Aussie Batsman Glen Maxwell to Marry Indian Girlfriend

Glenn Maxwell is an Australian all-rounder. Glenn Maxwell posted a picture with his girlfriend. Vini Raman is originally from India and Maxwell is now engaged to her. They are both smiling in the image. Glen captioned the post and said he is madly in love with Vini. Vini Raman also posted a picture on her Instagram account and captioned it “Last week my favourite person asked me to marry him and I said YES!” Vini is a certified pharmacist who lives in Melbourne, Australia. She has been posting pictures with Maxwell on her instagram for a long time now. In October 2019, Glenn started experiencing some difficulties with regards to his mental health but never shared it with anyone. Vini was the first person to notice that he wasn’t doing well. When she confronted him, Glen was honest about his issues. She then made him seek help and he decided to take a break from cricket. He says that Vini was a very big support to him and he is feeling much better now. Maxwell was supposed to be part of the Australia team for the matches with South Africa but due to his elbow surgery he had to take a break for 1-2 months. Another Australian player was former speedster Shaun Tait who had married Mashoom Singha an Indian. Tait, met her at an IPL party in 2014 where he fell in love with her and then got married.

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