Author Tips | When was the last time you celebrated? [CC]

So I should’ve probably planned this better. Hi and welcome to my channel
Today I wanna talk about celebrating small victories The last story I wrote was very personal for me And it was my first romcom and it was written from a very different place
than all of my other stories but I do want to talk about the story I wrote
before that So I wrote this thriller, it was called NICOLAS
VELASQUEZ IS NOT A KILLER and I remember writing it in maybe a month
and a half I’m a fast drafter so that in itself isn’t
like a huge accomplishment but that’s where the problem starts
because it kind of is So I finished this story, and it wasn’t a
big deal It wasn’t a big deal that I finished the story,
because I’d already finished like 8 other stories, other novels, at that point
And then I revised it, and it was also not a big deal
I didn’t end up getting signed with an agent because of that
but I did get enough interest that it made me feel validated
Like, ok, that wasn’t a waste of time And it wasn’t
I would still love to get that published somehow with another take maybe
my point is: I wrote this story and went over almost all stages
of a querying writer with it and I didn’t celebrate. At all
And that’s what I wanna talk about Why do we do that? Why are we so caught up in the next goal,
in the next milestone, that we don’t celebrate what we have? I think we should celebrate
I think we should celebrate it all I think when we finish the first draft, we
should take ourselves out to dinner We should have some pizza
Or, you know, whatever equivalent of that that you like
When we start revision, we should celebrate and when we finish the first round of revision
that’s amazing Sending it out to friends, to CPs, to betas
we should take that moment to throw a party even if it’s alone, in our house, dancing
in our underwear But it warrants a party
If we start querying it, that’s such a big step
That’s basically doing everything we can, everything in our power
and then, of course, for more things to happen, it doesn’t depend on us anymore
so you’re doing everything in your power, and that’s so badass
That’s so cool And we don’t take the time–
and I speak from experience– we don’t take the time to really congratulate
ourselves for that we don’t take the time to accept that what
we’re doing is truly incredible I’ve been writing for a very long time
and every time I mention that, someone tells me they want to write a book
and they don’t somehow they keep wanting to, but they don’t
do it and we do it all the time
but just because we’re not getting book deals, we’re not getting agents
maybe we’re not exactly fulfilling all of our dreams
it seems like less, but it’s not I feel like if we don’t celebrate every step
of the process it won’t matter if we hit the NYT best-selling
list it won’t matter if we get all the awards
it won’t matter if our work is translated to 20 different languages
We have got to make time for “small” celebrations because, in the end, they’re not small at
all Okay, this wasn’t a waste of time, and it
wasn’t (it never is)
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I don’t know if I’m pointing to the right direction
But thanks for watching!

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  1. I can fast draft for others but not myself. I am working on bringing down that block. I write to help others create their stories (as a living) and also working on becoming a hybrid author. I agree that every step deserves a celebration. Finding the time, encouragement and belief to celebrate can be hard because we are often so pressed to get to the next thing. Great video discussion Gabriela.

  2. This vid reminds me that we still haven’t had our Skype date to celebrate all the amazing things! 🧐 I LOVE YOU!!!

  3. I hadn't thought about this really before – I've never finished a novel, but I have written a lot of stories, and I've never really celebrated finishing one? So I know what I'm going to do when I finish the thing I'm working on – I'm going to take myself down to the Vietnamese place down the road that I've been saying I'll go to for like three months, and I'm gonna get dinner.

    Thanks for this video and for the inspiration!

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