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(exciting music) – Hi, guys, welcome back to – That YouTub3 Family. – So Mom and Dad are out of town right now visiting other YouTube friends, and in the meantime we
are going to surprise them with some Hello Fresh dinner. We’re gonna make them
dinner, which we never do because usually Mom or Dad makes dinner or we just like pick up
something ’cause it’s like we’re always super busy. But we decided to start
using Hello Fresh for a year. And this is not a sponsored video guys. We did sponsorship once with them and we loved it so much that we want to try it out for a year. So I haven’t seen what’s
inside the box yet. This box is huge. There are supposedly three recipes inside so let’s see what’s in there and then pick out our
recipe for dinner tonight. Okay, whoa, what is this stuff? It looks like cotton. Oh, that’s not the food, thank goodness. Whoa, so many things I can make. Wow, okay so here are the three options. You ready? We’ve got maple glazed pork chops. Ooh, yum, some splendid
balsamic onion burgers. Hall of Fame, California barbecue chicken. Okay, this one looks really good. It’s has with quick stove mac
and cheese and green beans. As long as I don’t have
to like do this outside. – [Jordan] Yeah, I think that one, I think that one is looking really nice. – Should we do this one? – [Jordan] Yeah, I think
we should do that one. – We’re doing this one – [Jordan] That one looks really good. I mean they all look good,
but I like that one the best. – Whoa, lookey there. Which one are we making today, we’re gonna make this
one, barbecue chicken. Oh, they’ve got their
own boxes, it’s so cute. What’s that in the bottom? – [Jordan] I think it’s dry ice, right? – Oh, there’s more. – [Jordan] Oh that’s the meat and like the vegetables and everything. – Oh, here’s the ice, oh. It says it only takes 20 minutes to cook but I feel like it’s going
to be longer than that. So, we’ll start now. Huh, oh my it’s so heavy. Alright, so I’m just
taking out some stuff. I really like the little packages. It’s so cute, here’s the cheese. We got some gemeli noodles. – [Jordan] Yum. – Ahh, what is this? Is this a chili pepper? I thought they were red. – [Jordan] Oh, that’s probably
gonna be really spicy. – It smells spicy, smell it. – [Jordan] Oh my goodness. – Why is it just like thrown in without any, everything’s
like in a container and then it’s just like oh. – [Jordan] Chili, it’s too hot, it would burn the container. – Got me cooking. First step, pound the chicken. Wait, where’s the chicken? Cut til we know what we’re doing. – Okay guys, so we are
trying to figure out how to do this– – [Siri] 0.25 gallons. – Wow. – That’s how much it is. – 0.25 gallons is a quart. So we figured out that
we need boiling water with salt in it for the
noodles and not the chicken. So never mind and we’re
trying to figure out how much salt to put in the water and we’re kind of confused. – Four cups is a quart. – Okay. – So for every four cups you
put in four teaspoons of salt. So here you go, that’s your job. – How am I supposed to know? Um, wish us luck. We’ll be back once we get this started. – After many math calculations, we have come to a
solution of five teaspoons for our ten cups of water. Hopefully that’s right
and it’s not too salty or not even salty enough. But now I’m trying to open up this chicken so I can wash it and then
pound it with the meat pounder. Til it’s half something,
so I don’t cook ever. So this is an experiment. – [Jordan] Audrey can make cereal. – And toast and toast. I don’t know if I’m supposed to do this but I’m gonna rinse it. Just because it’s so gross. – [Jordan] Hopefully, that’s
what you’re supposed to do. (Jordan screams) Audrey, Audrey. – Don’t tell anyone that happened. Okay, now I’m supposed
to pound with a mallet until a half inch thick. How much is a half inch? – [Jordan] Let’s get our ruler out. – Are you ready? – [Jordan] Oh, that sounded juicy. – Hee yah. – [Jordan] Ooh. – Did that spit on me? – [Jordan] I’m thinking it’d be easier with a ew, ew, ew. I’m thinking it’d be
easier with a meat pounder. – I don’t know what that is. – So it says on here,
heat a drizzle of oil. What oil, we have vegetable
oil, we have olive oil, we have popcorn oil, so we’re gonna use the vegetable oil for the meat. Vegetable oil and meat go together. This says about 2/3 but why
not use the whole thing? – [Jordan] Oh, my, Audrey no. ‘Cause you’re supposed to
add in green beans with it. – Yeah, but why don’t
you use all the stuff that they give you? – [Siri] Okay, I found– – Set timer for five minutes. – [Siri] Your timer is
set for five minutes. – Okay, that’s when the green beans go in. This is a problem, when
we get to the green beans, we may have to switch pots. – [Jordan] Oh, no, this
probably won’t go good. – Okay, chicken’s been
