Audrina and Stephanie Meet Again at Heidi’s Bachelorette Party | The Hills: New Beginnings

(pop music) (crowd cheers) – Oh my gosh! – Is it time?
– Show’s starting! Show’s starting! – Heidi Montag in the house! – I don’t have that many options
for a bachelorette party. There’s like a stripper in a hotel room, Vegas, I mean it’s all
just so standard basic. – Y’all ready to have a good time tonight? (crowd cheers) – [Heidi] Drag queens,
however, are beyond. – Before we get this show started, I kind of wanted to know if anybody’s celebrating some stuff. Is anybody getting married?
(group cheers) Look at you! Come on up here. – Okay. (women cheer) – I have a breast bank account. Why don’t you tell everybody who you are? – My name is Heidi. (Audience Cheers) – We gonna have Heidi shake her (beep) because that’s what we do whenever you celebrating something here. You ready? You better be ready. Hit it! (pop music)
(audience cheers) – [Drag Queen] Uh-oh, uh-oh! (audience cheers) – [Drag Queen] Uh-oh, uh-oh! – Oh yeah! – I am a self-made twerker. – [Woman] Go Heidi! Go Heidi! – I practice in the
mirror, practice at home. You know, gotta keep that booty shaking. I’m going all the way out tonight! Woo! Last night out, champagne! (pop music) ♪ Just pop it, drop it low ♪ ♪ You say I’m shawty ♪ ♪ You like me ♪ ♪ She’s just about some money ♪ ♪ Just do it like Nike ♪ ♪ And watch me drop it low ♪ (Audience Cheers) – [Heidi] All right guys,
I’m gonna have to go. Thank you guys so much, yeah, I gotta go. – So will Gunner really
be awake when you go home? – Yeah, he’s awake so I
gotta go put him to bed. – Heidi will use Gunner as an excuse until he’s like, fifty years old. I guarantee it. Oh, I’ve gotta feed Gunner I mean, Gunner literally
is the excuse baby. – I love you. – I need a Gunner. – Alright, bye guys. – Bye, love you!
– Bye! – I’m gonna leave you guys. I love you. – Seriously? – I love you. – No, thank you for coming tonight. Okay, love you. I’ll talk to you tomorrow.
– Okay. – We need to go to the bathroom. – We’re going to the bathroom. – Audrina, can we talk? – Here we go, like what
does she want to say? ♪ It’s the start of a war ♪ ♪ It’s going down ♪ (ominous music) – Audrina, can we talk? You’re kind of the problem. – [Audrina] I don’t
think it’s the right time to talk serious.
– It is. – [Audrina] When there’s
alcohol in involved. – It is, because I’m not
fake and I can’t like, I’ve been hugging you
and like, talking to you and like that’s. – You’re being fake. – I need this chance to
stand up for myself and to put Audrina in place because she’s been lying
and coming after me this whole time. I know what you’ve been doing. Start being honest
because you’ve been (beep) lying to my face for a long time. – No I haven’t.
– And I’m done with it. – I told you what I felt about you. – You’re the reason Brody
almost (beep) attacked me. You wound him up saying that I didn’t care about the Malibu fires. I’m from Malibu, Audrina! What is wrong with you? – I’m just in shock. She’s a loose cannon and beyond unstable. Oh my God, Stephanie, you’re so dramatic. – Oh I am? I don’t know, you were
very dramatic about Justin. – Justin’s not even in
the picture anymore. – Is he not?
– We have not. – So why are you still
talking (beep) about me behind my back? – I haven’t said a word
about you recently. You and Justin, no. – Oh, Audrina. – I didn’t talk (beep) on you. – For you to tell Brody
that I was staying in Vegas like she doesn’t care. At dinner obviously,
we’ve been in the car for five hours going to Vegas. Like how am I not gonna say can we please have a fun dinner? – Who are you right now? – Stephanie. – Honestly, Stephanie, you have so many different personalities. – You talked (beep) about me. – That has nothing to
do with me, Stephanie. – It does! You’re the one that wound him up to do it! Your little victim thing,
and all of your exes, you’re disgusting. – Oh, god.
– Hey! – Stephanie’s behavior
is extremely hurtful. Like the things that she’s
saying really leaves scars. And it’s like, scary. – So you don’t even go there, Stephanie. Do not go there. – Welcome to adulthood. – I’m out of here. (dramatic music)

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  1. When you have abused drugs it he has your personality back to a teenage state if mind and then even when sober from it then add alcohol it comes back harder it's kind of sad to watch someone make a fool of themselves

  2. love steph and she has every right to attack…Adriana has caused so much shit then blames steph…..Adriana needs Dr.Phil in her life….the poor me is such b.s.

  3. This is kind a hilarious….scan the comments…Guys are 90- 100% on Steph's side, and girls are on Audrina's. I look at the facts, and Steph is actually more truthful and genuine so far…with the whole JB thing, and rightfully calling out Audrina on winding up Brody. Audrina is shadier than I thought she would be.

  4. This is so fucking fake! I don't know why people believe its real. This whole show is even more fake than the original, which was highly scripted

  5. I hope they have Spencer & Stephanie's parents on the show, so I can see the tree that these two narcissistic drama queen apples fell from. 🍎🍎🌳

  6. Since no one mentions it, it is more than obvious that the whole storyline is a product of Mtv. I mean, i viewed all the episodes before and they all hated – alienated the Pratts (except Stef some), Audrina and Brody were furious at them and now even people who didn't react with each other, comport like they are old friends. And Misha Barton and Brandon came up also as old friends with the rest. And Audrina AFTER all she's been through, considers to give a chance to Justin B. And JB was always around. Cmonnnnn. I don't buy it. At least say it's fiction. Don't make it appear like it's reality.

