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Greetings!! This is Amma Samayal Meenakshi Many of them told that their baby is not eating well, we feed them based on your timetable only Babies will not eat well all the days The quantity will vary more or less Not gaining weight is not a problem, some babies might have bone weight Some might have the muscle weight Having muscle weight is not the sign of healthy. having bone weight is good at times Immunity power will be high Now a days parents feed food for 1 hr but still they’rent able to eat Don’t feed them same type of food every day. feed them different variety Don’t feed them while switching on the tv / mobile Let them walk ,walk behind them and feed food They’ll play and it makes them hungry, they’ll eat fast Don’t make them sit in the same place and eat, run around and make them eat Take them outside and feed them food If you show them hen, cow and crow and feed them, they’ll eat If you feed them when you have other babies near by, they’ll eat fast We’ll see the dinner menu for babies I’ll tell you 4,5 methods I’ll show you 1 method, others you can follow the same method You can add onions in some/ garlic in some If you add garlic/ onion in dinner it’ll be easy for them to digest We’ll add milk and banana to the food one day It helps them in digestion They’ll feel hungry the next day Follow this small tricks , so that they don;t get any problem in digestion I have given all these to my children and raised them Follow your doctor’s advice also Let’s see the dinner menu Follow this menu for 6 months to 2yrs babies I have taken a bowl full of rice Measure the quantity based on how much you child eats Channa dal – 2 spoons Moong dal – 2 spoons Toor Dal- 2 spoons Masoor dal – 2 spoons Garlic 5,6 pieces Shallots 5,6 Hing 1/2 spoon Milk , banana 4 days 4 kinda dal If i’m making rice with channa dal today , give them idly the next day I have already given the rasam menu in baby food, follow that Other day, toor dal , hing, cumin, cook all together well add that water and feed idly to them leave the dal 4 Days 4 types of rice 1 day idly 1 day milk , banana I have taken poom( Type of banana) banana feed Mountain Banana/ Poom Banana to babies until 3 yrs Mountain banana is little costly, you can feed poom banana then Mountain rasthali you can feed Feed 3 types of food alone until 3 yrs after that feed all Milk Rice I have taken 1/2 cup rice Adding 2 cups milk and cook Cover cook Wait for 2,3 whistles We got 4 whistles after that it was in simmer for 10 mins You can either add milk to the rice and mix or you can boil rice in milk The taste of this milk rice will be different Cut and add banana to it , chop it as small as you can Cures constipation Banana mixed rice will be good You can add milk if it is not sufficient Milk rice is ready now I have taken little rice Adding moong dal to it We have taken 3/4th, add 2 glass water Add a pinch of salt Adding a shallot Garlic 1 Hing a pinch As we are feeding this with garlic, hing it helps in digestion Pressure cook for 4,5 whistles Rice is now cooked Mash it well Mix it little watery not thick If they have this for dinner, morning they” get hunger feeling Follow the same procedure for all food You can give kal dosa and add sambar / rasam mix to it Give idly one day Taste should vary every day, so that they eat varieties Don’t give them ghee in dinner Give a little I Have shown a sample with moong dal, same way cook with other dals also Toor dal with rice Masoor dal ,rice Channa dal, rice Rice 2, dal 1 2:1 ratio If you are adding 3 spoons rice, add 1 spoon dal It takes some time to cook toor dal and channa dal so, cook for extra 2 whistles Masoor dal and moong dal will cook fast so you can cook for 4,5 whistles If you are Pressure cooking , cook for 4 whistles and leave it in sim for 10 mins It’ll cook well then If you keep it in high flame and cooking, it’ll be half cooked only Ginger and garlic are added for easy digestion Add hing if you are not adding garlic If you are not feeding onion also, add hing along with that add jeera 4 days 4 rice variety Don’t feed dal rice continuously, change in between Feed them rasam with kal dosai Idly one day Feed them 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM You would have given ceralac / kanji / Milk at 6:00 PM That’ll retain energy for 2 hrs If you feed them at 7 or 8 they’ll play for sometime and digestion makes easy They’ll sleep around 10, in between wake them up and feed milk You can also feed rasam rice, that also helps in digestion Its a same method, taste varies If you want to add veggies, you can add carrot, nukal, beetroot ,cabbage, cauliflower you can add one or two pieces. Mostly avoid veggies for dinner it takes some time for digestion Like, Share and subscribe to our channel Share it in facebook Don’t forget to comment

