Attacked by Tolerance — How same-sex “marriage” hurts people

Attacked by Tolerance This footage shows how volunteers with Tradition, Family, and Property were attacked for supporting traditional marriage. In this video, you will see TFP volunteers being assaulted, threatened, pepper sprayed, hit with glass bottles, sprayed with pesticide, punched, and spit on. And their literature was stolen, ripped and burned. But before we see this shocking footage, please know that whenever TFP volunteers organize rallies, their conduct is peaceful and respectful, never aggressive. And our message is positive. The banners and signs say: “God’s marriage equals one man and one woman.” or: “Honk for Traditional Marriage.” Those who disagree, however, are not always peaceful. The advocates of same-sex “marriage,” not only dislike the idea of true marriage, but they attack the messenger. If you support traditional marriage, please send this video to your friends. More Americans need to see how the homosexual movement attacks the sanctity of marriage, and threatens freedom of speech. Will CNN and MSNBC run this footage? Probably not… So, please share with your friends. God bless you! This man, who was obviously pro-homosexual had shaken up a large two liter bottle of soda, and opened it up and ran from behind us and began to spray us and got it all over our clothes. I was at Arizona State University, campaigning for traditional marriage. I was standing on the side of the street. I had a camera, my sole purpose was to keep an eye out for any trouble. We both noticed that a car that could have made it through the green light slowed down, and the passenger stuck his arm out of his window and sprayed pesticide at me. I was able to just start taking pictures as soon as the car started passing. I was getting sprayed as well. The pesticide stained my clothes, and stained the black plastic on the camera as well. What would have hit my face, hit the front of the sign. But he did manage to get some of it on my hands which had a burning sensation for 2 hours afterwards. So, when the policeman asked if we had gotten any pictures, we were able to show him all these pictures, and the policeman just started chuckling. He said this is everything we need to find these people and show what they had done. We were on campus at Berkeley, and a couple of us were standing, holding our banners there. One of the students, a young lady, started burning our flyer, the literature we were handing out. She continued kneeling there as if saying a “prayer” of some type. How can you have a discussion with someone when they take your literature and burn it? Another student grabbed a box of flyers, about 1200 flyers, and burned them in another part of the campus. The police showed up, the fire truck, and everything. But, it was apparent that these guys do not practice tolerance. They do not practice what they preach at all. The aggressiveness that was there… you have to be there to fully comprehend. If somebody doubts, if someone thinks we are exaggerating, I would recommend that they join us the next time we go to these campuses, because it is very real, you will see it if you go. As we were walking, we noticed that a car had pulled up and stopped right along the curb. A man got out and just started yelling at us, all sorts of profanities. At a certain point, he got very visibly upset, and ran around his car towards us, he came right up into my face. At a certain point he shoved me. I fell backwards. I did not fall down, but I did fall pretty far. All in the name of peace and tolerance. “You just attacked one of my friends!”
“… I will attack you too!” “Never come back!” “Go away! Go away!” “When do we want it?”
“Now!” “What do we want?”
“Equality!” -Did somebody just spit in your face?
-Yes, sir. -Who spit in your face?
-A man. I would recognize him if I saw him. Did he say anything? No. I offered him a flyer and he just spat at me. The spit landed directly on my face. It was all over my forehead, my eyebrows, except for my eyes, luckily. It did not get in my eyes. I took my handkerchief out and wiped it away. He spit it on him and immediately took off, he walked off as quickly as he could. This was not the first time. I was spit on at another intersection we did. “Do you want an ‘open minded’ discussion?” It is very quick, but it is revolting. And it shows the lack of tolerance. It shows a lot of things! They have no argument. They disagree with you, but like a child, or like someone with no self control. They just do whatever comes to mind. It is a reaction. “2, 4, 6, 8, get your hate out of our state!” After it happened, I was not going to give up! I just kept on doing it. I kept on handing out flyers, and went on with out job. He was the youngest volunteer, and that is why they picked on him. It was a normal campaign, and for no reason this young man came up and he had a Bible in his hands. He started ripping out pages and throwing them into the faces of the TFP members. And every time he would throw a piece of the Bible at a TFP member, he would insult the Catholic Church. “Is that a Bible, Sir?”
“Yeah, it is!” “You are destroying it!?”
