Avengers 4! – Gorgeous Movies Fun Kids Parody

(suspenseful music) – [Robotic Voice] Locked on target. (suspenseful music) (phone ringing) – Tony? – Captain, I need you to
go to Disneyland Paris and find Thanos. – Oh, come on. – I shall get you some
more Avengers to join you. (phone rings) – [Tony] Peter, it’s time
for you to be an Avenger. I need you to come to Disneyland Paris and meet Captain America. – I’m on my way, Mr.
Stark. I’m on my way. Ahhh. – Bruce, cancel your vacation.
I’m sending you to Paris. [Tony] Guys, make sure you
don’t wear your usual costumes. You need to go in disguise. We do not want to alarm the public. (upbeat music) – Guys, we’re supposed to
be in disguise and you’re wearing tops saying who you are? – You’re wearing a shield, nothing else. Why do you think I’ve got a hat on? – (sighs) Come on. (Song: On My Own by Elijah) – He’s not going to be
in the castle, Peter. (intense music) (evil laughter) – I can hear him, but I can’t see him. (intense music) – So, Peter, let’s go on the
Tower of Terror so we can see if we can spot Thanos from above. – What’s Bruce doing? – Bruce is in the toilet
because he gets a bit scared on these sort of rides. (screaming) – It’s no use. We just can’t find him. – What are we gonna do? – I’m tired. – Okay, we’ll go back to
the hotel and update Tony. (upbeat music) – Tony? Tony, are you there? – Hi, Captain. So, did you find Thanos? – No, Tony. We can’t find him. There’s just too many people. – Well, it’s okay because I
found out where he’s staying. – Where? – He’s staying at the Vienna
House Magic Circus Hotel. (intense music) – You’ve got to be kidding me. – No, why? – That’s where we’re staying right now. Tony? Tony? Tony? (dramatic music) (knocking at door) – (gasps) Guys, quickly.
We need to get ready. – Why? – That’s probably Thanos now. – [Peter] Oh, no. (dramatic music) (knocking at door) – (growling) – Guys, what on Earth are you doing? – Tony, we thought you were Thanos. What are you doing here? – Guys, chill out. It’s just me. – How did you do that? We were
just talking on my laptop. – I was in my car outside. I thought you guys could do with a hand. – Mr. Stark, what’s the plan? – Let’s go to Thanos’
room and sort him out. – I love it. Let’s go. (knocking at door) (suspenseful music) – Room service. – Just leave it there, please. Guys, why are you ordering room service? – I was hungry. I wanted some pizza. – Well, Stark Industries
is not paying for it. Guys, we need to go get
Thanos. Are you ready? – Yes. – Let’s go. (suspenseful music) – Hang on. What room is he staying in? – Oh, yeah. Good point. – Hi. This is Thanos. I can’t remember what room I’m staying in. – [Woman On Phone] Well, you’re
phoning me from your room so just have a look at the door. – Uh, yes. Good idea. Thank you. – That was stupid, Tony.
I’ll just go and ask. (upbeat music) – Okay, guys. Room 1500. Let’s go. – Wait, guys. You’re forgetting something. – The pizza. – No, not the pizza. – Oh, yeah. He needs to be
Hulk. He’s hopeless as Bruce. – I’m not hopeless.
You’re making me angry. You won’t like me when I’m angry. – Yeah, we would, actually. – (growls) – Bruce, what’s the difference
between a unicorn and Hulk? – I don’t know. What? – Nothing. They’re both
fictional characters. – Hulk not fictional anymore. – Chill, Hulk. – (growls) – Guy, stop messing about.
Get your costumes on and let’s get ready to go. (intense music) – Guys, I need to nip back
and get my Iron Man suit. I’ll meet you there. – Seriously? (intense music) (Hulk growls) – I thought you were going to
go and get the Iron Man suit. – I am. That’s why I’m in the lift. (beatboxing) – [Peter] Guys, stop. We’re
not the Ninja Turtles. (suspenseful music) (snoring) – Hulk, wake him up. – No, you wake him up. – Spidey, wake him up. – No way. You wake him up. – Shall we just wait for Iron Man? (sneezes) – (groans) Hulk, we meet again. – (Hulk growls) – (Thanos laughs) (intense music) – (Hulk growls) (Thanos laughs) – [Thanos] Oh, Hulk. When will you learn? (Hulk growls) – Who’s next? This Spidey boy? – Um, no. Captain America. – Come on, Thanos. My shield
is made of steel alloy. – What shield? – This one. – Ahhh. – Listen, Captain. Even with
your shield, I will defeat you. I just need to click
my fingers and half of humanity will cease to exist. – Yeah, yeah. We know that. But we won’t let you destroy Disneyland. – Look, I don’t actually
want to destroy Disneyland. I just wanted to have a day out, you know? Take my mind off things. – Really? – No, of course not. (laughs) I just hate that Mickey Mouse. – What have you got against
Mickey Mouse? He’s so innocent. – Number one, he’s a mouse. Number two, he’s got a squeaky voice. Number three, uh, I don’t
have a number three. – Captain, he’s got a point. – Who is this guy? – I’m Hulk. – (laughs) Hulk? Hulk, this is you? You look like a little kid. (Hulk growls) – Thanos, how about we
take Mickey out of the show and call up the other Avengers? Make Disneyland into
more of a Marvel theme. I’m sure Mickey could do
with a bit of time off. – What are you doing? Well, it’s either us three
versus him or we call in back-up and make him think he’s won. – I’m happy to look after Mickey Mouse. – That’s a good idea, guys.
Call up all of the Avengers and the Guardians of the Galaxy. Get them all over to
Disneyland in one place. (upbeat music) – My plan to close
Disneyland just got better. Now I have all of my enemies in one place. I will find them and take them down, too. (upbeat music) – What are you doing, guys? Peter just sent out a group chat. They’re all on their way. (flowing water) – Wait. 1, 2, 0, 0. – [Mickey] Wait. 400. I’m gonna win. – That makes me angry. (growls) – Come on, Peter. Let’s
go meet the others. (upbeat music) – Ant Man, forget about
the Wasp. See you in Paris.

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