Author Paul Duncan Talks Star Wars Archives, Plus Celebration Exclusives First Look!

– It’s archive week. – Which means I’m sitting down
with the author of “The Star Wars Archives,” Paul Duncan. And later, we’re headed
to the actual archives to look at more priceless
screen-used props. – So if you’re watching at home,
you’ll need protective gloves if you want to skip ahead. It’s not my rules. It’s Madlyn. – This is “The Star Wars Show.” From the Lucasfilm
headquarters in San Francisco, here’s your hosts,
Andi and Anthony. – Hello, and welcome to “The
Star Wars Show,” the only “Star Wars” show on the internet
that just looked at a calendar and realized that Star Wars
Celebration is eight days away. – Eight days? – Eight days. [SCREAMING] – Let’s go to the
news, shall we? As we mentioned a moment ago,
Star Wars Celebration Chicago is only eight days away. – [SCREAMING] – But that doesn’t
mean you can’t already start shopping
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SWCC merch ahead of time, and then have it waiting
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the right show, because if there’s one
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list of products and details on how to
preorder the items, check out – The Webby Award
nominations are out, and the
team has landed five nominations and one honoree. The nominees are Arrested
Development Star Wars with Ron Howard for video
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for “The Star Wars Show” for video variety and
social television and film. Also nominated was our red
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a nomination for websites, movie and film, as well
as an honoree for best user experience. You can vote for all of
the nominees right now, and voting lasts until April 18,
so vote early and vote often. And for more breaking news
from around the galaxy, check out – Eight days! – That’s this many. – Nailed it. [MUSIC PLAYING] – We’re back in the secret
underground layer of Madlyn. We’re going to take a
look at some artifacts from “Solo” and “Rogue One,”
the “Star Wars” stories. Show me how to
operate a bowcaster. And by show me, I
mean I’ll pick it up, and you lead me
through the bowcaster. – Actually, this is
Chirrut Imwe’s light bow. This version is what we call
our interactive light bow. – Oh, that’s hefty, huh? – There’s some very
serious mechanics and– – Wow!
– Oh, my god. I’m so sorry.
Let’s do that again. – No, that was perfect. – No, that’s great. We’re not doing it again. – This one actually
opens and closes. – And I don’t think there’s
ever a point where you get to see just all the
different little filigree and line work. It’s really beautiful. – And he couldn’t even see it. – Also from “Rogue One,” we
have a couple of items from Jyn Erso’s disguise costume. This is her chest
and back armor. We call this combined
piece a cuirass. And in this particular case,
her backplate actually functions as a mount for her
weapons using magnets, so that in order to very
quickly access her weapons, the magnet pops right off. – They’re solid. Yeah, they’re solid.
– They’re solid. – You could do some
damage with these things. – This is Jyn
Erso’s kyber crystal necklace that was gifted
to her by her mother, Lyra. This particular piece is
molded and cast out of resin, and there’s also etched
Aurebesh carved into it. It says, trust in the force. This is one of Qi’ra’s costumes. – Top grade jacket game. – Star Wars is 87%
great jacket game. – Some of the things that
make her costume kind of special and elegant is
that her jewelry is really made out of sterling silver. She has earrings. She has a cuff bracelet. This is Beckett’s rifle
that he gifts to Han Solo. Parts of it that
detach eventually fall away to reveal
what we know and love as Han Solo’s DL-44 blaster. This particular one is
an interactive rifle, so parts do remove. Because of movie magic,
what it may do in real life may not match exactly how you
wanted it to be seen on screen. – So it does pull apart,
but it’s not meant to, like, pull apart quickly– – Mhm. – –as a real weapon. – These are Qi’ra’s blasters. This is her hero version. – And I love it because
it’s just such an art deco, old-school fem fatal
detective film noir blaster. It’s so good. – So this one actually opens up
as if you are going to reload her particular weapon. There’s also
separate pieces that are her ammunition that
she keeps on her belt if she should need to reload. – Madlyn, thank you once
again for showing off some of these amazing
treasures here in your underground bunker. – You know, if
you need any help, like, arranging things, or
hanging armor on bodies, just– – Storing things. – –give us a call.
You know where we are. – We’re here for you.