“Yeah, untranslatable…” While this was going on, two other men came. One of them was holding a rainbow flag. And he says: “I am glad he is ripping up the Bible. I smoke drugs with the Bible!” “I smoke a joint with the Bible” Fairport, New York “Aggressor! Aggressor! Aggressor!” He jumped up, pulled it down and ripped it down. We let go and started shouting “aggressor!” at him while he was ripping up the banner. He was putting his hands into the wind holes and ripping the banner apart. He ripped the banner into several pieces, and he just threw it on the ground. Then he walked across the street. There was no debate beforehand. He did not address us beforehand. He comes across the street, he did what he did, with no debate. Where is the tolerance there? Where is the intellectual process? If you disagree with something, you address it with the person. We are just standing on the street with a banner, you know, affirming what God’s marriage is. He disagrees. So, he just attacks us? Is that how tolerance works? He came up to me and said: “Are you going to give me that sign, or am I going to have to rip it out of your hands? During this same campaign, a bottle is thrown at a TFP volunteer. “This is a beer bottle that was thrown at a TFP volunteer, from oncoming traffic.” “It was a beer bottle! They threw it out of the car.” “It hit me right here in the head!” I saw the big lump on his head. It was pretty big! It looked like it hurt! There were about seven of us, and we were campaigning at Warwick Mall. We were getting good support, a lot of honks. There where a few things thrown at us. A person in one passing car threw a water bottle at us, and drove away screaming insults. About ten minutes later, we saw the car come back and park in Dunkin’ Donuts. We were sort of prepared for what was about to happen. Then they started attacking the camera man. At that point we saw that this was not going to be a friendly confrontation. As soon as they started attacking, they started tearing the banners away from us, I went forward to try helping the camera man, because he was in the middle of the attack. The camera man actually went away with welts in the back of his head. As soon as I approached, one of the women started spraying me in the face with mace. “Get away from us!” “Call the police!” “We are being attacked by a homosexual.” When the police finally found them, their first defense was that they went there to have a friendly conversation with us, a friendly discussion. But it was clear from the video that as soon as they crossed the street, the first thing out of their mouth was: “Get them!” What I immediately heard was our people yelling: “Aggression. Aggression!” By the time I was able to make it to median, the assailants had already left. The signs of the attack were quite visible. Poor Rex I cannot remember who else got hit with the pepper spray. Their faces were red, their eyes were bloodshot, stinging. You could tell they had difficulty seeing. We were doing campaign in Augusta, Maine, in the afternoon rush. Though I was a bit distant from a few of the others A few of my colleagues did witness a Toyota truck jump the curb, and would have hit me, had I not moved out of the way. These people wearing masks, covering their face, Timonium, Maryland came up and stood in front of our banner, they were screaming all sorts of blasphemies, trying to provoke us. One of the things they screamed was: “God is dead! God is dead!” “God is dead! God is dead!” We proceeded to pray the Rosary. Their response to our rosary was one blasphemy after another. “Jesus died for His own sin, not mine!” “Jesus died for His own sin, not mine!” I have been doing campaigns for the TFP for decades, on a variety of issues. I have never seen more agregious examples of intolerance, then the reactions of homosexual activists on these campaigns. When a person has to resort to violence, it looks like it is because they have lost the spoken debate, the debate of the word. And that was pretty clear to all of us, that they did not like the reaction that we were arousing in the public. So they wanted to do their best to stop it. And the only resort they had was violence.
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Is this tolerance? “If the world hates you, know ye, that it hath hated Me before you” (John 15:18). “…but have confidence, I have overcome the world” (John 16:33). In over 31 states, Americans have said: “No, no we do not want marriage to change.” That means that the majority of Americans do not want same-sex “marriage.” This issue is attacking us, our beliefs, and we should stand up for what is right. In a peaceful and legal manner, but we have to do this. This is our future. We know what marriage is. We know how God intended it to be. And we do not want counterfeits. I think more Americans need to wake up and see that type of tolerance that the homosexual movement preaches is just a big lie. The reason we are being attacked is because those people see that we are effective. They do not like the message that we are giving out. So they try to silence us. It does not deter us, it does not stop us. It shows how really important and really necessary this fight for traditional marriage really is. More then ever we are going to go to more cities, more states, more college campuses to defend traditional marriage. We know God’s law. We are there to defend His law. The more the homosexual movement attacks traditional marriage, the more we will be ready to defend it. If you think we are going to give up because of some petty attack? Well, you wrong! We are never going to give up! We will never give up! We are not going to give up! We will never give up! We are ready to go. At a moments notice, we are there. We are not going to give up! Will CNN and MSNBC run this footage? Probably not. So please share with your friends. God bless you! May God protect America from the homosexual agenda.

