Ola! Sit down and enjoy this Snickers party! Snickers Ice Cream Bars Box Snickers Caramel Ice Cream Bars Box Snickers Ice Cream Sticks Snickers Chocolate Bar Snickers White Chocolate Bar Chocolate Mousse Let’s set the table! SNICKERS Caramel Ice Cream Bar is just as tasty as the original but with more Caramel. It’s so…..gooooooooooooood! I could eat 10 of these. SNICKERS Ice Cream Bar is absolutely delicious. I love these even more than the original chocolate bar.
Gooey caramel, plenty of nuts and delicious chocolate coated. Yum! These SNICKERS Ice Cream Sticks are the closest to an ice cream experience from the Snickers line-up with a crunchy chocolate cover. Let’s take some photos. I absolutely love this ice cream! It’s absolutely delicious and so addictive! Doube trouble! More Chocolate ! 🤣 The ice cream is smooth and creamy. The perfect amount of peanuts and caramel. The chocolate is crisp and the mousse so smooth. 🤤 🤤🤤🤤 We still have to finish the gooey chocolates. Black & White Choco Loco SNICKERS Chocolate Bars White & Classic are
soft candy cream, delicious caramel and roasted peanuts surrounds here with a coating of milk & white chocolate. They are both equally satisfying. Thank you for joining me 🤎! ( ゚∀゚)ノ     ~【LOVE】

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  1. Bro….you have the best chocolate items on YouTube! I'm always impressed because it is everything I would eat.😃

    You have great sounds, great lighting, great everything♡♡♡.

  2. I think you should eat little bit accurately,you are beautiful,but it is not normal for me,you eat too fast and not beautiful…

  3. Your movements are beautiful, and also your mouth, everything in you is beautiful, your jaw, your hair, your mouth, your clothes, your hands, your eyes are killing me, I love what you do, keep going❤.

  4. I'm trying (not really) to stay away from chocolate…yet here I am. Indulging in this video containing chocolate 😗

  5. I remember you had 13,000 thousand subscribers. And now you have more than 100,000 thousand subscribers! Congratulations to you !! I’m watching you from 13,000 subscribers. Hello from Russia !!! I love your channel

  6. Ok ok can people stop saying “ iT LoOkS SooO GoOd bUt iM oN A DiEt” like at lest when you get the chance you can eat it, I can’t wanna know why bc I’m lactose intolerant so REEEEEEEEEEREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE 😭

  7. the flesh prospers nothing GOOD. see how video after video, this dude is eating different kinds of demon loaded lust filled foods? because it never satisfies.. only Jesus will restore and satisfy your soul you must repent. i plead the blood of Jesus over this comment and anything attached or against. Jesus is our refuge and help and also, savior.

  8. О боже он так горячо кушает эту морожку , будто это чей-то КХМ.
    мне очень понравилось это видео…хочу эту морожку :')

  9. Whaat you have 187k subscribers , maan you deserve more , i saw your channel i thought this guy had like 2mil followers

  10. Mcbang: eats literally 10 ice-creams, remaining in shape, with clear skin
    Me: eats one (1) Magnum, bloats like I'm 6 months pregnant, and breaks out
    Dude. 😔😂

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