Axis Chemicals | Batman [4k, 30th Anniversary Edition]

You take the right. Move it. What the hell’s going on? -What are you trying to do?
-I’m in charge, not Carl Grissom. This is Commissioner Gordon. I want him taken alive. I repeat. Any man who opens fire
on Jack Napier will answer to me. Let me down! Let me down! Oh, my God! EXIT Get up on the catwalk, on that side.
You take that side. Be very careful. Jesus! Let him go…or I’ll do Gordon. Nice outfit. Come on, Jack, let’s go! Come on! Eckhardt! Think about the future. Goddamn it, we had him! Hold it right there! -Who is this guy?
-I don’t know. Until we find out,
keep a lid on it.

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  1. The New Colors don't look that good, at least this is the only scene where they don't look that bad. On this one it looks all kinda Blue and Green like if they tried to make it look more modern at the style of current DC Films.

  2. This is the real Joker not crazy guy wearing pancake mix that Ledger played. Not saying Ledger's acting wasn't amazing but the character was much more like Anarchy than The Joker

    For example the Joker would have told the prisoners and citizen's they had a choice to kill the other and they would live but the real joke would have been that they both died no matter who pushed the button

    The whole choice/chaos thing was more of the MO of Two-Face/Anarchy

  3. I like the part where Keaton just lifts Nicoleson right over his head. It makes me wonder if he is really that strong or if they used a stunt double or step stool.

  4. Yo, where did Batman’s grapple thing hit that one goon? And, wouldn’t he be screaming a ton because he’s hanging from a point that looks like it went into his skin?

  5. the look on Batman's face when Jack was about to fall was a realization that, that man was the same man who killed his parents.

  6. As much as I love the Dark Knight trilogy, this was the closest anyone can get to the real Batman & Joker from the famous comic books that first presented them to the public.

  7. Melts the guy from Robocop, turns Jack Napier into the joker – I've got to find out more about this "Toxic Waste" shit.

  8. Rocky Taylor (1946) was the British actor who played the Blonde Driver from Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981) Napier Hood from Batman (1989) 0:53 to the right, and Bert Cartmell from Titanic (1997).

  9. THIS is what the Joker is supposed to be: a purple-obsessed disfigured psychopath with bleached skin (acid) who becomes an over-the-top criminal mastermind and colorful mass murderer; I'm sick of the modern-day clown make-up nonsense and stabs at social inequality; Phoenix millennial fanboys are so annoying

  10. Commissioner Gordon: "Any man who opens fire on Jack Napier will answer to me."

    Everyone else: SO ANYWAY, I STARTED BLASTIN'

  11. Batman at first tried to save Jack but thought better and dropped him in the chemical tank. To me to this day, it was the right thing, never try and save a villain who just tried to kill you and let him die to his own demise that's how I've seen many villains fall from the good guys.

  12. I can't unsee how Michael Keaton has to turn his entire body to look left or right every damn time he's in the batman outfit. Was it that hard to make a Batman suit that would allow him to turn his head?

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