ASMR Chatting & Hanging Out for My Birthday ~

hello everybody it’s Gibi welcome back to
my channel on this momentous, glorious, important, holiday my birthday, December 19th we are celebrating a fourth of a decade nope that would mean… I am three years old less than three years old anyway 1/4 of a century I’m 25 today I still can’t do math still uh, kind of a dumb dumb, but um but we’re here and… for my birthday video I just wanted to I wanted to do all of my favorite things and… some of those things are… just chilling with you guys making videos and I brought along some stuff that I thought would be fun um a little pampering sesh kind of…ish and just ramble, um I actually haven’t done a… rambling video in forever, so honestly we’re slightly overdue so I got a hat for you if I’m going to look ridiculous… you also have to look ridiculous, ok I can do all the ASMR I want I don’t even need context here you go ahh, yes, right on your head absolutely so.. I’m starting this off with uh with a coffee I got, um something a little more special today, usually I get a coconut milk latte which is just a latte made with coconut milk so, um it’s not very overly sweet but today since it’s December, I thought that I would get the.. chocolate, no, what’s the.. peppermint mocha I think so it’s just like
peppermint syrup, little mocha action going on in here Cheers dear God that tastes so good that is so good! it’s really good, um especially compared to the coconut milk latte but I couldn’t have one of these every day,
you know? this is like a nice birthday thing speaking of nice birthday things, when you’re done this video I might still be streaming on Twitch ’cause, I… this will be my third year in a row that I stream.. for my birthday, I think last year I streamed a day before cuz I was
traveling on my birthday but I like to hang out on Twitch on my birthday how many times can I say birthday in this video? but it’s so much fun and it’s what
I like to do and.. you know we have a good time over there I use super cut of all the times I shamelessly self plug my twitch and twitter and my app, download my app I just really like the Internet and um, I keep finding excuses to stick around even
more and spend more and more time on the internet and on social media and not leave my house and that is truly.. my wish for 25 I’m actually moving so it’s gonna be a whole brand new you know it’s like, you say like new year new me it’s gonna literally be like, new year new me but also old me, because I’m not gonna stop anything I’m just gonna add more stuff on this is so good the other thing.. I got a.k.a. I got Ben to go get for me was some mochi ice cream I don’t have the ingredients of these cuz they were like pick your own mochi and he didn’t grab the ingredients so hopefully this
doesn’t have any sesame in it I would assume not maybe I’m not gonna make it to 26 alright let me open this, I’ll cut the loud parts out squish squish squish squish OOO he got me so many I really wanted like one instead of a cake happy birthday to Gibi, happy birthday to Gibi, happy birthday, you’re really old, happy birthday to Gibi delightful I promise this is the only one I’ll eat
on camera so if you hate eating sounds you can skip ahead a little bit I actually really like mochi without the ice cream I don’t even think you
even need the ice cream mmm I just like how squishy it is a lot of people don’t like certain foods
because of their texture I… really enjoy weird textures of food, like I really love it that was delightful there are some things I forgot to grab before I started this video so I perhaps might cut away gather some things for about 60 seconds and then come back but… my favorite things are staying home, a clean house, my house is clean today Luigi, Ben, I won’t make Ben be in the video but I might make Luigi be in the video making sure that like.. I put on the list like.. a lip mask, lotion, candles you know? I don’t do that stuff like all the time but when I do I usually feel really good about it, right? so I put that on the list I love Hamilton but I don’t really know
how to incorporate that I love manga..I might grab a volume of Black Butler and make you look at it but mostly, I feel like I don’t even need all this stuff that I planned and like wrote out cuz I’m like dang I currently just.. I could just sit and chill here and I
don’t know… if that’s normal but it feels nice
and it makes me happy so and it’s my birthday, so if you’re like, why did you upload this to your channel? I’ll be like shhhhh, shhhhh, shh…. one day, give me one day to have a really pointless video although I think