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  1. If they caught a Crooked like you committing a murder on tape, you'd deny it under oath in court. I've had enough conversations to know that.

  2. if you stand on the corner and make outrageous claims about what 'god says' ?! that insults people, expect some abuse. Its time religion got a beat down.

  3. YOU GUYS are the hateful ones. Your propaganda showing some gay guy spraying soda on you doesn't excuse hundreds of years of Christian bigotry.

  4. I appreciate that you are trying to peacefully share your beliefs with others. If there's anything we've learned from our marriage it's that open, honest and respectful communication is the only way to a good life. When people respectfully share how they really feel about something, they give you a gift. They open you up to a world beyond yourself– a world worth living.

  5. In this country, this group has every right to present their point of view. They seem to be doing so respectfully–they deserved to be attacked? Why not just ignore them if you disagree with them? I love groups like homosexuals who demand to be understood and respected and yet give nothing but disrespect and intolerance in return.

  6. I don't at all agree with the message the TFP is spreading, as it is both misguided and harmful. However, I don't think they deserve to be physically attacked or verbally abused. Either put across your point of view to them in a calm manner or ignore them. Attacking them in this way helps their cause, it does not hinder it.

  7. actually soda or anything else thrown at you is considered an attack,,,,if you don't think so,,,,try doing it to a cop…..

  8. I saw acts of terrorism in this footage too,,,however it seemed to be against these young men who were peacefully expressing their beliefs on the street. And your right,,those in the videos caught "terrorising" these guys should be locked up….good call there Simon….

  9. Sarah Allis Yang, who was transgender all her teenage years would strongly disagree with you. She says she was suicidal NOT because she wasn't accepted in society but because it is a spiritually devastating lifestyle. Do some research other than reviewing the preponderance of propaganda. You'd be surprised what you'll find.

  10. Keep up the good fight against these disease spreading, dirty leftists. There are laws to protect against the actions of these filthy criminals that will be used. They are a minority that need some jail time.

  11. nah nah buddy…if anything, people who stand up for traditional marriage get bashed more than homosexuals do. They have just as much a right to defend marriage as the gay bandwagon supporters do…yet the supporters of traditional marriage get attacked by cowards who do hit-and-runs…I respect the supporters for not retaliating against the attackers, that's true spirit right there…however, alot of people would not tolerate attackers and would give them one hell of a beating, I surely would


    lol just kidding, no pity for oppressors 🙂

  13. *rolls eyes…surprise surprise people are sometimes driven to do bad things….Both religious and the community have physically assaulted eachother..I'm sure there's a video of a gay man being attacked on youtube.

  14. These videos are quite ridiculous. I do not agree w/ the "attacks" but it appears you take the few attacks and blow them out of context. I have a hard time believing that a beer bottle did not break after striking someone in face and then falling on the concrete. I am still confused how a state allowing same-sex marriage hurts religions…. you all are all about separation of church and state so you do not have anything to worry about correct?

  15. In order to use religion and faith as an argument against allowing same-sex marriage, you would first have to prove that God exists, and that it is even relevant in today's perception of marriage. This alone makes arguing against using religion an invalid argument.

  16. You completely ignored the issue, you just tried to shift blame onto something else and then walk away from the issue entirely.
    No you cannot simply blame it on something else, it's your burden to bear. Its not the 'spiritually devastating lifestyle' (lol), its bigots and brainwashed fools like these suit wearing creeps, I know for a fact as I was once depressed and suicidal as a young gay teen. It is DESPITE people like you I am a lot emotionally stronger and stable now, and yes, I'm still gay.

  17. I am a born again believer and follower of Jesus Christ. I have 2 sisters, 2 cousins and one cousin in law that are gay. They will be the first to tell you that I have shared with them what the True God says about their sexual lifestyle and where those who don't turn to Christ will end up..Eternal Lake of Fire separated from God while in agony. I do not bring my children around them if they are with their partners as to not cause confusion. But, these people will also be the first to tell you-

  18. – that I DO NOT hate them. As a matter of fact, they have appreciation for my concerns. It is not being about a homophobe. I love my family and friends so much that I am willing to share the truth of the impending danger. There is a difference between homophobia and a Christian desperately concerned for that homosexuals soul. We're talking FOREVER torment.Not my words, but God's. That goes for ANY human who has not accepted Jesus as their Savior. My sisters long for the peace I have in Christ.