– Thanks, guys. Appreciate it. [LAUGHTER] – Say hello to Paul Duncan,
author of “The Star Wars Archives,” which is just
like a massive treasure trove of incredible information. Well done. – Thank you. – You’re first and
foremost a film historian. Can you talk to me a little
bit about the importance of documenting filmmaking and
the behind-the-scenes stories that go into these
sagas and franchises? – I grew up. 15– saw Star Wars, and
I just adored all these, and I wanted to find out more. So I would make
my own magazines, and comics, and
all sorts of things to tell people
about my enthusiasm. So for me, that’s always
been what it’s been about. It’s to share the
things that I love. I discover things that
people have forgotten, and it’s an important
history that I want to tell people about. – It’s like
modern-day archeology. – I think I’m sort
of like Indiana Jones between the adventures. – [LAUGHS] – Do you know when he goes into
those dusty old places and just kind of– – And just sifts
through everything. – Yeah. – It’s interesting because
there’s a lot of opinions in the fandom and a lot of– – Sure. – –ideas of how
this all went down, and what the intent really was. But here, you’re actually
hearing it from George’s mouth, from the people who were there. – On this for the first
year, it was pure bliss. But then the terror starts to
set in because there have been so many other great books
being published already, and I needed to find a
way of making a book that would be different in some way. And then it suddenly
dawned on me, what I was really
interested in was George and his creative process. I really wanted to
ask George, why? – Right. – You know, the who,
what, where, when– it’s very easy to find
in all the documents, and the publicity, and
the interviews, et cetera. But the why was
really difficult. – So were there any things
that you came across, or anything that you
learned in making this book, that surprised you
or had a deep impact on you? – What’s interesting about
doing this is that George really knows in his head
specifically what he wants to do in terms of
the philosophy of the stories. And all the characters
and the plot, for him, are interchangeable. You can cut this character. You can add that character. You can cut this event. In a way, they don’t
matter, as long as they service the
inner philosophy that he’s trying to show. And that I found fascinating. – How would you want
fans of “Star Wars” who read this book to look at
their next viewing of “Star Wars”? – I have no idea how people
are gonna respond to this book, but what I hope is that they see
George perhaps in a new light. They see somebody
who’s actually thinking very deeply about his work. What I thought was
great was that he has a great sense of humor. – He’s funny. – He’s really understated. – Mhm. – And I wanted to
include that in the book because that’s what he’s like.
– Yeah. – And that’s an aspect
of George that I wanted to include in the book. It’s always a discovery
process, not only for what’s there, but what the story is. It sounds strange,
bizarre, weird, but every time I
go into an archive, the archive will tell
me what the story is, whether that’s just me
being bizarre or intuitive. But that always seems
to be the way it is. You just got to be
one with the archive, and then let it tell you
what its story is gonna be. – Well, I love this story. You did a really awesome
job with the book. – Thank you very much.
– And congratulations. It’s really great.
– Thank you so much. – Thanks.
– You’re– – –watching–
– –“The– – –Star–
– –Wars– – –Show.” – Hey, did you know Star Wars
Celebration’s in eight days? [SCREAMING] – Which also means in a
little over a week from now, we will be broadcasting from
Star Wars Celebration Chicago during “The Star
Wars Show Live.” – And as it turns out, there’s a
lot you guys want to see us do. – OklahomaJedi wants us to
interview Erin Kellyman. – We do, too. Noted. – Jesslovezpizza wants us
to interview Ahmed Best. – Also noted. – Brian Sims wants everyday
to end with a delivery of Chicago food to the stage.
– OK. – I concur. Michael Nipp wants us
to shove plush Porgs into a t-shirt cannon. And the Taco Jedi
us to talk prequel memes with Hayden Christiansen. – All those are great
ideas, and all of them have a high percentage
of a chance of happening. – But how will you
know which ones do? – Well, you’ll have to tune
into “The Star Wars Show Live” from Friday, April 12 to
Monday, April 15 to find out. – But in the meantime, you
can still like the video, subscribe to the channel,
follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, and if you
see us on the streets, please do not remind
us how many days we have left until Celebration. Eight days. – Anthony, stop it. – Thanks for watching, and
may the force be with you. – We have so much to do. – I opened up my bag
and all I had packed was just a bunch of
Porgs of varying sizes. – Don’t lie to me. – Greg, can I have space
in your bag for clothes? – It’s Porgs. – [LAUGHS] – It’s Porgs.

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