BABY ALIVE Lala’s Special Tent Party with Surprise Gifts and fixed leg!

[DOORBELL RINGING] [MUSIC PLAYING] Sorry I’m late. Is everyone here? You are right on time. Everyone’s outside. Let’s go! They’re all in the
tent waiting for us. Yay, London! We’re glad you made it. Good. I’ve been so excited. Well, guys, I’m glad
that everybody’s here, and I’m super excited
for this party. First, I want to tell
you about my leg. Yeah. How’s your leg doing? It looks like it’s OK. I’ve been so worried
about your leg. It’s all better, see? It works just fine. I can move it. I can bend it. How did you fix it? Just a little bit of glue,
and it’s like brand new. Wow! That’s so good. I’m glad you feel better. So everyone go get the
present that you brought, and then meet me
right back here. Perfect. Now everybody put your presents
in the center, and in this box I have some numbers
on a piece of paper. Whatever number you
get is the order that you get to pick your gift. So if you get number
1, you’re the first one that gets to pick a
present, but don’t pick the one that you brought. Pick something different. If you get number 6,
you’re the last one. [MUSIC PLAYING] London, you have number 1,
so you get to pick first. Oh boy! I want this one. Who got number 2? Oh, I got number 2. Now it’s my turn. Sophie, it’s your turn. I want this one. I have number 4. Your turn, Katie. Nikki, you’re next. Just one more gift left,
and it’s for Libby. OK. Everyone open up your gifts. [MUSIC PLAYING] Oh, wow! “Frozen” bubbles. Thank you so much. [MUSIC PLAYING] Necklaces! How do I look, girls? My very own Moon Fairies? I love these. Have you guys seen this before? They grow and glow. They glow in the dark
and they grow in water. My very own fashion doll. I love these! They are so fun. [MUSIC PLAYING] Katie, look! I got one, too. I love fashion dolls. They’re a lot like Barbie dolls. My turn. Yay! I got a mermaid. Thank you so much. I love mermaids. Let’s eat cupcakes! [MUSIC PLAYING] Hey everyone! Don’t forget to give us a
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