sitting here, just rotting. To medium sized heat, why
didn’t I do this before? That’s about medium. I feel like a real cook here. Oh, my teacher hates when you do that. She always calls out,
who’s the knuckle cracker in the room? So you can’t crack your
knuckles in that class. It feels like a jelly fish. Is this big enough? We might have to do two at a time. Yeah, we’re definitely going to have to only do two at a time. Okay, season with salt and pepper. Where is that? I gotta wash my finger. – Here are the professional cooks. I’m in charge of the meat, Jordan’s in charge of the
pasta and the green beans. – It’s gonna overflow
but I can’t blow on it because I don’t want to get everybody sick so I came up with a new invention. – And it just goes away. Except it’s gonna be hard to do when we have green beans in there, too and the water’s gonna rise. (girls laugh) So yeah, that’s great. – [Jordan] Audrey, what’s happening? – Too many things are happening at once. – Logan’s barking, the timer’s going off, you gotta wash the beans. – I’m supposed to flip the meat. – [Jordan] The meat has to be flipped the noodles are gonna overflow! – Holy stress! That should be the title, honestly. – [Jordan] Oh, my goodness. – If anything can go wrong,
it’ll definitely go wrong with me and Jordan cooking. – [Jordan] The noodles! – The noodles, put the green
beans in the noodles, here. (Jordan screams) (appliance beeps) – [Jordan] Oh my, this is too much. – [Audrey] You gotta
put the green beans in, so good luck with the
already overflowing pot. – Skills. – [Audrey] Jordan, that is gonna overflow. – I can’t! – [Audrey] You might have
to get a different pot. What should we do? Maybe try putting some green beans in. – [Jordan] Don’t spit,
careful it’s gonna spill. – Little green beans, little green beans. Go in the pot, and don’t make a mess. Little green beans. – [Jordan] Buy it now on iTunes. – Little green beans. – [Jordan] Oh, my. Woo, you can really dance. – I don’t know if that’s
cooked all the way, but. We’re gonna season that side. It says you have to cook it until it’s no longer pink in the center. So what does that mean? – [Jordan] Waiting, waiting, hello. – Hey, you’re filming. [Jordan] We are. – Smells good. – What are you doing? – [Jordan] Come look. – We got groceries and
chips and half dranken soda. – [Jordan] Look what we’re doing. – Oh, are you guys making dinner? – What? – [Jordan] Can you
guess what we’re making? – It’s nice to see you girls cooking. That’s awesome. – [Jordan] We might have failed, but. – What are you making? – How did you know I was starving? – [Jordan] You have to guess. – Chicken, pork chops, chicken, chicken? – Chicken and vegetables. – We’re doing something. – Something, you don’t know. – [Jordan] We’re trying. – [Dad] What are we doing? – We’re draining. – [Dad] Oh, we’re transferring the water. Careful, don’t burn. There we go. You got some pasta, nice. That a little steamy, Jo? – Tiny bit. – This is where the meat stuff was? But I did wash it off. (appliance beeps) – [Dad] Did you do cross contamination? – I hope not. – [Dad] Me, too. – Well, the meat’s ready. Sit that there for now. – [Dad] We got some
vegetables with pasta in it. – [Audrey] There’s not
supposed to be pasta in there, but I couldn’t get em out. Whatever. – Come with me because I just found Ty, and you gotta come see where he’s at. – [Dad] Ty, Ty. – [Mom] He’s got the
fireplace on, he’s over there. He’s got a little bowl in case he pukes. – [Dad] Ty Ty, Logan give Ty Ty kisses. Give Ty Ty kisses. – And I’m still in PJs. – [Mom] Poor little Ty. I think he’s laid there all day. – [Dad] Tyler, have
you laid there all day? – [Mom] That’s where he
was when we left him. Poor kid, he feels so sick. – [Dad] That’s no fun. – No and I hope he gets better because he’s been missing so much school. – [Dad] Yeah, he’s missed all week so far. Logan’s his buddy. Huh, Logan, you being his buddy? Aw, man, feel better, Ty Ty. Alright, what are you doing? – Mincing. – Mincing. – Which I finally figured
out what these scissors are used for. Sometimes I use them to try to cut paper and it’s not right. – [Dad] Those are not paper scissors? – [Mom] Herb scissors. – [Dad] Oh, cutting them
all into little pieces? And you tried to do that with your paper? – [Mom] Seriously, what? – [Dad] I love it. – [Mom] Those are for herbs. – When you can’t find the
scissors in the house, you’ve gotta go to the weird ones. – [Dad] Well, I guess. Good job, Audrey, this is looking good. We’ve got some chicken. – [Audrey] They’re not done yet. – [Dad] Oh, are they resting? – Yeah, well because I’m
doing two servings at once. So, I have to double the recipe. – [Dad] This is such good practice for when you get to start
doing this everyday for us. Alright, Audrey, how’ve we been doing? – I am finally done. – [Dad] And look, only just
