Australian What I Eat In a Day (Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner Food Ideas) 2016

Hello everyone! Welcome back to my channel.
Today, I thought I would film a “What I Eat in a Day.” video. So lately for breakfast
I’ve been having some muesli and I love this one by Carman’s, it’s so good,
it’s got dry fruit, roasted nuts, it’s got seeds in it. Actually it has pepitas in it and pepitas are my favourite seeds ever. Oh my gosh I love them so much! After that I
like to just add in some almond milk on top. I have just been kind of like testing the waters with a couple of different brands but this one by pure harvest is definitely
my favorite so far. And then I like to add some frozen berries on top. I like
to add frozen as opposed to fresh because a) they’re cheaper and b) I really like
the crunch that they give when you mix it all up! So as a snack I have absolutely been loving Arnotts 9 Grain Vita-Weats. They’re so good honestly, I can’t even explain how much I love
these, but yeah. I will generally put some peanut butter on them I use this one by
Sanitarium and if I’m not putting peanut butter on them, I will put Vegemite Which may sound gross to some
people that aren’t from Australia, but trust me it’s so good! And if I don’t put Vegemite on them I generally put avocado on them, so yeah! These are just a really good snack and they taste, yeah, they taste amazing! So of course, lunch is next! And I really like making Rogan Josh. I make it on like Sunday or monday and then I just heat it up and eat it all week long. Which is really awesome because I just make a big pot of it. I get about eight servings, or so… Sometimes more out of a pot so the first thing you need to do is just peal and cut up some potatoes. When you’re finished peeling and cutting up you’re potatoes you can go ahead and add in a can of red kidney beans. Just make sure to rinse them through first because I’m pretty sure that liquid they’re coated in is not good for you at all. After that, add in some frozen peas. So after that I just go ahead and add this Rogan Josh curry mix. And you may be thinking, Sarah, You’re such a cheater! You can’t do that. But the reason why I do it because otherwise I would need to own so many ingredients and it’s just so simple all the ingredients are in there it’s not artificial. All you’ve got to do is add water and it’s only $4.50 from my Indian grocery store! So it’s a bargain! once all of my ingredients are in the pot I go
ahead and put it on the stove for about an hour and a half. so when my curry is on the stove I like to go
ahead and cook some rice. This rice is jasmine rice and I just do it one cup
of rise to two cups of water ratio and it just turns out perfect every single
time so if you don’t know how to cook rice, this is how I do it. It’s pretty good. I don’t have a rice cooker
cause I don’t have enough room so I just cook it in a pan. So as soon as the curry is done I spring into the kitchen and I start serving it up with the rice Because I’m so excited because this tastes so good. And I also make sure to serve it up into some glass containers just so I can eat it over the next couple of days aswell. So pretty much every single day I drink 1.5-2 litres of water and I also have 2 cups of green tea. But Kane also likes to drink tea, but he has a sweet tooth so he has licorice tea. So I thought So I thought I would add in the clip of me making his as well. So I pretty much always switch up my green tea that I have but here I’m having the Tetley 100% steamed green tea with a hint of lemon and Kane likes to
drink the higher living licorice tea. So know I said before the my favorite meal of the day is lunch but oh my gosh these pesto and pumkin pizzas are just so good, you have to make them. So to start dinner off I just started by cutting and peeling a butternut Pumpkin.
up pumpkin seeds my favorite pumpkins Thse are my favourite pumkins because they’re so easy to prepare like
they’re so easy to cut, so easy to peal. They’re just way better than normal pumpkins. So then to like season it, I guess you would say I
go ahead with some olive oil and just drizzle that over all the pumkins and then I go in with some cracked pepper and then I like to go in with some chilli flakes because Kane and I love spicy foods! So for the actual pizza base I like to use pita bread
pockets. They’re wholemeal they’re really good. You can find them at the supermarket and I just
coat them in some basil pesto as the pizza sauce. For some extra pizza toppings I like to cut up a tomato and I just have to mention this bit of footage is so pretty. Oh my gosh. after that I like to cut up some spinach and when I say “cut up spinach” I just like to cut the
stalks off because I have like a really weird thing for textures and a
cant stand the texture of a stalk. And of course! I grate up some cheese and sprinkle that all over my pizza and I can go ahead with my toppings. I also like to put on
some pine nuts because they taste so good after they have been in the oven. If you haven’t had toasted pine nuts before, PLEASE go do it now. After having the pumkins that I put in the oven earlier in there for half and hour I can generally take them out. And I can start can start putting them on my pizza! So that’s everything I ate within this particular day! If you liked this style of video, make sure to let me know and I would be happy to make some more. If you aren’t subscribed to my channel, make sure to do so And until next time, bye!

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