At an Indoor Play Place with Blippi | Learning is fun!

Look at where we are at! We are at Giggle Jungle in Redmon,
Washington. Come on! – Hey!
– Hey! Whoa!
It’s so colorful in here! Come on! ♫ Uh, look! Dolphins! Come on, buddy. That dolphin is pink. This dolphin is blue. Hump on the blue one. This dolphin is green. Whoa. Wee! Three of us are on one dolphin. ♫ That was fun! Uh, what’s this down here? Come on. Wow. Big blocks! Wow, look at all
these colorful blocks! Make a tower! Wow! Those are big towers. My tower is the color red, yellow, blue, green, blue, yellow! Look how tall this is now! That was fun, come on! Oh, yeah, over here. What do those do? Oh, it spin! Wee. That’s so much fun. The spinny thing is the color pink, green, pink, and there is a blue thing up here.
And white of course. Wee. Come on! ♫ Uh, you can climb up this. Look! It’s blue, pink, blue, pink, and blue! Wow, look at how high I am! Whoa! Alright. Ok, I’m going to get down but while I’m down
on the groundfloor… it’s time to dance. ♫ Come on. What you do on this? – It’s punching bag!
– Punching bag. [funny noises] Wow. Hey! That was so much fun! There is so more stuff over here. Yeah, I’ll push you. Wee! My turn. Whoa! We’re swinging in mid air! ♫ It’s so bright and lighten in here. Happy! Oh, look at this one! You stand on
these little platforms. You stand on these platforms. – Can you, please, go in that one?
– Oh, this one? Ok. Wee! – I jump on it!
– You jump on these. Look at them! Wee! That was so much fun. These platforms are the color green,
and pink. Yeah. Green and pink. What’s over here?
What’s up here? ♫ We’re coming in! Wow! Wow, look at all these balloons! Ok, stay right there. I’m going
to through these inside, ok? ♫ Green. Purple. White balloons. Look out, I’m hitting down up there. Purple. White, green, pink, purple, pink, green, orange. Green. Pink. Stay right there,
I’m going to slide down. Slide down.
Are you going to slide down? – Are you going to go?
– Yeah. You go that way, ok?
– Ok. You show me how to go. You go like this, bump! – You go this way.
– Ok, let’s see it. Whoa! Panter, here I come. Watch out. Whoa! I’m going to do that again! Here I come! Wow. That was fun! Come on! There you go. That was so much fun at Giggle Jungle. wow! That’s funny!
Whoa! In Redmond, Washington. ♫ Special thanks to Giggle Jungle
in Redmon, Washington! Keep on giggling, kids.

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