a couple of dirty dishes. Nice, you don’t have that much clean up until after we get all the plates. – We are not using this. – [Dad] That’s what it’s supposed to be. And so I think you did pretty
good on the chicken look. The green beans with some. – [Audrey] Well there’s
some escaping noodles. – [Dad] The mac and cheese. That actually looks pretty good, too. – [Audrey] Thanks. – [Dad] Nice, that’s
gonna be fun to clean, I can tell you that right now. Wonder who’s gonna clean that one? – I made the food, you get to clean it. – What, I get to clean it. I’ll clean my plate. Yeah, buddy. – [Mom] Alright, so Audrey
finished our wonderful meals, and we’re actually eating at the bar because not all of us are eating. And because we have a bunch
of computers and stuff on the table. And on the other table it has groceries that we just brought home. That we brought home. So, the only ones eating is
Jake, me, Dad and Audrey. – You’ll have to tell me
what your favorite is. Everyone test the pasta first. – Okay, so the reason that
Jordan and Ty are not eating is that Ty’s tummy’s not feeling too well because he was throwing up this morning. So he’s actually going to
just have some soup or broth and hope he can keep that down. And Jordan she’s starting to feel like she’s going to throw up. She’s been sick for
all week, last weekend. She’s been sick for a while, but now she’s starting to
feel like she might throw up so she doesn’t feel like
eating anything at the moment. So what Audrey cooked is actually perfect for the rest of us. Let’s try it. – Let’s try the noodles. – Noodles, noodles. – It’s all cold because we’ve
taken so long to eat it. – [Mom] Well, and Dad
and I were driving home. Yeah, we were like an hour away. – The noodles taste good. – I like the noodles. – I like it, this is good mac and cheese. – I enjoyed the soda. – [Audrey] Chicken. – Chicken now? – [Mom] Jake’s like I’m one step behind. – Yup, let’s try the chicken. – Oh I like this so. – [Mom] Which is good, I
like dryer chicken, too. ‘Cause I’m always nervous. – Okay, the beans. – [Mom] The beans. What’d you think of the chicken, Jake? – It’s good, you could put
soy sauce on it, though. – [Mom] Would you like more? – But it’s barbecue chicken. – [Dad] It’s barbecue. – [Mom] Jake likes to put
soy sauce on everything. – Jake likes a little asian fusion. – Alright, what’s your favorite? – [Dad] Mmm, I mean it
all tastes good, so. – [Jake] Beans. – Green beans? – Thank you for cooking dinner for us. – [Mom] Yeah, seriously, thank you ’cause that’s so much
better than fast food. – What do you rate it,
on a scale of one to ten. – [Mom] Well, I haven’t even
tried it, but I’d rate it at least an eight. – So Audrey went shopping,
Audrey’s done dinner now. – [Mom] She’s growing up. – Yes. – Oh, shopping for
Christmas, I was like, huh? – Now I can have her
start paying the bills. – [Mom] Oh, boy. – Oh, man. – [Mom] She’s growing up. – It’s good. – [Mom] That’s awesome. – You should come join us. All of you, come on over, every one of ya. – Okay, so that was
super fun that the girls made us dinner, very thoughtful of them. And I think they did a pretty good job. – Our babies are growing up. – Yup, so if you want to see them make some more dinner, do
some other dinner challenges, let us know. – Please, ’cause I really
like them cooking dinner. – I know it’s so nice to come
home to a surprise like that. Alright, package time. – Alright, you wanna go first? – Sure, this comes from Mackenzie, The Kids’ Play House in Alabama. Right? – Yup. – Alright, let’s see what we got. Woo. – Normally we’d have the kids do this, but they weren’t feeling well. Oh, and they’re gonna have to. – Oh, Dad, there’s a Yeti mug for Dad. – Nice, yes, look for
this in a future video. – That’s awesome. – Nice. – Mackenzie The Kid’s Play House. My name is Mackenzie and I’m a subscriber. Oh, she has a channel
called The Kid’s Play House. So go check that out. My cousins Sadie and
Sydney wanted to say hi. Hi, Sadie and Sydney. I hope you like the prizes I sent you all. The first video that I
watched of your family was when Jordan got lost
from the family on the hike. Oh, yeah, that was a good one. – That was a good one. – I love watching your videos. Check out my channel. Okay, that’s awesome, we’ll
have to check that out. Cute for Audrey. – Nice, we’ll have to give that to her. – Wow, and one for Jordan, twins. – They like the unicorns. – They do and this is so handy because we write down
a ton of YouTube ideas that we don’t even ever get to. – We forget more than we actually do. – We only do a fraction of videos of what we come up with. And so that’s a great
place so they can store em. And maybe use those
ideas at a future place. Future time. – Top secret. – Audrey, wow, it’s a glitter pen. Perfect for jotting down your notes. – Yup. – Mom, that’s cool, a magnet sheet. Not only could I use
