Hello👋🏼 I have been waiting for you Our Theme is Valentines Giant Stake Cake Dinner and Red Roses🌹 Everything you see here is all edible and I made them all myself for us to enjoy Happy Valentine’s Day to you My Roya👑 I feel so Blessed to spend this day with you. Let me walk you through our meal. Giant T-Bone Stake cake Broccoli Carrots Gravey Mash Potatote This is our main and our dessert is some lovely red roes with some hearts 🌹❤️ and of course, a special crown for you My Royal👑 Lets Tuck In! Let’s start with some broccoli. The first taste is yours😋 I love you and I am so happy you are here eating with me 🤗 I love chocolate broccoli Carrots for you😋 Excuse my bad hair 💁🏼‍♀️ Do you remember these mashed potatoes? Oh yeah edible spoon. I made them from dark chocolate Our creamy mashed potatoes. I am trying to get a good one for you that’s yours. That tastes so nice and creamy. and our grevy I had to repaint our steak last minute for it was not looking as realistic as I would like for you Only the best for you my Royal👑 Now that we have sampled our sides It is time to try our steak cake. I was so excited to make this steak cake for you. I hope you like it. My Royal👑 I made this cake for you promise me you will share it with your friends and family🤗 If this steak looks real to you prank your friends and family by sharing this video. Let’s see what it looks like. Your T- bone Steak Cake😋 That is one amazing cake I made two different velvet cake for you. The dark part is a chocolate velvet cake The lighter part is the red velvet cake. I need some more broccoli Have you seen my ramen noddle cake, I made for you? I think we should cut into our edible bowl. I made lavender cake pop for you😋 That was so tasty. Have you had a lavender cake before? Which should we eat next the carrots or the mash? I hear you saying mash ok I love you Royal 👑 I can eat this mash all day. should we eat the butter?…yes lets have some butter The butter gets stuck in your teeth. I need some more stake. do you? Let’s move this out of the way this is a huge stake some more steak cake for you more carrots Let’s see what is inside our carrot bowl My Bowl is coming apart. that was a very tasty blueberry cake pop but it was al lot more dense than the lavender I need some more gravy I love this mash so messy Dark chocolate is very refreshing with all the sweets. do you like dark chocolate? This is my heart for you❤️ and I gave you a rose as well🌹 now, how am I going to eat this🤣? I filled our heart with cherry chocolate❤️ this is so nice Your rose🌹 I love that sound I am missing our cake. this is a big piece I am going to put some gravy on it. This is so messy what was I thinking let’s go for it👍🏽 😂🤣 I am going to try that again. That was so much fun Let’s eat our gravy pot It’s a little messy Here we go again with me dropping things😂🤣 I was doing so well I wanted this meal to be special no dropping for you. I want to try our stake board also some board for you I enjoyed that board My Royal👑 Your well deserved crown👑 I love you dearly❤️ I feel bad eating our crown👑 I will make you another one I’ve got some little chocolate surprise for you I hope you enjoyed our Valentine meal I know I did Thank you for giving me your best currency which is your time. I will see you soon👋🏼 👋🏼 👋🏼

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  1. Happy Valentine’s Day to you My Royal👑, There is no one else I would rather spend today with than you. I love you so much and appreciate your friendship. I hope you enjoy our Cake Steak Dinner with edible gold grown. This theme took me 4 days to make. I did record short clips of the making process. It will be uploaded to my Instagram soon. Next video Tuesday 18th. Release time GMT 11pm, EST 6pm & PST 3pm. I look forward to reading your comments 🥩🌹❤️😀👑

  2. welp.. i guesses wrong.. 😂 haha
    this was really great mag, i love mashed potatoes and u made me crave some!!

    happy valentines mag!! hope u got someone to spend it with!! ❤️ i asked my best friend to be my valentine.. haha 😂

  3. Wow you always make me so surprised by your creativity it all looks good and real I wanna be you noww slyour Soo cool at making cakes cool video as always.♥️♥️♥️💝💝💝🍰♥️🍰♥️

  4. This video made me sleepy which is a good thing since ASMR is supposed to make you fall asleep hehe love your videos tysm for the time you put into your cakes! 🥰

  5. Another beautiful themed dinner ❤️! I adore you dedication and the fact you took time out of your own life to make ours even better 😊, thank you!! ❤️🌹🍰💕

  6. Happiest Valentines day to you and your valentine ❤️this is brilliant! I love how you nade the steak! Creative and beautiful as always Queen ❤️❤️❤️ Love you!

  7. Omg!!! This is crazy!!! I love uuu!! Everything is soooooo good♥️♥️♥️ i love those small carrots 🥕 and that rose is love 💕…..

  8. You're so underrated! You're a fantastic at ASMR, and the cakes you make look so real and are so detailed! You deserve way more popularity!

  9. Amazing dinner i didn’t have a Valentine this year once again whaha but this made my day its really beautiful! Roses were just amazingly well made! But I need to go make homework again so this comment is going to be short so Xx your friend from the Netherlands 🇳🇱

  10. Me: sometimes I just think that your table is edible too haha
    Mug UK after 4 minutes: * starts eating a stake board *
    Me: …

  11. Everything looks so good and the sounds are clearer than most asmr channels on youtube. Good job, really.👏👏👏

  12. I love steak.. awh I wish I had some real steak over here. That meal looks so yummy, I hope you enjoyed it! I know I did. Thank you so much for this meal. 👍☺️🤤💞❤️ And of course, we love you more than words can explain. ❤️❤️😍

  13. You are amazing you deserve more credit I appreciate the hard work you put into these videos not many people say this but you are amazing and I wish you the best of luck in the future

  14. let's just talk how amazing and beautiful the colors are , and your lipstick is always matching your theme perfectly 👌🏼❤ and hope you make more roses🌹😄

  15. You do a fantastic job on your videos, you can tell you put creativeness and thought in to it. GREAT sounds tingles 💜

  16. Hi dear!!! It's been long time I watched your video… Like always, you are the best… How you were made all these? Very surprising, also I always amazed to see it… Steak looks perfect, love the eating sound… Very satisfying 👍be lated Happy Valentine's dear

  17. Your kindness and love to your royal's are unbelievable. You're so talented and creative, but mostly i love your personality. You're such a humble person. You deserve all the good things in your life. 💘💘

  18. Amazing video as always! Keep doing your best girl! And remember, always make sure everything is okay for you first! Take your time and don’t rush to make videos for us! We love you Mag! 💖💖💖

  19. Классный канал,отличный звук и приятная девушка 🤗 Подписка и лайк 💞 Спасибо 🌹🌹🌹

  20. Ears: satisfied
    Eyes: satisfied
    Stomach: unsatisfied
    Nice video!. I remember the mashed potatoes! I just send it to my parents, cousin and my friend!

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