HI, fellow birdies! Today, we’re having a Peeps feast! Be sure to like, comment, and subscribe! Let’s start with the chocolate-dipped ones! So sweet! It has a slight chocolate crunch and is perfect with the marshmallow. These are raspberry white chocolate ones. Let’s go! The taste is pure bliss! The decadent creme fudge is a plus. Hard to decide. We saw all these peeps at our local Walmart and had to do a video on them! These are Blue Raspberry. I’m unsure about this one! It’s very tart. Not a favorite, but tolerable! I remember hubby telling me he wasn’t a fan, either. LOL Anyone else like the soft sound of marshmallows? Let’s go for the Sour Waterlemon next. I hope it isn’t sour! Another so-so one, but the subtle watermelon taste is interesting! The inside does look pretty with pink! Hubby looks happy with this one. Love his smile! Oh, let’s try root beer! I ate root beer suckers as a kid, so this was exciting. Pure heaven! It reminds me so much of a vanilla root beer float. Sweet! Hubby actually thought these were the worst of the bunch. We have different taste buds! We had no idea there would be so many flavors. Peeps has really outdone themselves! I think hubby will like these. They are birthday cake! It definitely reminds me of one. The hint of vanilla is so good! I love how my husband has the ability to make me laugh and smile. 🙂 To have someone who loves doing these videos with you… This is what pure love is about, y’all! Fruit punch should be interesting. And yes, my peep didn’t want to leave his partner. LOL The taste is decent. Reminds me of drinking Kool-aid! At this point, we’re starting to get pretty full. Marshmallows are airy! LOL, what are you looking at? Last but not least, cotton candy! It’s a good taste. Reminds me of a very sugary marshmallow! I think after all these, hubby and I will be in sugar comas. LOL One left to cheer for! We’re done and we’re stuffed, for sure! One last kiss. See you next time! Bye, birdies 🙂

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  1. I was going to do a peeps video with magnum bars. But once I saw all the varieties in our local store, I knew I had to try them all out. And what better way than to include hubby in on the fun?

    What peep would be your favorite?

  2. I think that videos with your husband are the BEST 😀 You two look so cute together ♡ You both look very in love and I can't help but smile when I watch your videos with him ♡♡

  3. All of them look so good but I would go for the birthday cake ones and the cotton candy ones.
    What was yours and hubby’s favorite?

  4. You guys are cute couple i wish you have a beautyfule life and you have a nice kid ahahahah i love youre videos 😍😍🤩

  5. loved how your husband stayed strong through the root beer ones lol 😂 I also like root beer so maybe i’ll try those too ❤️

  6. just wanted to say how adorable you and your hubby are together! I absolutely love seeing you two together in your videos! 💛

  7. I saw these at Walmart the other day they look AMAZING I want to try all the new flavors they look so good😍 awesome video you guys 😍

  8. Yr husband is hilarious
    Your one look at him he knows that he has to eat fast. Love the peeps sis

  9. the cutie marshmallow make my mouth watering and im start craving it right now🤤🤤 looks delicious and the choco sounds so crunchy!😱😍🤩 keep up the pretty presentation! youre doing a great job💯🔥 see you around✨

  10. My first thought after watching this: how do you guys look so happy and stuffed but don’t vomit after all that sugar. I wish I could eat that much sugar and not throw up. 😂

  11. Hey guys! It's a marshmallow world! I didn't know the hubby liked marshmallows as much as you did! You know…I haven't had peeps in so long, I really didn't know all those flavors existed! And I'm loving the soft sounds!

    Have a great Sunday💙💙💙.

  12. marshmallows are so hard to eat with braces 😫 and they don’t even sell these where i live but it looks soooo delicious 💗

  13. How open she is about herself and her family is truly amazing. Many mukbangers don't even show their face. Good job girl💕😍

  14. Сделай Асмр со свои прекрасным сыночком🥰и с мужем радует

  15. Świetne pomysły na filmiki, lubię Was oglądać, jesteście przesłodcy jak te ptaszki😊😚

  16. The sounds are so satisfying!! I should definitely try this~love when you make videos with your family 🙂

  17. Happy easter!!! I love chocolate haha, Im probably gonna go to the dentist as always, im a sweet tooth, The presentation is so cute! ❤️

  18. I love these guys so much!!! They’re always so happy and the sounds are amazing !!!
    And the way he looks at her waiting to finish makes my heart melttttttt

  19. I love birbs. Aka birds but my bff loves saying birbs instead of saying bird cuz she loves that animal! Could you please do bunnies for the next one? I would really appreciate it since I love bunnies!

  20. I’ve been on the press and need to catch up on videos! How fun with all those flavors! … BDay cake and rooted beer FTW! And the sounds are so soothing 🥰

  21. The sounds are honestly amazing and I love all of your videos and putting hubby in some of your vids! I love you and your vids! ❤️💖💙💚

  22. I’m a day late but when you eat with your husband you guys really show that you live each other, and that really makes me smile! I’ve never tried peeps, but they look so good!

  23. I’m sorry I love you and your videos but did I really read “I hope the sour water watermelon isn’t sour “ lol…

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