that for YouTube videos, but I could also use it
for all sorts of tasks, grocery lists, everything,
just keeping track of things. Thank you. For Ty, oh, look at this. – That’s cool. – Star Wars, that’s awesome, so cool. – I don’t know, I think I
might want that one, too. I am the father. – Oh, wow, okay, for Jake, look how cool. Oh, man, that’s so nice. – These are so nice. – You spoil us so much. That’s so nice, and for Jordan. – A pen. – A glitter pen. That’s awesome. – That is cool. – Ope there’s one more thing. Okay and then in this
bag is another surprise for Jordan and Audrey, look at that. – Nice, their favorite colors. – Yes, that’s awesome,
some pretty nail polish. That’s perfect, like their rooms. – Yeah, so comment down below whose favorite color is what? – Yeah, if you don’t know, you could go check out their room tours on their channels, All Around Audrey, Just Jordan 33, room tours. – That’ll give it away. – That will give it away. – Awesome, thank you Mackenzie. That was super nice of you. – That was a lot, you sent way too much. Thank you. – Alright, so I’ve got a
letter here from a fan. And let’s see here, I
just gotta make sure. I think this is from overseas ’cause there’s not an address on it. So let’s see if I can find,
look through this real fast. Looks like we’ve got
pictures to put on the wall. – Guess who that is? Dad, spitting image. Good job, that’s awesome. Okay and here is Jake, so cute. Here’s Ty with his yellow hair. I love it, T for Ty. – Nice. – J for Jake, awesome. Aw, there’s Audrey. – These are cool. You’re a good artist. Okay so this, these
drawings and this letter is from Aina or Aina, I’m
probably saying it so wrong. But she’s eight years
old, she lives in Sweden. Aina, I don’t know if the A is silent. A-I-N-A, so thank you, I’m sorry
I’m saying your name wrong. But this is so cool, we would
love to visit Sweden some day. I have ancestors from Sweden. Let’s see, she’s got a
cat, her name is Cindy. Her favorite color is teal and coral. – Guess who else’s favorite
color is teal and coral? – This gal right here. – Audrey, then she asks what
our favorite colors are? Well I think most of
our family likes blue, you still like blue, I
like blue, Dad likes blue, Jake likes blue and then
you’ll have to ask later what Jordan’s and Ty’s are. I know Audrey’s is teal and coral. – She can speak Thai, which is awesome. T-H-A-I not like Ty Ty. And then she asks if we
can speak other languages. – No. – Not so much. – I took German in high school but I don’t know any of it. – I took French in high school, but that was so long ago, I don’t even think they
spoke French back then. – Yeah and Audrey took
French in high school and Jordan’s taking German in high school so they know a little bit. They can retain a little bit
more than what we learned. – And then she ends with saying that she watches all of our channels and she loves That YouTub3 Family. Thank you so much. – Alright, guys, so thank you so much for supporting us, for
sending us your kind letters, for leaving sweet comments down below. We love reading those comments. We wish we could respond to
every single comment left. We try to get to as many as possible. But we really appreciate your support. Now before we go, we had
somebody challenge us. Who challenged us, Dad? – We were challenged
by the Ohana Adventure. And so the challenge is,
is that there’s gonna be a box fort challenge. And we’re gonna find out
who does the better video with the box forts. And so we’re not only gonna
accept their challenge, but who else are we gonna call out? – I think we need to
get Shot of the Yeagers involved in this as well. So we’re going to bring them into them, into the challenge and
call them out as well. And let’s see who can do it best. Us, Shot of the Yeagers
or the Ohana Adventure. – Alright, so be looking for
those videos coming soon. – Yup, they’ll be across
all three channels, so you need to go check
out all three channels, watch our box fort videos,
and you comment below each of the three videos who won. Alright guys, so support us on this, check out all three videos
and vote for us to win. – Yeah, vote for That Youtub3 Family. Alright, thank you guys
so much for watching, remember to like, subscribe and share. – And hit the bell. – And hit the bell. – Bye.
– Bye. – [Jordan] Yeah, but that
means that we need more water. I love that. – We need to stir that
occasionally, just to let you know. And then after about five
minutes, put in the green beans. – [Jordan] Hi, wow that is so blurry. Ready, stirry, stirry, yeah. So we can get steam on this camera. Ooh, sizzling. – Five minutes. – Wait, wait say it again. – [Mom] We gotta redo it because I forgot that it’s not on. – It hasn’t been on this whole time? – [Mom] No, restart. (fun music)

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