ASMR 🖤 Goth Sister Helps You Get Ready for Halloween Party 🕸 🎃

hey! well where are you going tonight? that is appropriate seeing as it’s Halloween you don’t look very ready though ohh me?? I’m not that good at makeup, stop… I’ll do it for you absolutely well, do you know what you’re gonna be? Oh, you wanted help with that too hmmm okay, well.. I actually have most of my Halloween stuff out already, so no big deal at all is there, you know, a certain look that you want to go for? who’s gonna be at this party? I see…. oh! well… okay let me see what I have what do you think about these? you know just a little…. they’ve got little bows very cute or, ok alright, we could go the fantasy route with some elf ears…fairy ears…. orc ears mmm… let me see they suit you yeah you look really cute! well let me show you what else I have I’ve got these…skeleton clips so you could just put that in your hair it’s not really a costume…right, okay I also have little hair puffs these are really cute, ya you can put well you know you can put them both in, one in two sides, one side clip the other up here no? okay I think these elf ears actually are going to do you well glasses? they make everything look red that could be kinda fun for a party here.. see? pretty cool, right? or… I could give you some…. bracelets we have the… studded graffiti paint thick bracelet here oh this is from way back in the day do you remember me wearing this? every single day in middle school or that more Halloween option would be my spider web cuff it’s really comfortable, here.. like that see? want to stick with your fantasy theme? oohhhh you have to wear this if you’re going to wear those ears.. look it’s a little flower crown and it lights up so… where’s the party? it’ll probably be dark this will look so good on you here let me make sure I turn it off before you get there it’s just a little switch on the back, right here okay? yeah do you want a wig? yeah yeah let me see you don’t wanna be, um a pirate, right? ya I didn’t think so these little tricorner hats the velcro doesn’t stay very well, let me see this is what I was thinking of wearing this year maybe what do you think? yeah we’ll see umm, if you have a friend they could wear this it would match with your purple flower crown, kind of they could be like a fawn, satyr.. what are they called? ya you can take it that would be such a fun group costume do like a little makeup on the nose? mmmm… oh my gosh that’s so cute, here take this with you umm but your wig, your wig your wig, here it’s a dark blue almost ya this is navy and this could go right under I’m gonna take this back and the ears back too we gotta get your wig cap on okay, so we got this wig cap we’re gonna put it over your head okay and then it shifts like this onto your hair ok, good perfect let me do your makeup before we put the wig on yeah so you’re looking for something that will match we’ll do like a little fantasy moment let me see do you need a dress? of course you can wear a dress, you’ll look amazing in it do you have something in your closet that you’d prefer? mmkay ya this one has, you know, the nice lace cap sleeves it’s actually inside out right now let me see oh yeah, there we go well if you’re not gonna wear it, then I will see the bottom? beautiful red color maybe if you have another party, ok put that over there makeup okay I’ve got two palettes let me know which one you’re more going for? this one’s called aphrodite it’s got 18 colors in it ummm you can see, it’s more on the warm side, but it’s got those magentas and dark reds it has black in it we can do a shimmer, gold shimmer look really really beautiful that one’s called sparks we could do sparks mixed with a little euphoria mixed with a little flirt mixed with a little.. jealousy and then the black color is called heartbreak or.. we can use.. the inferno palette well, this one’s very warm as well mmm but it’s more neutral, ya I’m wearing it I used.. baked, white hot, bonfire hotspot and smolder so it could be more of like this look no, I think we should go with Aphrodite too ya the purples, it’ll look a lot better we don’t want you to be too warm yeah we’ll mix in that gold, it’ll be beautiful ok let’s do your foundation first let me see yeah this’ll be fine you don’t need much, it goes a long way did you prime? oh, sweetie alright I’m gonna put this on your face, ok? alright there you go yeah it’s kind of sticky but that’s what you want it’s almost like, um it’s almost like double sided tape, you know? here we go are you nervous? don’t be people love having you at parties you’re so sweet you’re not like me, you know? I’m an attention hog mmm just go and enjoy play some games.. dance if you want to take pictues you better take pictures after I’m done with this I wanna see this on Instagram better give me credit okay I’m gonna do llike extra blush on you it’s the cutest thing to do for a fantasy look, a little elf, it’s like super blush, yeah? and we can do like little freckles oh my gosh, okay I’ll use my Nars blush ok and.. use our little blush brush over the bridge of the nose and.. other cheek okay okay little bit more here you look adorable! okay oh we can do highlighter, yeah yeah, of course let me just find a.. brush here ok, tip of your nose first and then your cheekbones down here on the side like that and on the other side here good good good ok very good you look great! do a little bit of concealer under your eye not too much but it’ll help, um sort of with the look and then I’m gonna do it on your lips mmhmm then we put color over it, just in the middle that’s my other fantasy look trick so look up for me just a couple of dots there and…blend it in now on your lips, ok? here we go and I’m….don’t do anything yet I’m going to use what’s left over from the beauty blender and I’m going to just pat your lips. It feels weird, I know, I know okay there we go okay perfect so your lip color I have a couple I was thinking like umm darker this is what I have on right now um this is more of a red but this, is actually what I think you should go with this pink it’s in the shape of a little heart and.. I’m going to put this right.. in the middle ok, now very gently, with your lips, go like this not all the way just a little ok good perfect okay I love how this is turning out we’ll do your freckles, eye shadow and then fake lashes I don’t think you should do eyeliner with this I want you to look very.. bright eyed so the eye shadow is gonna be a bit less it’s not gonna be like a huge like smoke out or anything like that ok, no it’ll look good, it’ll look good ummm the fake lashe will help let’s do the freckles use a brown eyeliner and………. yes! oh my goodness ok eyeshadow… where did my palette go? got a little… case here this holds my brushes and.. let’s do that it’s a color called tease, that’s the lightest color this is gonna go.. on your inner corner, close your eyes, close your eyes, close your eyes good and the other side good then we’ll use our gold color, that’s called sparks ready? okay ooo that’s pigmented I like that okay perfect perfect perfect I’m gonna do a little little little tiny tiny tiny bit of heartbreak that’s the black, just a little little bit ok ready? close your eyes ok, other eye ooo ok beautiful looks really good I don’t have any white eyeliner, but if your friends do, umm I would wa…ooo, line your waterline with white fake eyelashes? yeah these are the faux mink they really get….thick, or really long on the ends very majestical effect oh my gosh and we’ve got this little glue here.. it’s great, it comes with like a spatula now and the glue is dark, so you won’t be able to see it on your eyes mmkay I’ll put a little glue on mmkay ready? here we go hold still okay good and the other one little bit of glue ok, here we go hold still oh wow perfect little mascara it’s gonna tie it together this is a really soft mascara brush, makes your eyelashes really… like plush blink for me good good good and then look up and I’ll do your bottom lashes here just a tiny bit ok alright am I forgetting anything? I think… you just need your accessories, right? okay oh my gosh alright, so we’re actually gonna do the ears first ok, and then the wig goes over top of it, that way you don’t see the hairband they think of everything ya they’re actually from yaya han you know who that is here comes your wig okay alright is that in your eyes? here, I’ll fix it there you go comfortable? good okay and.. your flower crown don’t forget to turn it on oh my gosh! you make me so proud! ok well have so much fun please take pictures, make sure to text me when you’re there and… ya I can come pick you up if you need me to, just let me know absolutely! I hope you have the best time Happy Halloween!

