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  1. Jack, why don't you try to best him with a spoon? I mean, i saw your fight, but you never actually hit him with it, I think it might stop him

  2. How come he can just go to the police and pot him in jail because if he won't to the police that can see that he is Heating him with a spoon and pots him in jail that is my question

  3. I have a question. Why is it called "the horribly slow murderer" when he's being tormented by a demon. It's not murder if he's killed by a demon, murder is when a human kills another human, it should be marketed with a different term. You know, it's also not called murder if a human gets eaten by a crocodile.

  4. Hey I`ve got a funny idea what is when Jack found an anti-Ginosanji his hoody is white his face will be completely Black and his eyes are white
    and he uses a fork or better a Soupspoon and his the only one who can beat the Ginosaji

  5. * hits anyone who replies with a spoon * you will be cursed to have this happen everytime you like everytime you comment it will never end unless you dont replie gets hit by spoon

  6. How in the hell do you use the toilet while being beaten to death or taking a shower but being beaten to death with a spoon also

  7. Jesus Christ, this is the cruelest, saddest shit in the world if you actually stop and think about it, but it still manages to be funny.

  8. Why doesn’t jack try hitting ginosaji with a spoon again. He didn’t actually hit ginosaji and ginosaji didn’t seem to like the spoon when jack was holding it

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