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  1. Amma En paiyanuku 1 yr 9 month agathu pappa Nalla irunthama thidirnu Vomit loosumotion romba Odambu olliya ayitta again weightaga ethana Solunga mam

  2. Nan unge new subscriber amma.. enaku 2years la ponnu iruka ava 9kg than iruka.. Munnalam sapta 1age parupu satham rasam satham lam sapta aana ipo ethaume sapda matra paal than kekra inge cow milk kidaikala so arokya milk than kudukuren atha than paal bottle la kudikira soopi um vachipa vaaila.. Ethathu ootna vaai open panna mata compul panna vomit panniduva bt nalla active baby.. Enakuthan kavalaya iruku amma ena pannalam sollunge

  3. Useful tips Amma 6month baby food search panna first unga video vanthuchu ma na 5 1/2 months baby iruku Amma useful tips 6month start ahapothu ipo rice kuduklama

  4. மாம்பழம் குடுக்க லாமா ma. 6 மாத குழந்தை ku

  5. En baby ku 6 month mudiya podhu night 1 hrku oru tym paal ketu aluran.. apdi kekama iruka ena pandradu…

  6. Paal sathathuku salt poda vendama? And girl baby 12months aguthu cow milk saptu matra plz reply me

  7. Intha recipes ku thaa na wait panen enoda payanuku 8 months akuthu ipo varaikume enna kudukrathu theriyama cerelac milk biscuits mattum thaa kuduthutu iruken …useful vdos thanks for u recipes … Ineme kudukrathula problem illa la madam

  8. அம்மா வனக்கம் என் குழந்தைக்கு 7மாதம் நடக்கிறது அவல் கொடுக்கலாமா பதில் தாருங்கள்

  9. Amma yannoda babykku one year aahuthu. Adikadi cold pidikithu ma yanna food kudukkalam some time sappdira mattikira. Please yathavathu tips kdunnga ma

  10. Hi mam it's useful my baby is 11 months old na night epa vara pal Sadam curd rice idle dosa tha kudupan epa ethula kudukalama first time kudutha ethu agathula mam

  11. Amma en ponnuku 6month agi 1week aguthu morning 11am ragi paal kudukuren evening time eadhathu kudukalama? Enna kudukanum?

  12. amma 6 months baby ku ethana time food kudukalam one day ku thn papa thai paal kudikamatra cow milk kudukalama cow milk or formula milk edu bst amma ?

  13. Hi akka enoda baby ku 1year aguthu avan mother milk matum than night kudikuran vera ethum night la sapta mataran adikadi paluku aluguran milk patha matanguthu entha food kodutha night full ah thangum

  14. Amma na solrathu doctor's advise… kandipa babies ah oru place la utkara vachu koduthu palakkanum apo tha sapadu mela interest varum nu solranga… Vilaiyaditu irukum pothu kodutha avanga ena sapdranganey theriyathu taste therilana yapdi avanga interest ah sapduvanga nu kekranga…so 1st la irunthey sapaduna oru place la utkanthu tha sapdanum nu palakka paduthanum nu strong ah solranga

  15. Intha foods lam 7 months baby ku kudukalama? And ennoda baby feeding bottle la ethu kuduthalum kudika matra yena pandrathu solunga. Thanks in advance. Pls reply 🙏

  16. Night parupu kudutha kozhanthaiku epdi digest aagum.. saptu thunga pora kozhanthaiku lite ah thana sapdakudukanum. Lunchku indha mari kuduthakuda avangalaku digest aagym

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