through the menu for the night This is called country chicken This is called kadaknaath This is quite rare You won’t get it in the city You will only get it in the villages And we take some desi dry fruits, sugarcane juice and clove and cardamom extract And make it into a drink What is this drink called? We call it ‘mrut-sanjeevani-sura’ If an officer gets shot Put two drops in his mouth, and he will be revived He will at least make it to the hospital It was time to go back in time to the jungles of Hastinapur To an encounter on 16 November 2002 In which Bhadoriya was shot and almost lost his life It was a chance encounter We were after a gang And after trekking for about 30km, we finally reached the spot Where the informer told us they would either be inside the house There was a hut nearby Or in the fields We didn’t know for sure So we did a full scan of the area And saw a woman and her daughter there We didn’t want them to become casualties So we went in to get them out We were spotted while bringing them out The gang was hiding in the house And they started firing immediately One of them snuck around behind me and fired. That’s when I was hit The bullet hit me, but I didn’t realise it I asked Jitin if he had been hit He said no And that’s when my legs gave way and I fell The gang was still firing So I shot off a volley with my AK-47 And killed two of them right there From there, it took us at least 4 hours to get to the hospital If we had taken any more time… My pulse had dropped to 30-35 That’s when I decided I will not spare a single one They had shot me And if I couldn’t protect myself, how would I protect the general public? That’s when I was inspired to wipe them out completely Remembering the 2002 incident instantly changed the mood of the evening Is it getting hot out here? Shall we sit inside? No, no, light a bonfire Bring out the sweets and peanuts! Sir, you have killed so many dacoits When they are dying, what are their last requests? The requests are different in different areas When we had an encounter with the Hazrat gang One of the dacoits was shot He was their shooter – Makkhan Singh Rawat When I saw he was still alive, I called for a cease fire And told my men to get him to a hospital quickly He said “Please listen to me,” “Don’t take me to a hospital, I’m going to die” I asked him what his last request was And promised if it was in our power, we would do it He said “My last request is that you twirl my moustache” “When the photo is printed, people should say that Makkhan Singh’s moustache was perfectly twirled” So I called two of my men over And got them to quickly twirl his moustache Then I said, “Makkhan, photo!” And he said, “Yes!” The photo was taken, and he passed away soon after Sir, what do we have for dessert? This area has a lot of desserts But the speciality is maleeda Maleeda is made from a wheat, corn or millet roti Add some ghee (clarified butter), an equal amount of jaggery And mash it and eat Punjabis are set after sundown! If you eat maleeda here, you will have a good time, even at midnight! Put some maleeda there Let him taste it How is it? Huh? Do you get this in Mumbai? Put some here too The ghee here is different, the flavour is something else altogether You will never get this anywhere else Just as I was about to ask Bhadoriya If he regretted any of his encounters Something happened that I now consider a trademark of Chambal This was a surreal moment for me As something similar happened during my meeting with the daakus a few days ago In Chambal, a bullet can be fired any time. Now whether it’s by a policeman or a daaku Telling it apart can be quite difficult We thought there was some disturbance there, just wanted to make sure there are no goons around That’s why he fired. It’s okay Sir, have you ever felt that after killing so many people Have you ever felt bad or regretted it? Once, yes. When was that? During an encounter with Raghubir Gadariya There was a small-time criminal with them He had just a couple of cases against him When the firing began, he fired as well He was shot I felt bad then He had a couple of cases against him But he got mixed up with the gang “When the bulls fight, the crops suffer” A lot of other things get crushed with the sugarcane These are sayings in the village here So I told myself it’s ok Do you think in today’s day and age, there is an alternative to encounters So that people don’t die Today’s dacoits have a very mean mentality It was better before Back then, they respected women, touched their feet Treated them like their sisters, and wouldn’t do anything bad Today, the moment they see a woman, they kidnap her or try and do worse to her Punishment is essential for these people There should be no cases, no course, no hearings Directly a warrant They will be judged by God himself When I first came to Chambal and decided That I would meet both daakus and the cops that hunt them I expected two very different stories to unfold But as my time in Chambal drew to a close, one thing became clear to me The roots of these stories were quite similar Principles, desperation, actions and their consequences May keep changing here But one thing stays constant amidst everting in Chambal – Violence. So this was Chambal If you want me to visit more such dangerous places And meet more dangerous people Visit our website and tell me We are also on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram And don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel for more stories My name is Doctor VC, and it’s time to move on to the next Dinner With The Dons One second… Yes, Mummy? No, I’m at home…

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