Baby Shower Themes: How to Plan a Princess Baby Shower Party | Pampers

Hi. I’m Allison. I love throwing baby
showers, especially when I can let the mom-to-be feel like royalty
for a day with a princess theme. Check out these
princess-inspired creations. As a mom of three, I know
how valuable diapers are, but it can feel a bit impersonal
to give them as a gift. This magnificent princess diaper
castle is made of Pampers diapers and is such a creative and beautiful
way to package the diapers as a gift. The diaper cake can also serve as
a centerpiece for the baby shower. It’s easier to put together
than you might think. I’ll show you how. Continue with the royal treatment
with decadent brownies princess pops. They are dipped in white chocolate
and decorated with sparkly sprinkles. I suppose since this is all about
the princess, these aren’t pops. They’re wands. Last, but certainly not least,
we come to the decorations. It’s going to be a very pink party, and
this tutu cake stand is no exception. You can create this tutu
stand in a matter of minutes, and the materials are very affordable. Use the tutu cake stand to display
your diaper cake, gifts, framed photos of mom and dad, or
as a stand for party favors. This baby shower is about
glitz, glam, and pampering. Let the mom-to-be unleash
her inner princess and relish a day of indulgence. Click here to watch the other videos
for this princess baby shower theme. To earn points on every
Pampers purchase that can be redeemed for amazing rewards,
be sure to register on OK.

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