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So you’re planning a baby shower. First step – don’t panic. My name is Alison, and I’m here to
guide you through the whole process. The first thing you’ll need
to decide is the theme. For a bouncing baby boy, I
recommend a jungle safari theme. I’ll teach you how to make a
detailed jungle themed cake using diapers, a three-tiered diaper cake. Then we can prepare some delicious
chocolate monkey cupcakes. And finally, I’ll share
my tips and tricks for creating adorable decorative
clothespins with jungle animal designs. First things first. The baby shower centerpiece,
a three-tiered diaper cake. Even moms on their second or third
baby forget to ask for enough diapers at the shower. The three-tier diaper cake
is pragmatic, thoughtful, but also creative and unexpected. To earn points with your diaper
purchase, register for Pampers rewards. You’ll need plenty of
diapers, basic craft supplies, and some fun little gifts
like safari stuffed animals to nestle around the cake. Diaper architecture is a great
way to work up an appetite. I’ve got the perfect
little item to snack on while you’re hard at work–
chocolate monkey cupcakes. The best part is, no
baking skills are required. Just swing by your local
bakery and pick up a few dozen of your favorite chocolate cupcakes. Just ask for no icing. Just a few basic ingredients
from the grocery store will turn ordinary cupcakes
into a special dessert. And don’t forget party favors. Your shower guests have been so
generous with their gift giving, offer them these adorable keepsakes. Clip these clothespins on name tags or
goody bags, and when the party’s over, your guests can bring them
home for use around the house. And there you have it–
the jungle baby shower. Bring this classic theme to
life with a few of these ideas, or go wild with a few of your own. Watch the videos from this series
for the detailed instructions on how to build each of these items. Of course, don’t forget
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