  7. Stephanie had every right to call out Audrina and the things Audrina said to Stephanie about her being unstable and having multiple personalities is just as rude, what is Whitney talking about lol So it's ok for Audrina to be rude but Stephanie can't stand up for herself? I'm on Stephanie's side on this one.

  8. I agree accents can come after a while but Stephanie is just causing drama for her own needs it’s actually embarrassing she’s always been a pain she just wants attention

  9. I love Steph! A bunch of 30 year olds chasing each other around, mad that their ex-boyfriend doesn’t like them anymore like they’re in high school, blocking people on social media and doing the he said/she said…then there’s Steph calling people out on their shit, mocking them to make them realize how stupid they sound, etc. Must suck for the OG’s to return thinking the show was gonna be all about them again, that they were gonna run shit and push little ol Stephanie around for her to have grown a backbone, dish it back out and stick up for herself. But sure, make her out to be a heartless bitch 🙄

  10. Stephanie saying she is not fake is laughable,has she seen her face and the amount of cheap surgery she has had done

  11. Heidi cannot twerk to save herself. Plus she's not even getting married. It's a stupid vowel renewal. Bloody ridiculous to have a bachelorette party when u are already married

  12. Audrina is what you call a nice girl and that is what has gotten her in all the abusive relationships and her ausovr marriage she is way yo nice and being a nice girl is very dangerous she needs some edge to her tougher skin

  13. Stephanie is a self indulge drug addict and a thief how would she felt if audrina went there oh wait audrina had class she doesn't

  14. Audrina is such an air head. Girl didn't you see that justin didn't want you from the beginning but you insisted on making him want and love you. You got him in the end but it didn't workout or last, then to acusse him of child molestation. Girl you need to move to NY and see how we girls deal and wheel when it comes to guys. How many times does one have to shit on you before you get the message??? Allyou did was belly ach and cry over justin and nobody wants to hear your cries when justin doesn't come around. When he left your ass in Vegas that should have been your wake up call, but again you had those blinders on. If I were Lauren I would have told your DUMB ASS I don't want to hear any more about JUSTIN. You can lead a horse to water but you can't make em drink it.😎🤡😠😠😎

  15. Stephanie is beyond annoying. Who tge hell cares what she says! Also if she is "such a loyal friend" its girl code you don't date your friends exes! She is beyomd fake!!

  16. Ummmmm so let's discuss the elephant in the room. Dudes pupils are the size of grapefruits, they are so dilated u can barley see the color of them. Babyyyyyyyy u need to get off them L.A drugs for real. UR speech is slowed down and u can barely put 5 words in a sentence. That's not just from alcohol. UR old enough to know better and have the means to afford rehab. Getcha life b4 drugs takes it completely over.

  17. All actors' outfits are available hereeee:

  18. Stephanie may have had more to drink than Audrina but at least she’s telling the truth. Audrina is a conniving and manipulative person. Stephanie was friends with her until she started making up lies about her just to start drama. She talked to Spencer and Heidi behind Stephanie’s back (we all know he hates Steph with a passion) and kept calling her psycho. Audrina acted like she was jealous because Stephanie was hanging out with Justin, but Audrina and Justin dated 10 years ago and she’s still not over it! Stephanie is a true friend and did not break girl code; she never dated Justin or talked bad about Audrina before. Then Audrina tried to act like Stephanie was psycho when she confronted her about the lies she was telling about her. It’s pathetic and sad that Audrina is a grown woman with a child and still not mature enough to admit that she talked crap about Stephanie behind her back and created drama just for a storyline on The Hills.

  19. Adulthood is not spewing your opinion around because you think you are right. Having a fight over the Malibu fires 🤦🏻‍♀️ “I’m from Malibu” sounds pretty childish to me?? Not very grown up .

  20. Since Lauren left the show I stop watching this shit and I'm glad she didn't come back because now it's just another stupid show.

  21. I didn't think they did those kinds of nose jobs still Stephanie, very 1967. Whitney please invest in a good neck cream asap. Audrina you are still trash and a horrible actress. Bye Felicia! 😀

  22. I used to love this show, but I lost interest, once they all admitted in interviews that most of the show was s scripted..

  23. Wow Hiedi look so sweet so did steffini…im so glad they are enjoying..but she swap tje party by leaving…um audrina seems to get the hell razor from some of the girls…ge it finlly came out..
    I think audrina is diffently a star but if you are show of it cam cause fight n confustion. I still like audrina but its tuff when your dealing with many girls with differnt persanlities n misha barton shes diffintly have to mediate all situations…i still enjoy the show.

  24. Damnnnn

    In a way both of them are in the wrong and need to act like adults

    Heidi why use your child as an excuse for everything?

    Isn't Spencer suppose to help you with your child?

    It takes two to make a baby you know that right Heidi?

  25. Audrinas a little liar, very shallow, has the intelligence level of a 12 yr old, shallow, uninteresting, brings exes in the picture to get more camera time, tired of her, get her off the show.

  26. All this pathetic Audrina can do is to attack Steph on personal level.
    She did stirr the shitt up…
    She did spread rumour bout Steph and Justin..
    What a stupid, little insecure btch… hasnt grown since …

  27. Stephanie is obviously trying to be the bad girl of the group like Kristin. Atleast Kristin was a damn boss on the show, she knew she was a bitch but kept it real at all times. This show is extremely overrated and a waste of time!

  28. I don’t understand why Whitney is in the Hills after Lauren has left, because as I remember Whitney was way closer to LC than any one of them.

  29. Omg I cannot stand Stephanie!!! I saw her on Made in Chelsea and I about lost it! This girl went all the way to England to ruin another show. Nobody liked her, that’s probably why she went back to Cali. Oh and she did not have that accent while on Made in Chelsea!

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