Australia’s only town against same sex marriage

It’s probably one of the only places in the world you’ll see grown men flogging off flying sheep It’s home to a rare breed of gay farmer is just so entrenched in our language out here If you do anything a bit odd then you’re a queer c**t and that’s just the way it is There’s no way in the world it’s a marriage between two men or two women, it’s not a marriage Homosexuality is not accepted by God People indulging in those lifestyles will go to hell Now living in my happy homo inner Sydney circle of gayness and working with a bunch of pinko lefties at SBS it’s easy to forget there’s a whole lotta people outside of my little bubble So I’m taking me and my gay pride on a schlep across this great Queensland electorate of Maranoa to see if I can change some minds…or who knows maybe they’ll change mine First stop, Liberal National MP David Littleproud’s turf – right in the heart of the electorate Welcome to Warwick and Maranoa, my hometown Thanks Dave, it’s great to be here Maranoa makes up 43% of Queensland, that is a huge chunk of Australia Give us a snapshot of your electorate Our main industry is agriculture; it is the common thread that links every community right across Maranoa together But we’ve also had the advent of gas, coal also tourism is starting to become a particularly big part of our world as people are starting to come out and explore we have to offer Are you opposed to same-sex marriage? As it stands at the moment, yes I am What do you feel that your electorate and perhaps you are so afraid of? At the end of the day isn’t it just two people in love wanting to get married? Look there’s nothing that we’re afraid of My personal view has never been thrown down the throats of the people of Maranoa I think as a society we have moved a significant long way into respecting same-sex relationships and I think that same-sex couples need to understand and reciprocate that respect as you get around my electorate, you would see that we are respectful people It’s not right Sodom and Gomorrha…they were both destroyed by God because of their sin Gay people getting married? If they educate children the way they think, while they’re young… What’s our society going to be like in 20, 30 years time? My belief is that this whole debate should predicated on respect There’s that word again, but I’m not still not quite feeling it Maybe one of the local church pastors can fix that This guy also happens to be a bikie with a history of drug abuse until he found Jesus, of course I’m just going to ask you straight out Trev, can I call you Trev? Yes, yup Marriage equality, yes or no? No Why? I believe in a male and female family unit and I believe it works Our society’s been based upon it and if you play around with it, where’s it going to end? You know, polygamy? You’ve got child brides, I know … …you’re thinking that it’s nothing to do with that at the moment but that was just facts that I’ve read Tell me about the facts you’ve read about gay and lesbian relationships I can’t recall them all at the moment. it makes it looks as though I have something against the gays and I don’t have anything against gays, I love them I’ll befriend them, it’s the same sex marriage that I have a problem with Let me put this to you Trev I am a gay man. I’m in a loving, committed relationship. Why is it that you feel I shouldn’t be allowed the same privilege as you to marry the person I love? It’s not about you I’m not judging you. I’m not putting any condemnation on you I’m not a fire and brimstone preacher, okay? I believe in the word of God and I believe that God loves everybody and everyone gets a chance to come to him Let me just ask you one last question young LGBTQI people in Australia are four times more likely to attempt suicide than any other Australian That goes up in regional areas Are you concerned about the message you’re sending and the potential damage it could do to those young people? I can’t cause damage to someone else One causes damage to oneself. You either choose to be offended or not. Lovely to chat to you Trev, good to meet you Bless ya Awkward hugs aside, the people I’ve met so far seem pretty friendly to me But it still leaves me wondering, what would it be like if you gay and you had to live here? And the one man that can answer it is the region’s only openly gay farmer Hey mate Hey Hey nice to meet you Likewise Hey buddy, who’s this guy? This is Rusty Hey Rusty there’s no question that this is the most homophobic part of our country There’s no greater sin, out there, than gay people it was just part of life that homophobia was across the board In schools, at church, in amongst farmers There wouldn’t be a time growing up when I was in the closet that a conversation took place without a derogatory comment towards a gay person you’re doing mechanics on a tractor and something goes wrong ‘Ya gay c**t this!’ or ‘You f**king faggot! The homophobia was violent I can’t remember a day at school where I wasn’t called a faggot, where I wasn’t punched in the head where I wasn’t pushed to the side, where I wasn’t spat on – it was daily I went to school with David Littleproud and he was a part of that culture There wouldn’t have been a school holidays I came home where I didn’t want to turn a rifle on myself when I was shooting sheep during the drought or driving a vehicle I wanted to smash into a road train that was coming towards me Ten years ago Dave left the area and he moved into the last place you’d expect The Big Brother house Dave wanted to come out and he did it in a big way not just to his family and the people in his hometown, but the entire nation If I was to go speed dating..I wouldn’t go speed dating where boys are on side and girls on the other I’d be going speed dating where there’s boys on one side and boys on the other side Coming out for me on national television in front of two million people was the best decision I ever made It took the gorilla off my back and it allowed me to just get on with my life because that is all I want to do I just want to live my life I want to share my journey with someone that I can commit to forever and know that there is that security of marriage When I heard that David Littleproud was the new member for my electorate I thought ‘You know what? Maybe he has changed. Maybe he has gone on, gotten educated’ ‘He’s left his horrendous views, his hurtful views behind’ What do I think of David’s policies on marriage equality? They’re f**ked, they’re absolutely f**ked We’re at the weekly pig, calf and sheep auction about 3 hours from Dave’s farm, in Warwick It’s where all kinds come to flog their flock or haggle for a herd And it’s the perfect place for me to press the flesh What would you do if a guy tried to come onto you? Say mate piss off and if he didn’t well, he’d be on the ground It doesn’t bother me, I treat them like any other person So you don’t have a problem with same sex marriage? Nah, not at all mate nah I reckon that’s a load of crap, they should be allowed to marriage it’s like being racist You shouldn’t be racist so why are you bailin up on the gay marriage for? Do you reckon you’re a bit of a rare breed in this town? Most definitely I reckon if I could, I’d go lesbian for a day just to show them that there’s nothing to be afraid of we’ve got paddocks and we’ve got a lot of stock and if the bull’s riding the bull he’s not doing much work for you, is he? The bull should be riding the cow. Everyone up here’s been pretty friendly, but I’m not so sure I’ve changed anyones mind But maybe it’s not up to me to do that What if they hear it from one of their own? So MP Dave this is Farmer Dave who I believe you went to school with Yeah, definitely I want you tell everyone that I’m not going to hurt them I’m not going to take away anything that they have All that is going to happen is that they’re going to be able to look across the fence to me and go ‘He is equal to me under the law’ You can register your relationship in any state or territory I can register me dog too The key is that it is legal recognition. That’s all it comes down to. And that’s what I want to give you legal recognition as well, but call it stardust, call it whatever you want There’s surely something that would give it meaning to you You’re a creative person Dave, surely there’s a word or there’s a thing you can call it What would you call it? Yeah, why not create one? I’ll just stick with the way I was brought up and that is, you get married What would make me really happy is if this man could get married at home, on his farm in his electorate & you would be at the wedding If the eyes of the law gave that, I would have no worries turning up Wouldn’t that be a great day? I’ll be the first one to come and drink Dave’s beer Now from what I’ve seen out here it will be a long road to get locals to support marriage equality But despite sharing very different opinions to many of his neighbours, Dave isn’t going any where What’s the future got in store for me? Hopefully a little less rain in the next few weeks and a little more when I need it and the world’s your oyster Oh yeah, f**king same-sex marriage that would be handy too

