Assassin’s Creed – The Master Assassin | Ezio’s 556th Birthday

Silencio, Silencio 22 years ago, I stood where I stand now and watched my loved ones die, betrayed by those I had called friends. Vengeance clouded my mind. It would have consumed me, were it not for the wisdom of a few strangers who taught me to look past my instincts. They never preached answers, but guided me to learn for myself. We don’t need anyone to tell us what to do. We are free to follow our own path. There is no book or teacher to give you the answers, show you the path. Choose your own way. Do not follow me… …or anyone else. Giovanni: Listen to him! A fine set of lungs. Ezio: *crying*
Maria: And what shall we call him, my love? Giovanni: …Ezio. Ezio Auditore da Firenze! Federico: It is a good life we lead, brother. Ezio: The best. May it never change. Federico: And may it never change us. Giovanni: Tu sei un Auditore (You are an Auditore). Giovanni: Sei un combattente (You are a fighter). Giovanni: Perciò… combatti! (So fight!) Machiavelli: I intend to write a book about you one day. Ezio: If you do, make it short. Yusuf: Unless the legend is a lie, you are the man I longed to meet. Yusuf: Renowned Master and Mentor– Yusuf: Ezio Auditore! de… la-lala. Ezio: I thought… I thought I was beyond this, but I’m not. I’ve waited too long, lost too much. Recquiescat in pace, you bastard! Rodrigo: It’s my destiny! I AM THE PROPHET! Ezio: You never were. Killing you won’t bring my family back. I’m done. Who is Desmond? I don’t understand! Please, wait! I have so many questions! Cristina: Thank you. Cristina: That was very kind of you. Ezio: Are you alright? Cristina: I am now. Cristina: You asked for my name earlier. Cristina: It’s Cristina Ezio: Piacere (a pleasure), Cristina. I’m Ezio. Cristina: Well, Ezio… Cristina: Looks like you got yourself a second chance. Ezio: Don’t go! Stay with me, Cristina. Ezio: Brothers! Sisters! The whole city rises against us. While Yusuf’s murderer waits and watches from the Arsenal, laughing! Fight with me, and show him what it means to cross the Assassins! Leandros: Why will you not surrender?! Ezio: I never learned how. Ezio: I have lived my life as best I could. Not knowing its purpose, but drawn forward like a moth to a distant moon. Until at last, I discovered a strange truth: That I am only a conduit for a message that eludes my understanding. For three decades I have served the memory of my father and my brothers, and fought for those who have suffered the pain of injustice. This life… it chose me.

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  1. The sequel to the Assassin's Creed movie should have a new ancestor of Kal(kal is somewhat based upon desmond) who is based upon Ezio Auditore just like how Aguilar was based upon Altair. I don't know how are they gonna work it cause aguilar was spanish but he was still very much alike altair and wierdly exists in the same assassin's creed universe, it would be a bit difficult to imagine a chracter(even of he is loosely based on him) like ezio who is not italian.

  2. ‘I don’t know where you are or by what means you can hear me but I know ur listening,I have lived my life as best I could without knowing it’s purpose but drawn forward like a moth to a distant moon,but now I discover a strange truth,that I am only a conduit for a message the eludes my understanding.’ -Ezio auditore Requiescat en pace

  3. He really aged fast between Brotherhood and Revelation. I thought the 2 games were at least 10 years apart.

  4. Ezio is the only character that u feel like he really lived , u feel like he was real , his suffering , his pain , his dream , his vengeance , his wisdom. Rest in peace mentor. We will always keep u in our mind and hearts.

  5. This was beautifully done. Ezio will always be my favorite assassin. I've played his trilogy more times than any other games I own.

  6. RIP your game was the one that destroyed ACs potential of being anything more than casual streamlined action games.

  7. i've played assassins creed, assassins creed II, assassin's creed brotherhood, assasins creed revelations, assassin's creed III(wich i am ashamed that some people actually like), assassins creed IV(wich was a nice redemption of a game)… when i realized that this was a cash grab game, i stopped being a fan and every time someone asked me wich is the best character in the series i always say ezio… we watch him when he was born. and actually played the first moment when he was actually born. till the moment he died in ember's wich was a good short movie. i loved… this series till i was dissapointed in the way the developer wants to make money out of the love we have for this characters.

  8. How will the world remember you
    A hero or a monster
    A saviour or a murderer

    He shall be remembered as an assassin

  9. This video really hit me and miss Ezio now I mean he is someone who did so much respect to Ezio R.I.P…..

  10. This life it chose me nice one I love assassin Creed so much why because they are all badass they know to escape in style and they know how to attack there enemies in style

  11. That was such a beautiful story! I'm almost crying over here, I need to play Assassin's Creed more!
    Edit: at 4:36 I like the way he said "This life, it chose me" that's my favorite quote from this video.

  12. If ezio can fuck you up at age 17 he can sure as hell fuck you up at age 50

    Assassins creed revelations in a nutshell

  13. we r so different but so similar, we didn't choose to be what we are, but we are following our father's footsteps…. Rest in peace Mentor!

  14. the new Assassin's creed (AC origin and AC odyssey) are really worthless to quote from the ezio trilogy in any point even Assassin's creed 3 and 4 are much better

  15. Ezio was the first character I knew of the Assassins Creed franchise and after that….I started knowing of this good franchise going all way back to Altair and forward.

  16. Truly one of the best characters of this generation growing up from a impulsive revenge seeking brat to a tired war veteran who seeks knowledge and peace am a huge gamer but no other charecter left that big an impression on me other than ezio and maybe kratos in god of war ps4 .

  17. Assassins ranked
    1st Ezio
    2nd Connor
    3rd Altair
    4th Edward
    5th shay
    6th Bayek
    7th Arno
    8th Jacob
    9th Evie
    10th Aveline
    11th Alexios
    12th Kassandra

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