you could argue that a lot of my videos are pointless there have been some pretty weird ones.. I think the weirdest one recently was.. the recreating sounds that one was weird.. but it ended up good, you know? and like I said I think we’re kind
of overdue for like I think sometimes creators, like, we’ll put a lot of pressure on ourselves and..not just ASMR like, any genre, but in ASMR particularly, you know? we think that, um the more you produce the video, the more overproduced, and um sort of.. I guess the quality, like the production quality needs to be higher, needs to be higher and um and I don’t think that is always the case I think that I would click on.. a more casual video over a very very polished and planned and scripted one um, a lot of the time which, honestly sometimes can also be a little bit mind bendy too because even though I’m like I agree in my brain
that I like a certain thing I have a hard time putting it out myself so I’m like oh I can’t just upload a video of me chillin and chatting but then I’m
like wait, what am I saying? sometimes those are the best videos and I haven’t done one in forever so I think I’m just gonna enjoy this one and even though it’s not gonna
be as long as I’d like it’ll still be a decent little hangout, decent little hangout with me, because um guess what I have later? no, guess! c’mon, guess I can’t hear you, what? I am playing D&D I was told that.. saying the words Dungeons & Dragons is a lot like saying Hunter x Hunter so I’m not allowed to say Dungeons and Dragons, I have to say D&D I have D&D later and I’m working
really hard on… here’s like some Gibi talk, real real talk right here I’m working on
making time commitments to things that aren’t working um and D&D has been really good for me and just trying to prioritize it even
though like you know, it’s not my job it’s not work it’s not, you know,
something that I need to be doing but I find that every time I do take the time, like I show up on time, I stay the whole session and I really enjoy it like I feel so good, I feel so good after and it’s so nice to just hang out with, you know, the people in my campaign and party I don’t know which I want to call it, dungeons and dragons but it’s something I’ve wanted to play
for a long time so I’m actually really glad we’ve been playing for.. gosh, I actually think a couple of months now I feel like we just started
but I guess we have gotten quite a few sessions in I still need to get um, I need to get fan art of my OC what do you call it? your D&D, like… what do you call a D&D OC?
your character? is it just like a…. your D&D character? original character, you know? but my character is a a sea elf ranger it’s my birthday I’m
gonna talk about dungeons and dra….D&D excuse me and her name is a Venri she is 23, 24 I find it hard to play different ages so I usually like make my characters around my age and… umm I made her really… really outgoing but she has a ton of brothers,
she grew up with six brothers she’s the youngest one and they’re all
super protective of her so almost like almost like a wholesome version of illumi from
hunter x hunter where like as like the big brother of one of
the main characters, he like makes sure that the main character like doesn’t get into
any trouble by like, essentially brainwashing him I just realized that’s
probably a spoiler anyway.. she’s super protected by her brothers
so she’ll like shy away from danger so she’s she’s a ranger, archery concentration I guess, and um, she’s
pretty badass she does a lot of of good fighting, um she’s got a lot of good wombo
combos, you know *fighting noises* and uh, it’s really fun to play our party is huge, we’ve got like seven or
eight people so sometimes it can be a little uh, a little long and we can never
decide what to do but, you know that happens I’m gonna light a candle and I’m gonna grab.. a lip mask and some lotion, yeah? ok, let’s do that! I got myself this stool and it’s like, one of the best purchases I
ever made this stool in conjunction with this desk is amazing because it goes
up and down really easily just like a little lever and the stool goes up and
down really easily so like all combinations, it’s not so hard to set up and I’m finally like, comfortable sitting down in a video when you just use a regular chair, for some reason, it gets really uncomfortable and I don’t know why I don’t really get it okay let’s light a candle this is one of my favorite ones sugar cookie it’s kind of
like a weird print because it’s reflective I got it from TJ Maxx for 7 dollars like 2 years ago,
3 years ago, maybe Ahhhhhh okay I’m gonna use a match to light it because I was too lazy to go downstairs for like,