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  1. im with the people of maranoa marriage is not between 2 men or 2 women so stop trying to ram your lifestyle down our throats you dont accept our god our faith or our hetrosexuality so dont try to make us accept yours.

  2. The issue has NOTHING to do with "fear & hate" – but instead has EVERYTHING to do with RIGHT verses WRONG – the Bible CLEARLY teaches that sodomy is a SIN – and that marriage is ONLY between a man and a woman. Let's remember that Jesus Christ said LOVE THY NEIGHBOUR – not love their SIN.

  3. We had the same arguments against SSM here in America. Now that it's been legalized the only thing that's changed is there are more married same-sex couples. 😃

  4. To avoid confusion, I would prefer the term 'marriage' not be utilised outside of a male/female union. The term 'garriage' would be more appropriate. Folks who are garried would then have the right to a gavorce should the relationship sour.

  5. No such thing as same sex marriage!

    Genesis 2:24New International Version (NIV)
    24 That is why a man leaves his father and mother and is united to his wife, and they become one flesh.

    Two people of the same sex do not produce children, their DNA does not MARRY together and become one flesh i.e. produce a child.

    2 people who are married in other Bible verses are called to be fruitful and multiply again dismissing same sex marriages because they can not produce children between each other i.e. they do not marry together.

    Christians have been duped so long into believing that a man and woman committed to each other in a sexual relationship is a marriage and by that misunderstanding of Christians, same sex couples claim theirs is also a marriage.

    Truth is if your marriage has not produced children then you have never been married. It is ridiculous to call something a marriage that has no possibility of ever bring forth children.

    Amazing how confused people have become as they no longer even know what gender they are but it is a sign of how far they are away from God and how close to the demonic voices they are which are telling them what they are not.

    Any Christian that supports same sex marriages are just as confused as those same sex couples that want to call what they have a marriage and are insulting what marriages are.

  6. …very interesting to watch as an American living in the very open minded city of Washington. I wish Dave the best of luck! I hope Australia will have same sex marriage soon

  7. Come on Australia. Vote NO to homosexuals marrying. Voting NO means rejecting political correctness. It means rejecting a small minority dictating to the majority how society is to be shaped and whether aspects of our culture our worth preserving. The gay lobby and their supporters mock and harass anyone who is against them. They use hate speech, shouting down anyone with an opposing view. Their arguments are false and misleading… for instance this is not about equality or human rights. Marriage is not a human right. It' about allowing children to have a mother and a father, its about preserving our culture, its about free speech against people who seek to shut down opposing views. Vote NO and show the Socialists, the bigots, the Greens and the wealthy gay lobby groups that they are wrong to yell, shout, mock and harass ordinary Aussies who want to preserve their culture.

  8. Yeh, disagree & we will label you with some pseudo-pyscho babel – homophobic, like that is an actual psychological issue??!! Simple, marriage – two complimentary genders, only means to conceive children – sorry! If you cant stand criticism or questioning then stay out of the kitchen, but I am not going to change my opinion just to massage your inadequacies, not about respect, about a grab for acceptance in the guise of social engineering. Not about equality, about attempting to promulgate homosexual relationships as the same as heterosexual, never going to be!!!

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