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In college I was in all boys college there we had our own ‘gay club’ they invited me as a guest of honour like we want to invite you sing for us we find you really cute so why don’t you just come and sing for us entertain us Absolutely. This is one is for the boomer generation like in that generation people are truly very conservative there you have to make them understand they say this is not natural or normal How will the dynasty proceed So you don’t just live to make babies So for the first step at least Homosexuality has been decommunize further marriages will take place So there is no chance of adorption there are more ten things there is no civil rights there are basic human rights issue If two people want to live their life with their own wish what is your problem There are actors today breaking the stereotypes and there’s one person who is making his own new stereotypes Ayushman Khurrana and we have Jitendra Kumar who as been a huge huge phenomenon on the digital platform making his debut with this film Subh mangal zyada saavdhan and we have both of them joining us together for a fun conversation only on PINKVILLA You know I have to tell you first that the promo is outstanding okay when you are talking about the subject like this and it has to be tweeted in humorous manner because previously whatever movies came it has been little serious like even when you see Ek ladki, which I really loved but it was not really funny as comical or hilarious as this one Do you think that this kind of a subject for it to penitrate that audience which is it needs to. Needed this kind of humour Absolutely the idea is to reach out those people who are Homophobes Ya That’s a target audience This is not for those who is always like who are with the LGBT community we are going to reach out those people who are against homo sexuality If our films reaches there It will be a huge victory for us what about you Yes. I think that in film Humour was very necessary and this not an additional humour It is a natural reaction it reaches to people through this news with current Indian situation This kind of reaction This is showed in film and that is why it look little funny But all these things were normal and real in film So they wanted an entertainer to this topic and they are getting it now You know love is love and we are celebrating it today and it’s taken India long long time to actually accept it with you coming on a bandwagon you know previously there were there were so many times when Karan Johar on record saying that when he tried casting for Fawad Khan’s role in Kapoor and Sons which was very subdue suttle tribute to homo sexuality but his character was very suttle many big actors had said no to the film you know today when A list actors come it becomes more mainstream right Do you think it needed an Ayushman Khurrana to come and speak about it Because I don’t know how many other people would have actually done it It just gives you more reach If you get like a bankable actor for this subject it gives you better reach it makes you penitrate more specially BNC centers where people are they are still averse to idea Ya to the idea they are not open that’s only thing like if you are ofcourse you are taking new comers than I think first it will become Big amount film first and reach will slow down So it really helps, Ofcourse not new comers even established actors they are not really they are not really open to doing it did you see that How many times How many people actually came up and you know not maybe asked you to not do it but how many times people made frown when you said that you are doing this film as if a lot of people, Ofcourse there were lot of people and I told them there’s a kissing scene also in this film So they were like Oh My God are you serious I said yes But how will you noramalize it you have to normalize this why don’t you see PDA in same genders like in India. You see that abroad I was shooting for Dream Girl and I saw this two guys kissing in the parking I was shooting late night in one mall in Bombay I was like India is ready for this we should go for it and that’s what we went for it this is very important cracks of a it’s a love story more than anything else it’s also reaction of the family that is happening between these two boys what is happening family is getting entry they are getting worried specially middle class family they don’t understand what’s happening and this is where humours come out in film So it’s a very entertaining family film when you are making your debut in bollywood I am sure these are the concerns people must have said It’s your first film. Why are you doing this people must have said it because it all comes from pre conditioning that I think we all have in the country I think thankfully people I am friends with I never got concern from them I was told that hear the script once and look your role Is it good and all how is it placed defiently got to here all this things But no such concerns where what topic is the film about thankfully it didn’t come to me So I’m very thankfull Ayushman, when you started of you started with the film like Vicky Donar Today if Vicky Donar had released it would had done almost triple the numbers that it did. But it was still a successful film back then So India was just getting open to those kind of films Today you have become torchbearer of such fimls Today John Abraham goes and says we can’t do such films because such movies doesn’t come to me. Because Ayushman takes away and such films goes to Ayushman only How do you feel it’s a position of previlege and it’s also position of honour that people are giving you in industry today That if it’s Ayushman there is something different It feels great my friend Ofcouse it also gives you like pressure that you have to you know live upto people’s expectations your own expectations also but having said that gives you the courage gives you the courage that you should pick up the subjects that are quirky that edgy and that are radical which are like first attempt in hindi cinema and I am .. I am ready for it it’s like a validation so it gives you It makes you more ballzy I think Does it also help when you have a successful track record with such films if one movie from it does not work the first one you think you would have attempted it or would your entire ontrologs be okay with you attempting now see I’ll alway try to do something different then it work or does’t work either I will win or learn one can happen out of two I think failures are great learing curves I think what I learned from my failure I couldn’t learn that from my success So It’s .. It’s fine If your film doesn’t do well I think it will teach you something but the idea is to do different things you know to both of you how do you treat male gays towards you and has it ever happen when a man has hit on you and you realise or you not realise. how you react it to it I think sometimes it happens that the friends you have become very close to you then they open to you that they feel more than friends to you then it becomes a little awkward situation because I’m a straight forward man. then I politely tell them that no I don’t feel the same for me it’s a friendship but yes for them it becomes little bit disappointing But yes even