  19. Good job, good video, good message ! Here, in Croatia we have public appeal (which I signed yesterday) to change constitution to protect family by officially defining traditional marriage. However, there is uproar from so called "liberal forces".

  20. How many straight people commit suicide because they've been told their sexual orientation is wrong? These campaigns not only degrading to anyone in the homosexual community, but these campaigns are just another bit of discrimination that causes thousands of good people to end their lives. I don't feel pity for the people being assaulted in this video. Because they're clearly assaulting and entire community.

  21. You know our world has gone to shit when a vid like this gets 690 thumbs down. Truely pathetic how brainwashed people are. Ive never pushed my views on anyone, but this is bullshit. This exact same thing happened in California during the Proposition 8 of the 2008 election and packs of pro-advoctate poseurs for gay marriage were literally attacking old ladies. IT was sick. Find the footage from Palm Springs were about 40 gay men attacked one 80 yr old lady.

  22. You know our world has gone to shit when a vid like this gets 690 thumbs down. Truely pathetic how brainwashed people are. Ive never pushed my views on anyone, but this is bs. This exact same thing happened in Cal during the 2008 election and Prop. 8. Packs of pro-advoctate poseurs for gay marriage were literally attacking old ladies. IT was beyond sick.
    Find the footage from Palm Springs where about 40 gay men attacked one 80 yr old lady.

  23. Only intolerant people won't allow tolerance for the intolerant. If you are really tolerant, then you tolerate also intolerant people. And if you judge people intolerant and then based on your own judgement won't tolerate them, then you are intolerant yourself.

  24. I agree with you, I can tolerate them ripping up the banners and cursing God (his business to handle) and the cursing/hate/spitting but the moment they started to physically attack and mace/poison people would be the moment my tolerance ends.

    Great video guys and keep the fight up.

  25. Wait a sec, the Catholics are protesting peacefully with billboards, while the sodomites are hurling obscenities, spitting, and resorting to physical violence, and it's the Catholics who are intolerant? Get real you dirty sodomite-lover.

  26. Nobody bully's the homosexuals into suicide. The very idea is laughably stupid on the face of it.

    It's hilarious how spinelessly credulous homophiliacs are. 10 years ago you would have said they were disgusting, but now the media's propaganda machine has changed your mind for you.

  27. The only people oppressing anyone is those that are forcing all sorts of perversion and profanity down all of our throats.

  28. Separation of church and state is not a part of the constitution and if you actually read the letter Jefferson wrote you would know that what he meant by that is that the state has no business interfering in the affairs of the Church. And not the opposite way around, as people like you would have us believe.

    Marriage is a religious sacrament between a man and a woman. A bunch of secular perverts now want to change that definition that has been accepted since the beginning of civilization.

  29. "God is dead"

    I'd bet my bottom dollar that that person never read a word of Nietzsche. He probably doesn't even know that he even said too.

  30. Funny how all the pro-homosexual bullies were white, while I counted at least one Asian and a Hispanic among the TFP men. If you are going to make this a race issue, at least be accurate.

  31. Do you have any proof that the 'Tradition, Family, Property' organization has ever held signs with such vile messages? I didn't think so. While you migh not agree with TFP, they certainly would not support such a message! This is the TFP, not the Westborough Baptist Church.

  32. same here …also i don´t support a mindset where one can openly display intolerance and the lack of understanding human rights/democracy and the separation of church/state while simultaniously demanding to be treated based upon those principles.

    Of course you can disregard this opinion of mine since i am a european and have no clue about what i am talking about.

  33. Throwing soda at someone is an attack. There were multiple examples of other attacks in the video as well.

    I would hardly call the people who were attacking them normal. They all looked like freaks with nothing going their life to me.

  34. Whatever side one is on in this issue, where are the police for assault, destruction of property ? Where has the 1st amendment for both sides. I mean it seems only the gays get to speak in this debate even when male female marriage folks are polite and obeying the laws.

  35. what you don't understand is this…WE DON'T CARE THAT IT INSULTS THE PEOPLE THAT ARE OFFENDED!!! Y'all can offend as much as you want with the sickness you participate in, We are going to do what We Believe whether it bothers you or not.

