Baby Duncan’s First Birthday Party!

– [Vlogger] Wow ! – Do it again ? – [Vlogger] You wanna do it again ? – One, two, ready Duncan? Do it again ? (cheerful music) (Hawaiian music) – Aloha everyone ! Today is Duncan’s birthday and Colleen Jessica’s over there
doing that same thing, but Colleen planned a whole party for Duncan for his birthday and so we’re here at our house, celebrating this little guy’s first birthday ! Is it your first birthday ? Yay, celebrate ! Celebration ! So all the boys are in the ball pit. And this ball pit goes
all the way around here. So cool. This party is Hawaiian vacation themed so there’s Hawaiian music playing, false palm trees on the windows. – Colleen threw all of this because we’ve been out of town,
and it’s absolutely incredible, I love the food assortment cause it’s all of Duncan’s favorite food, like I love that everything- it’s so cute. – [Vlogger] Watermelon of course. – We have watermelon, blueberries, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Just like, very one-year old. Like it’s a one-year
old, I love everything here it’s very like, really about Duncan, and I love that. – [Vlogger] I’m flamingling with you. – Mingling. – [Vlogger] How are you ? – Good, how are you? – [Vlogger] Good to see you. – Good to see you as well, sir. – [Vlogger] Bailey, I’m
flamingling with you. (laughter) That’s how you do it! Hi Stephanie, I’m flamingling with you. – Flamingling, is that what it is ? – [Vlogger] What ? – What was it? – [Vlogger] Flamingling. – Oh, flamingling. – [Vlogger] I’m mingling flamingo… – Photo booth !
– Oh no ! – This had to be dug out
of the trash can by me. – [Vlogger] Why ? Why was it in the trash can? – I don’t know, it’s too mat-dad-to-key ? – [Vlogger] What ? – [Woman] One of the
best parts of the party. – [Vlogger] I like it. Somebody threw that away ? Or did you just find it
in a random trash can ? – Bailey not only did her own hair today, but she did my hair as well. – [Vlogger] Oh, fancy lady ! (cheerful music) – [Vlogger] What have you got, you got a grass skirt on ? – Yeah ! (cheerful music) – Yes ! – [Vlogger] Did you get a sandwich ? Yummy ! Yummy sandwich ! Is it yummy ? Yes, it’s yummy, yes ! – Happy birthday, Duncan ! – [Vlogger] He’s smiling so big. – I love it. (cheerful music) – [Vlogger] You might be
a little short for this. (cheerful music) – [Different Vlogger] Aw,
it’s my sister and Dunky ! And my dad just got here, hey dad ! Yeah, aloha ! (smooth jazz music) – Let everyone know,
it’s metal and it hurts it’s not like a plastic wibble ball, it’s a metal ball. – Let everyone know! Okay, bring it down! – [Woman] Good job baby, good job ! – Ready? One, two, three! You wanna do it again ? – [Vlogger] You wanna do it again? – One, two… Ready Duncan? You wanna do it again? – [Vlogger] Is that fun ? – One, two… – [Vlogger] Wow ! One more ? – You ready ? Hit it! – [Vlogger] Good job ! (cheers) – [Vlogger] Wow, yeah ! Good job ! Good job ! Yay ! Good job ! Wow ! Oh no, it hit you ! You opened his mouth a little bit ! – Jojo just said she’s
never done a pinata before. – [Vlogger] What ?! You’ve never done a pinata ? Is today the day ? – No no no, I don’t care
if today’s the day or not, but I’m just fascinated
watching them do it, I thought you hit it once
and it just like broke. – [Woman] Everyone gets a turn. – I’m just- I’m wowed by this. – [Vlogger] Find it, find it! It found you, it’s giving you a kiss! Wait, wait, wait ! Okay, bat. Okay, run for it, get the things ! You found it. Oh ! Get the things! Yeah, you gotta open it up ! Keep going, go for it. Almost. How was it ? – It was great, it was great. It was difficult, I thought they were gonna move it a little more, so that it was gonna be even more of a struggle but I broke it on my first try. – [Vlogger] Wow! (cheerful music) I think you got taller, is the problem. – I got taller and I got less flexible. Old days really get ya. – [Vlogger] It does, it gets ya. In the height and the limberness. – All of it. (cheerful music) – [Vlogger] Wait a second,
what kinda technique is that? (cheerful music) – Winner winner ! ♪ Happy birthday to you ♪ ♪ Happy birthday to you ♪ ♪ Happy birthday dear Duncan ♪ ♪ Happy birthday to you ♪ (cheers) – Blow it out ! – [Vlogger] Parker you
wanna show him how ? (cheers) So confused. (soft music) Duncan, is it yummy ? It is ? You gonna take a big bite ? (laughter) (soft music) So Bailey made this card. Happy first birthday. Oh look at that little drawing of Duncan ! Oh, those are your
tissues, you get to use it! Can you wipe your pancake face? Good job! What a surprise! Aw, it’s an elephant! You gonna give it a hug? Yeah ! That’s a good one ! That’s a good one, huh? Wow ! You like it, are you
gonna give it kisses ? Is it good ? Oh, you get another present! What do you think? – Or dinosaurs! – [Vlogger] Indestructible books ! – Red boos are yummy ! Wow ! Are these presents for me ? Or for the baby ? – [Vlogger] Is that fun? You like that one? – You gonna do it again ? – [Vlogger] You like it? (cheerful music) – [Colleen] Where is Parker ? Parker ! Parker ! Where is Parker ? I literally cannot find Parker anywhere ! (screams) (adventure music)

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