they understand about this So this has happened many times with me But everything is managable what about you with me it has happen Ofcourse it has happened with me in college I was in all boys college There used to our one gay club So they invited me as a guest of honour like we want to invite you .. sing for us we find you really cute so why don’t you come and sing for us and entertain us So I was torn I said Sir I can’t do this means I am … I am very scared I can’t .. I can’t I just can’t So I was like border line over phobic that time you know and times have changed the society has changed have evolved so much as a society and …… than that was in Chandigarh in 2004 or 2005 went out of Chandigarh went to Delhi met many people there I made good gay friends in Bombay also lot of people from the community So your awareness, your evolution was right there So now I’m like the flagbearer of a LGBT community in Bollywood now we are doing this film Subh Mangal Zyada Saavdhan Now I feel like I was mad that time what But the thing is this is the potential human potential everbody has true If I can see that transformation If I can see that great change in me then rest of the people who are homophobes in 2020 they also have the potential true they can also be open this film is for those who now are against homosexual But has it ever happen when you felt that you were being too homophobic towards anybody Um. No But when first time when I was around 15-16 years So I came to know about that there something like gay means their sexual tendency when I was around 15-16 years So I took it as an information and at that time you are studying reproduction in books I felt amazed to not find it in books means if you have put such sexual things in a books So why not this things Exactly So I was amazed that way But I took at all as an information I have never been homophobic But you know something that is wonderful with you is that you just accept that one point you were homophobic I feel people who have been and who still are won’t even realize that they are being homophobic towards people and their tendencies differ but also what comes is that you know people talk about molestation when women come about and speak A lot of times you know men also goes through that and I think most of us have gone through the same when we kids or we were much younger but do you think that men the fear of not speaking up also works there Has it ever happen when you have also gone through something where you couldn’t even speak up No fortunately No But do you think the fear works there as well like you said Ofcourse fear of not speaking up Ya fear is everywhere could be like even from like somebody who is your senior who’s a female also that fear comes from everywhere It’s not a gender specific you know another thing that is very progressive in the film is the fact that Meena Gupta is very accepting and you show that eventually she has the and the Gajraj Sir’s one dialogue Mother has heart and we all go with quail so you know we do see that often Dad’s are little against it even in Ek ladki or maybe any other film that we show Honestly speaking I I think this is a very progressive way of showing the modern Indian family specially I do agree with the fact that women and mother’s are a little more liberal and a little more progressive Because my mother watched the trailor and she I don’t know if it is progressive or she is like this is what should happen firstly, girls and boys are going mad everybody getting married to handle this see I can’t handle your dad and your dad can’t handle me should be like this only girls should get married to girls boys should get marry to boys this is what’s she said and she you know at her age I was just asking her If people her age will be comfortable watching a film like this she said I think I will be very comfortable does that give you a sense of validation when something like this comes from a age group like that Absolutely This one is for the boomer generation like in that generation truly people are really very conservative there you have to make them understand that say no it is not natural it is not normal How will the dynasty proceed So you don’t just live only to make babies you know there are lot of hetro sexual couples who don’t want to produce kids what is the problem in it But yes for the first step that at least homo sexuality has been decommunilize marriages will take place in future you can’t even adopt there are more ten things there is no civil rights So there is basic human rights issue if people wants to live their life what is your problem You should not have any problem it’s okay you live with your girlfriend or your boyfriend they want to live with their girlfriend or boyfriend what is the issue live your life what about you How do you your parents do you see the change in their perception I think so they when we were 15-16 years old we go through such sexual tentendies and we get the information that how reproduction takes place to us they always informed one natural thing and one un -natural thing was informed and to them to my parents it’s been 40 years hearing this that this is un-natural and than after 40 years you try explaining them that this one natural love So they face a little problem who ever person But the special thing about my family is that they are bit open minded because many unexpected things happen in their life and they have to accept them So I think They will get shock if someone goes and tell them Even when they see my trailer like this and see me while I kiss they will get little shock but after a point they are very they are accepting somehow So that is a good thing for me that whenever I have seen them In life I told them about my unexpected things or given them they have openly came means they have heard me which is nice How have your family reacted to the trailer and the kiss like you said that there’s lots of people were shocked when you told them that there’s a kiss in the film How has your family reacted because Taira actually I know she is the coolest Ya So is Aparsh So how have they reacted and how your mother and father reacted they were really proud of me friend they were like very good this film should be filmed and ofcourse they always expect something new from me so I told them I was actually looking for a film on homo sexuality and before it came to the for before that I was looking for it that homo sexuality should also be a commercial film Thankfully I got this

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  2. In Bombay that too in 2019 ? Dude I have seen two college guys kissing on vidyavihar railway platform way back in 2005 …
    Mumbai has always been a progressive city in this country. Love Mumbai ❤️

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  6. The Film is Best At the Subject & Moral Story Of It . I Superbly Like Ayush & Jeetu Jodi Much 💜💌. # SMZS A GREAT MOVIE ⭐

  7. Jeetu's movie debut is Gone Kesh. Looks like the interviewer didn't even bother to do his proper research. It's ironic that the interviewer doesn't have the guts/spine to talk about his own experiences in this interview pretending he's not part of the LGBTQI community but expects and demads full honesty from his guests. Hypocrisy at its finest!

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