Asian Vs American Thanksgiving | FIRST Thanksgiving Married in America | Backyard football

hey everybody! it’s John Margaret and Wilson
Wilson’s with us today cuz he wants to be in a video
mm-hmm he hadn’t been featured in once in a while and he he he felt a little
left out so today we want to make a short video to share about our first Thanksgiving together as as a married couple I love joining it was fun it was it was a good time we didn’t have to play tag
with cars to yesterday we didn’t have to UM you know worry about getting one
place and then another with each other we were just there together the whole
day yeah so most of time couples do split holidays if the families are not
close to each other so you know if we live in different towns different area
if you actually will have to pick one holiday for this family one holiday for
that family but because we live in the same town we could make both in case you
don’t know Thanksgiving why don’t you tell them what Thanksgivings about
Thanksgiving well it started back with the pilgrims of course and then Abraham
Lincoln officially made it a holiday my dad told her sister Thanksgiving he
officially made it a holiday during the Civil War cuz he went it everybody to be
thankful this is it just at the story he wanted everybody to be thankful no
matter what so in short stall that is the day that we’re thankful for for a
good things in our lives you know families jobs friends the good things
that that you’re given in your life that’s what we’re thankful for
and God’s given us a lot this year yeah yeah you the house okay I already had
the cat oh but I still have wow I’m Asian and she’s Caucasian we celebrate
things even in a very similar manner a lot of Asians do not celebrate
Thanksgiving the way the Americans do and they don’t
understand the meaning so that’s why I try to explain the meaning a little bit
because I’m adopted I actually do celebrate Thanksgiving the American Way
and this year always a little extra special and I’ll tell you why here in a
minute but most of time we get up sometimes in the past with my family I
guess Wilson’s tired being in here yep we decorated the house somewhat issue
wouldn’t do that what do we do yesterday we did the turkey trot we did a turkey
trot so new you but you weren’t at your parents house this year
that’s right neat that’s right but new tradition that I started that the Trail
Blazers I am one year I welcome I said yeah I’m gonna go run a 5k sign up for
turkey trot ever since then we’ve been adding more more people ever since this
is 2017 this is 2018 this is 2019 we’ve been adding more people and maybe
we’ll add more next year South turns toki chart we went home we
didn’t decorate a house usually we’re decorating a house um at my parents but
went home and we hang out here watch some TV and then we went to my
grandmother for for Thanksgiving and so we had Turkey you know that’s known as
turkey day because you eat a turkey unlike a lot of Americans I only eat
some food I eat turkey Rose mashed potatoes that’s it and something you
won’t even eat the gravy yeah sometimes a dessert I don’t meet dressing even my
mom’s can I just say I don’t we dressing period no matter who makes it good no
matter who makes it what about the red stuff yeah yeah don’t we Betty it was a
good time to spend time with my mom’s side of the family and then I don’t get
surprised often because I’m very observant and I’m very I catch on really
well they actually had a green card party for me yesterday and I did not see
it coming okay so here’s the funny thing I had to
take out at the garage here’s the cake and I had it sitting out in the garage
it had been the cruiser mimis oh I took it over so I got home from work one
night made a cake decorated the cake took it over to my grandmother saw his
grandmother’s house all while his mom had him over for dinner so that I could
get that stuff done I had it like all done in less than two hours a record for
me anyway so I had it out and I’d pulled it out of the fridge Thanksgiving Day
once we got there so it would get a little bit more room Tim he walks out
like he wasn’t supposed to goes in the garage I run after him and you said what
did you need no I was like she was choking on you the cake was sitting
literally right there so then I was like okay he’s just being nice and not saying
something he obviously gets it’s a surprise well then I had it in the
kitchen you honestly didn’t see the cake on the counter are you pulling my leg
well I guess I didn’t see you any of the deck
so I just passed it bias deserves because I meet deserts either so I don’t
want the attention to that pay attention to Turkey okay so then the cake was
sitting on the counter and he kept walking by the cake and I was like are
