AWESOME Baby Shower (Photos) ♥♥♥

Hey everyone! I wanted to do a video so you
could see what my baby shower looked like. Now of course my baby is already here (he’s
almost 6 months and he’s awesome), but I still wanted to show you the pictures so hope you
enjoy them. My Mom is the one who planned the baby shower and she did an excellent job!
She is really good at event planning. I think she could actually go into that business – we
could start our own little company because she did my wedding as well and it was awesome;
and she also did the baby shower and as you can tell in the pictures that you’ll see – it
was just as beautiful. So she’s really good at that. She could definitely be an event planner
and I’m just really grateful for her. Also, my sister-in-law, she was the hostess at the
shower and she did a wonderful job keeping everyone entertained – thinking of baby games
that we could play. We had a really fun time and I’m just again so grateful for all of
the love and support that our family and friends showed us at the shower. So check it out and make sure you subscribe to my channel.
Talk to you later!

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