Check this out. It’s make your own pizza night,
today and tonight on Weekend at the Cottage! Welcome to Weekend at the Cottage I’m
Nik Manojlovich. You are going to love this episode. You and I and all of our
friends are going to make individual pizza. We’re throwing a pizza party. The idea is
fantastic and it always works! Everybody loves this party idea. Before I launch
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Twitter. As I already mentioned this is such a great and fun idea for a
get-together. Best thing about it, you get to chill out – your guests do all the work
and you get to take all the credit. I think that’s a pretty good deal. A couple
of things before I walk through the four different pizzas I created for you.
You’re going to need a six and a half ounce ball of raw pizza dough. Your choice. You
can do gluten-free, whole-wheat, regular, whatever you wish. When placing the pizza
dough down onto the plate just rub a little bit of olive oil down on the
plate first, stretch out your dough and then you good to go. When you go to set up your make-your-own-pizza station you can put
the ingredients out on the table and just let people assemble as they wish.
But I’d like to, kind of, give people a suggestion on what to do.
So I’m taking the coloured bowls and I’m going to fill them with different
ingredients for 4 classic pizzas. I’m going to set up the station and then we’re
going to start by making pizza #1 Pizza #1 – a Classic Vegetarian in
the green bowls. The pizza starts off with a generous helping of a very rich
tomato sauce. Next an assortment of favourite vegetables: sliced tomatoes,
green peppers, sliced white onions, some sliced mushrooms, and then, right at the
end, how about some mozzarella cheese all the way across the top. Wait till you see
this pizza come out of the oven. Pizza #2. One of my favourites. In the
yellow bowls, we’re doing a Hawaiian Pizza. We start by adding a generous
amount of tomato sauce onto the dough, a handful of cooked cubed ham, fresh
chopped pineapple,the bigger the chunks the better, and then a generous helping
of mozzarella cheese. This Hawaiian Pizza is outstanding! Our 3rd type of pizza
is one of my favourites is called a Quattro Stagioni, which translates to
the Four Seasons and we visually divide the pizza into four quadrants. One
representing each season. In the first quadrant I’m adding a little bit of
prosciutto to represent the winter months. Second quadrant, black olives for summer.
Third quadrant some sliced portobello mushrooms, they’re representing autumn
and in the last quadrant, a little bit of spring, some sliced artichoke. Our cheese
for this pizza some freshly grated parmesan. It is fantastic! Our 4th and final pizza, another
vegetarian option, is a Bianca which means white.
There’s no tomato sauce in sight, instead we take our pizza dough and we start off
with a generous helping of mozzarella. Next we’re doing some sliced Bartlett
pears. We’re going to add some crumbled gorgonzola cheese. Sprinkle on some
chopped nuts and then we’re taking some honey and we’re going to drizzle honey
across the top. Our 4 pizzas are ready to go in the oven. The trick to cooking a
pizza whether you’re doing it in the oven or doing it on the grill is to have
it at a very high temperature. 450 degrees. When your oven or grill is that
temperature, all the pizzas go in. We’re going to bake them off for somewhere
between 12 to 15 minutes. The underside will be nice and golden. On the top all of
the cheese will be melted. Your dough have come up a little bit. When you take
them out of the oven let’s do a quick rewind on these fabulous pizzas. Our
vegetarian is looking so fantastic. I’m ready to do a little dance on a far-off
island with this Hawaiian Pizza. The Four Seasons, Quattro Stagioni, complete
with a little garnish of fresh basil on top. And then, finally, our pizza Bianca.
How beautiful and gorgeous is this. I just gave you 4 delicious recipes for
your make your own pizza party I know you’re going to love each and every one.
Wait until you try this one and after that, you know the drill. Come on back!
Always something delicious happening right here in the Weekend at the
Cottage kitchen! mmm pizza burger

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