you really not catching on here well then his mom and dad had a bunch of like
green green plates Forks they had a green like hat scarf glasses
green whistle went ahead as green whistle anyway they had all this stuff
but he just didn’t catch on fully because I saw the look in his eyes he
was truly surprised we walked out and we think at the green card day so that was
really fun well my dad have said a couple of times that we had to have a
green card party but then I just thought they forgot about it you know green card
was what four or five weeks ago want to make those videos yep yeah so it’s a
surprise then we went to Margaret’s house for dinner before we had dinner
her brother was very nice and he made up a football field for us a miniature
football field and we played on and we’ve been we’ve done that the last four
years well we’ll play you know a game of two hands touch football – cackles he
cheats hey you gotta do what you play the wind you have them down there snap
their neck we played and we shut him out right and then mark it over here came to
me and say yeah we need to let him score to boost the morale a little bit so
we’ll levant score and then we let him score again that was necessary and then
we’re looking like we’re about to get beat and I was like we ain’t getting
beat this year it was a tie game but then we had dinner and it was really
good again I had turkey rolls and mashed potatoes
halo chocolate pie who made the chocolate pie Margot made a chocolate
pie so do you guys really want some pies cake contact Margaret we need some extra
income but yeah so then we went home I actually no no we look Black Friday
shopping oh oh y’all you can tell you about this check this out so what Black
Friday shopping and we went to Walmart right cuz Walmart’s got Auto good
DVDs and so I got a couple of things that benchers hadn’t seen this and I was
like oh I need to see it’s on DVD got a green sticker I know like it’s $20 I
don’t know in the in the papers it’s a 776 so I got it for seven seven six got
a new video game again just thing normally $60 they had it in a store for
40 and then I was like no it’s got a sticker on here it was 996 so they
priced match it to a 96 same thing with this NCIS if you play Call of Duty you
should comment below and let’s play because we can now play cross platform
and then Aquaman I just want to see that it was good so we went Black Friday
shopping last night went to the mall fight broke out saw fight you know this
lady was coming after this other lady her hair flew off and went home went to
bed and will woke up this morning good night
yeah yeah yeah kaeleen Sarah from the last couple videos you saw there’s been
a not with us then ever woke up for a good Black Friday shopping which their
videos to come we got a couple good videos about Black Friday haul come in
Black Friday decorations stuff outside and then Black Friday’s decorations
stuff inside and what are you most thankful for this Thanksgiving most
thankful for I now have a son okay you’re so cute he’s talking about yeah
you know anybody gets their hopes up yeah I’m thankful for now I have a wife
have a home and to have the great family so thankful for that what are you most
thankful for thankful for you let this one out I’m thankful for the Lord I’m
thankful that hurt you I know I’m thankful for my very very
handsome husband who is the in the entire world tasty Black Friday
shopping lets me buy one two three four i lost count of how many things i bought
today my hip still hurting from the wallet yeah it should not hurt though
because it’s so much lighter now than it was before
oh it was bad we had so much but i think you need to check out the video videos
anyway and then of course I’m thankful for Wilson and although I don’t know if
you’re supposed to be thankful for your cat you like the video if you like
anything with a video hit the like button we don’t they like to be I’m cute
really really helps a lot leave a comment below if you play call of duty
we want to sync up if you have anything to say let me know how your Thanksgiving
went if you enjoy it you don’t enjoy it whatever that is I really want to know
if you if you’re new here I hope you subscribe and come back and hang out
with us if you’ve been here before thank you for coming back and like it and like
it and I’ll see you in the next video

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  1. Sounds like you had a great Thanksgiving day. I love the NCIS series dude. Can't wait to see the coming attractions…😀👍👌

  2. Happy Thanksgiving John and Margaret! This year I'm thankful for all the blessing I have received. Wishing all of the vlog family a great holiday season.

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