um, a lighter let’s see if I can do it first try, baby! first try alright now that smells like a birthday! let’s go! I’ll put it.. I’ll put it here so you can see it I’ll be careful if I uploaded this to YouTube that means my house didn’t burn down, ya know? that’s what I always say ohh by the time this video comes out I’m getting a
reusable Starbucks cup just so you know some people were asking like now that Ben works from home
full time, um.. he goes and gets me Starbucks which is like a really really sweet, right? and then I’m like, oh my god,
Starbucks every day is kind of a lot so I don’t know if we’re gonna go every single day but,
I was like if we’re gonna go more I want a reusable cup I’ll ask for it for my birthday this is my favorite favorite favorite that’s what this video is about, right? favorite candle, favorite drink, favorite water, you know? favorite pastime this is the laneige lip sleeping mask trying to see like
what the flavor technically is, but I don’t really know it just smells very probably strawberry… or… watermelon..or..I don’t know but it came with this little spatula like a silicone thing and you just get like a little bit there and… if you look back at my old videos, I’m gonna use my phone as a little mirror if you look…. back at my old videos, during the winter time my lips are really awful, like really chapped and I bite them a lot and I used to play
overwatch, competitive overwatch, a lot and I bite my lips when I’m competitive as well so… chapped lips plus competitive gaming equals um, many comments about my lips and they’re like why your lips all ripped up you look nasty and I’m like oopsie! oopsie! so, hopefully this minus, me not playing overwatch anymore should make it through this year without looking like a zombie and then on the other hand get it? hand… laugh, c’mon this is another problem I get people think I have dry hands because when you do the finger flutter, when people can “hear” skin they like assume it’s dry
but like give it a go you can hear skin
especially if you move it fast so.. um I actually do get really
dry on the top of my hands in winter so lil December pampering my hands actually get really dry
because I wash them a lot um I used to be a pretty debilitating like, germaphobe, I don’t know if that grammar is correct but like, my qualities of germaphobic-ness
were very debilitating um, and I would wash
my hands a lot just because anytime I touched something
germ-y or gross I’d wash my hands and since I was in college I was touching a lot of germ-y, gross things handles, train… things that you like, hold on to doorknobs keyboards, stuff like that and now, I wash my hands all the time because of Luigi, my dog who is fifteen his “gotcha day” is December 9 so we’ve had him for over a year our little senior adoption doggie and um, I’m usually cleaning up after him so wash my hands, wash my hands, I probably wash my hands like at least 15 times a day so, gotta stay using the lotion and I also really like tapping on lotion, so two birds, one stone don’t throw things at birds I feel very pampered and honestly this was an extremely fun video to make who would have guessed? if you um, if you do like and/or miss ramble videos
where we’re just chillin and you don’t mind me making these, let me know because I would love to shoot more conversely, um, if you’d like to get me
anything for my birthday I put the links to my favorite charities
in the description box definitely leave me a comment and let me know if you decide to donate to them um that’d be really great I think I can actually set up like a
Gibi donation link so I can like see them maybe but I mean don’t worry about it,
I just did a charity stream and, hopefully it went awesome I didn’t do it
yet, I’m filming this before it happens but uh, just in case, I don’t have an Amazon
wishlist or anything like that uh, but donations to those charities
would mean the world to me, so if you made it this far and uh, you’re just chillin um, definitely check ’em out so.. cheers thank you for… watching my videos,
I’m happy to turn 25 that sounds so old like I remember when
I was a kid, you know? like thinking about what old was and like where I would be
when I was like a cool adult and to me, like a cool adult was like 23, 24 so now I’m just like… an old adult or something I’m sure many of you who are older than 25 are in the comment section being like… screw you, GIbi listen, I’ll catch up some day thank you guys so much for watching I hope you enjoyed this little hangout I’m feeling very lovely and happy
and refreshed, so thank you goodnight, sleep well and I’ll see you in the next video

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