  36. This is all a part of the communist movement. Search youtube "Agenda: Grinding America Down" – and just watch the first 10 minutes!!! All of the history is there. All of these steps have to happen before a govt take over can. History proves it and it's happening again – in the USA. That's why Obama is Muslim, but 'claims' to be pro-gay. It's all bull and they are being used. The liberals don't even realize it but they have ALWAYS been used for the rise of a communist nation through social issues

  37. I support traditional marriage. I also strongly support TFP peacefully voicing / advancing traditional marriage. I understand things happen fast when aggression occurs, but the video indicated that TFP Volunteers were at times also making patronizing remarks. It is essential that pro-family voices advance our view without ever communicating with the slightest tones of condescension.

  38. This isn't tolerance

    This can be connected as closely to tolerance as someone going "You follow the Christian God or I'll kill you" can be called Christian.

    Yeah, they champion the same thing, but in totally the wrong.

    Do or die is a horrible horrible manta. Both sides have suffered at being attacked at their own peaceful protests. It's not big and it's not clever.

  39. Worlds smallest violin for these petty "victims". Who would of guessed that people don't respond to well to bigotry.

  40. These people are so mean that it makes me want to just say the heck with it, let them all burn in hell. But Jesus would want us to pray for them.

  41. Brothers, never react!!!
    Our Lord taught us not to react!!!
    Love your enemies…
    All they want is you to attack them…
    So they will have an excuse to put you in the jail…
    And they will.
    The whole system will ALWAYS be on their side…
    However, God is on ours!!!
    God Bless you!!!

  42. 10 reasons why same-sex "marriage" is harmful.

  43. Oh, REALLY? Putting down gay marriage is for PEACE? For TOLERANCE?! This is outlandish. Totally utterly outlandish. I don't agree with those that hurt the people who were for traditional marriage, but, come the hell on that is not TOLERANCE.

  44. This video is ridiculous. While I don't condone what those people did, this video is over dramatic and uses what a small amount of people did to try to discredit an entire group. You're going to come upon crazy people no matter what you are doing, but claiming that all supporters of gay marriage are like this, is just plain and stupid propaganda.

  45. Im still getting over the fact that the spit actually landed on his eyebrow. Get out of town. The spit actually went on to his eyebrow. Wow. 

  46. This makes me sick! You religious f***s preach tolerance yet you are totally intolerant of those who do not conform to your views. I agree that some of these people over reacted to your protest however being a Roman Catholic myself I find that religion should be personal and shouldn't be forced on society. I am glad that some of these protesters were attacked because they don't practice what they preach. This is rather worrying however as it shows the problems in America, I believe being from Europe myself that America is a seriously f***ed up country. Americans are full of shit!! You are hypocritical! You are too patriotic, like who seriously gives a shit about how much you love your country. Your views on guns leaves me simply dumbfounded. I hate America and I believe that these TFP nuts are so hypocritical and must have so mental affliction that makes them unable to identify with others. Stop forcing your fucking (shit sorry for offending your faith) religious shit on others. Everyone is to their own so stop fucking discriminating against others. Its none of your fucking business if these people go to hell (highly fucking unlikely) so get out of their lives! I feel sorry for you people because you have no concept of human nature. That's my rant and I hope you people learn something from it!

  47. I love how people like this call gays intolerant when your very religious beliefs are intolerant of gays and always have been. You don't need to do anything but what you are doing to be offensive. Stop playing the victims of the very people you made victims centuries ago. You should be embarrassed by your ignorance. If you want traditional marriage then marry someone that wants the same and leave everyone else to their own. You don't need to make this viral, your attitudes are well know, as known as the Phelps Family.

  48. We have the right to defend our Church.  We live in a country with free speech and religion expression;  and the right to express our opinion in regards with marriage which is established between a man and a woman to raise a family. God create us (man and women) to have families and live in HIS KINGDOM.  Blessed  and ruled by HIM.  That's GOD plan and RULE.   The so philosophy of marriage men with men and women with women comes from Satan.  This is the effect and consequences of taking GOD out of our lives to get rid of mankind, but noways, nobody can drive away GOD PLANNS.

  49. The way this world is going to these days.  we are in for a major divine ass kicking.  I support traditional marriage.   Almost everything thats happening in this video is how it was said to be like in the end times.