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  1. Sometimes I forget how beautiful your voice is. I watch a lot of videos it just happens they are usually ones with voices like daisy.

  2. All the elf ears make me wanna do is sing "Sharpen your swords and string your bows. The beasts have gone away"

  3. Me: I’m going to the Halloween party YOU:
    Gibi:I was just gunna do something but I wanna get u ready for that Halloween party
    Me: ok I mean I don’t even now what I’m gunna be but ok
    Gibi: yup

  4. For Halloween I went with my other 13 crackheaded friends and one of them almost beat up their bf

    yeah it was fun i got a lot of candy

  5. Me, my lavender scents, nightlight thing, stuffed animals, pillow, extra fluffy blanket and comforter all cozied up on my bed:

    am heccin gof

  6. Literally can't give you enough respect for how much respect you have for yourself and your appearance unlike most asmr women who might as well be naked/pure clickbait, keep up the amazing videos you've turned my life around with how easily i can sleep now every single night n because I get more sleep I'm performing a lot better in my new job now n you've literally changed my life so thankyou. 💯🔥🤗😄

  7. Btw since im in to greek mytholgy Aphrordite is the god of love sorry i say this because one of the makup kits had her name

  8. Just come from Karuna’s channel where she was being a right bratty big sister and I’m now so jarred by gibis genuinely nice sister role lol

  9. Any one else get bored and start scrolling and then find a really good video and want to click it but don’t want to stop watching the video you are watching 😂

  10. This is Me : 👱🏼‍♀️ I’m Sick D: But I can’t afford to go to the doctor 🙁
    1 like = 5 dollars
    Please help me go to the doctors!!!

  11. Me on Halloween: *wearing an inflatable dinosaur costume*
    Gibi: a dress would be super cute
    Me: yes, an inflatable dinosaur wearing a dress

  12. Gibi:Do you know what you're being for Halloween?
    Me:Harry Po-
    Gibi:Oh, you need help with that too?
    Me:Welp I guess I do now

  13. Me: reading my hero academia fanfics while listening to this

    Gibi: Look up

    Me:*Looks up**Realizes what I did*WTH!!!!

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