ASTRO “BLUE FLAME ” Celebrate The Party With Low Tension (ROLLER COASTER DANCE)

Ugh [clap] [music] [clap] Ah [music] Ah Oh, but the interview is a lot of wandering situations. It will happen. Let’s start nearby. Why am I dancing this new interview? You’re not falling on anything Then I know this lie is worse No Yes Baby yah roll suck I will woo 5 [music] er wo Ugh 4 Ah Ahhh [clap] Ahhh [music] Ahhh Ah Ahh [music] Ah [music] Oh oh Oh, my spouse should have learned less Member Fair Puppy Puppy with to 5 woo woo woo woo woo woo woo [music] wee [music] Ugh [music] [clap] Ah [music] [music] wa wa [music] we were we wee [music] 222 4 Yoha Manida Time Time Time 8 At the very bottom, time, time, time I’ll feel the string width m 10 I saw you, but I want to know about that. [music] wee wee wee hours a week we [music] we [music] Do [clap] [music] Ugh [music] poler [music] 222 [music] Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh yeah oh you didn’t see my magic stone Put me wo to meet you wonder how we [music] we he who won [music] wee Oh, 20, how about we don’t get it Head computer late let’s go swirl fever hair What’s important to write a special moment behind the car [music] Gong four pigs wa [music] here Ah ah ah ah ah homem do yes ah That thought as you know er er wo wo [music] Ahhh Open it 4 4 It was a good time for us to punish. To succeed, it’s one day to go I will speak the language Yes this is with spot raw material Too ah too sleepy summit love me for a good listen 1 controversy 0 Then your white mouth, please, pants 5 Ah, next time teenagers will be fun. I have to live a lot of pictures. Can’t be scattered

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