❤️ Hi Guys ❤️ Got to show you the cute hello kitty bank that comes with the jelly It looks so cute, doesn’t it? We will have to see if it tastes good My favorite childhood jelly Each color is a different flavor … and I like them all (mango, strawberry, grape, pineapple, lychee) A lot of you guys have asked me where I got these on my previous videos I got this from Hmart but you can easily find this at any Asian grocery store Don’t buy it online because they jack up the price at least 5 times … cold jelly sticks taste better, so it’s best to refrigerate them It also really good if you freeze it Lychee coconut jelly cups I went nuts for these jelly when I was a kid as well There are coconut chunks in the middle It’s so delicious. It has a pleasant tropical smell and taste .. and it’s not too sweet This is similar to the lychee cups, but different flavors It also has little chunks of fruit in the middle The flavor is pretty good The only thing I dislike about this product is that it’s very difficult to open Very poor design of the pull tab so hard to open The packaging looks cute, but it doesn’t taste good ☹️ It doesn’t taste like jelly It’s more of a flan-like texture mixed with jelly This taste a lot better than the hello kitty jelly cups It’s kinda fun to eat too Make sure you wash thoroughly before eating

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  1. What a JELLY PARTY!!! It always reminds me of my childhood!!! ☺️My fav is the lychee jelly but these are definitely good!!! Yuuum! Happy Eating, sis! 💁🏻‍♀️ Awe! Love the hello kitty SMM! 💫😆

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