  50. Yeah right. Saying that gay marriage isn't right isn't "positive." Don't you all start with "tolerance" too. Don't expect tolerance from them when you don't have any tolerance for them. Also, please stop forcing your beliefs and religion upon others. Besides, I'm sure that there are peaceful activists of rights for homosexual people too that weren't shown in this video. There are peaceful activists against same-sex marriage like you all, so there must be peaceful activists of the opposite side. 

  51. I am very glad to see a video like this. It shows the true nature of gay marriage which is an attack on the traditional union between man and woman. It is very hopeful to see people standing up for core values.

  52. They sound like the victims, but when it comes to gay rallies it's perfectly fine to do the exact same thing. Logic

  53. No need for any police. You assault me, you'll get an old school ass whopping. That'll show you how to attack peaceful protestors.

  54. just because they bogard the word "tolerance" doesn't mean they are. they're actions are disgusting. if they were people of conviction they ought to try their spitting and trash throwing at a MOSQUE or take their "traveling tolerance bandwagon" thru the streets of Saudi Arabia, or DEARBORN MICHIGAN USA. they have no argument that is rational and so they automatically resort to violence…….who else do we know these days LIKE THAT? hmmmmm.  "we recognize no soverign but God and no King but Jesus" John Adams said (founding father)….we are to take up that battle cry daily here today.  God Bless this group; we ought to help them by praying for them.

  55. I don't support violence of any source, but when you have no tolerance for a large group of people, how does it make sense that you want tolerance from them? By saying that you defend "traditional marriage", says that you're against people being in love and freely being able to express that. Wasn't the bible supposed to spread messages about LOVE? You're being hypocritical and not thinking about whats best for peoples best interest. The fact that these brave people were able to stand up to your closed-minded ways shows just how meaningful this topic is to a lot of people. If you say that this was a cowardly act, then you are 100% mistaken.

  56. I really support these men. The disrespect shown here is just through the roof, I can't imagine having to face this, and I don't understand why any person who supports homosexual unions would ever condone this action, you will never convince anyone with this sort of behavior. You will drive more people away from your cause.

  57. So how goes the fight to stop us gays from getting married eh? Not too well I'm guessing. I'm so happy that I live in an America where I can marry my fiance in a majority of the states now, we've made so much progress over the years. Human empathy is winning over your hateful God and intolerant preaching. 

  58. Those people are wrong to attack people who are expressing their constitutional right, but what is the purpose of this video? It doesn't provide any information on the issue itself, it just shows people becoming violent and angry. 

    At the same time, consider if you were the parent of a homosexual child and proud of them or not they committed suicide because of intolerance towards people like them. It would likely spur such a reaction, however unjustified. 

  59. Thank you for standing up for America!!! you get that reaction from these alienated people because speaking the truth hurts the demons inside them, consequently they react violently, that's the power of testimony. You gentlemen are brave patriots, thank you.  

  60. am I the only one who find it ironic? "the lgbt movement preaces tolerance and equality but they really aren't doing such a great job of it themselves. Tolerance and equality is a two way street. But so it hate

  61.  I like this group the TFP, Tradition Family and Property. It represents what America once was and hopefully, with God at our side,  will be again some day. Please share and support them!

  62. I feel so SORRY for those hateful young people… how much they must have been wounded to be capable of such inhuman reactions…how much darkness and emptiness of heart screams out of each one of them… I pray for each and every single one of them that they might start to search the Truth and to find the Light and the true love they're so desperately after, even without realizing it…

  63. Tolerance is topsy turby upside down. tolerance  now means you have to be neutral and cannot push your ideas on anyone else. this is what LGBT preach. But that is not reality. Our country is a  democracy everyone votes on issues and has different ideas that is why we live in a free country. True tolerance. Love your neighbor as yourself. You can disagree with people and state your own ideas and thoughts. As long as it doesn't hurt society. you don't  have to accept anyones ideas or beliefs or you look at the best one and choose yourself. Freedom  to choose to speak to agree or disagree. Tolerance is accepting everyone has the right to live in a country with life liberty rights within its common sense boundaries.

  64. Tell me about it! These people are intolerant and hurt other people. As a Protestant, I'm with you against the LGBT hate group. I never knew that these LGBT hate group activists were like the Nazis, taking and burning literature but now I know.

  65. if people stand for "tolerance" then where is the tolerance for the traditional marriage of man and woman

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