Baby Shower Party Supplies – Remarkable Man – Big Dot of Happiness

>>MATT: Ah man. I can’t believe I agreed to host this party. The walls are so bare. God I only have a little bit of time left. What am I gonna do? What am I gonna do? [echos] [Superhero Music Begins]>>ANOUNCER: What? You can’t find the right baby shower tableware? No Baby shower party supplies in sight? When you’re party is in trouble, there is only one person to call… Remarkable Man! The party planning superhero!>>REMARKABLE MAN: I heard there was a baby shower in distress!>>MATT: Remarkable Man! Oh wow do I need your help! I have to host a baby shower for my wife and these baby shower party supplies are just lame. What are we gonna do.>>REMARKABLE MAN: Well never fear, Remarkable Man is here First, get rid of these boring baby shower supplies and let’s dotify this room.>>MATT: All Right! [Superhero Music plays with Superhero Noise]>>REMARKABLE MAN: You’re party has been dotified.>>MATT: I can see that. This is off the hook! My wife is going to be so thrilled with this baby shower. Where did you get these baby shower party plates from?>>REMARKABLE MAN: You can get these baby shower party plates at [Cheerful Ding]>>MATT: Thanks again Remarkable Man!>>REMARKABLE MAN: No problem citizen. Now I must leave. There are more remarkable smiles to be created.>>MATT: Bu-bye!

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