baby Donut’s 3rd birthday CELEBRATION

So, it was my little baby Donut’s birthday on the 14th. It was also day 5 of our 5-day cruise, to the Bahamas. Yeah, that’s right. I took her on a cruise for her 3rd birthday. She just loves swimming and fishing, so we just had to go and see the sights. Look at these videos. Bye-bye Miami. Bye-bye… Wow… look at those waves, they’re wild. Day 4 was just a sea day with no islands. It was all blue in every direction, no green. It was actually, pretty scary… Now, let’s see how we spent the last day. It looks like she wasn’t too interested in breakfast. Whatever… I had no idea that two different parts of the dining room, have different lighting. Look at how dark the first picture is, compared to the second one. It’s basically the difference between night and day. Of course, she gets three desserts for 3-years-old and lunch was way more appealing than breakfast. We went to the pool deck afterwards, to chill. Sun-tanning on the chair… Look at the two different shades of blue in the water, that’s pretty and of course this was at the kiddie pool. We came back on the 15th. So we spent the whole day traveling, changing flights. I wasn’t able to access Wi-Fi on the cruise, since it had to be paid for and I didn’t really see the point. So obviously, I wasn’t able to edit anything. I didn’t bring my laptop, there was no Wi-Fi. That’s why this video is two days late. But, anyway…

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