♪ Happy birthday to you ♪ ♪ Happy birthday to you ♪ ♪ Happy birthday dear Livia ♪ ♪ Today you are one ♪ (“Happy Birthday”) – Hi sweet girl. – [Boy] Hi Liv. – You have your one of a
kind happy birthday patch. Big brother is cooking scrambled eggs, you’re gonna eat a whole egg for the first time today on your birthday. – Yay. – We usually do chocolate
chip pancakes for breakfast, but it’s her first birthday. She doesn’t need chocolate chip pancakes first thing in the morning. Livia has been such a
blessing to our family, from before she was even born even starting with her pregnancy. It was really awesome and took a long time to give her the name
Livia Hope that she has. (children talking over each other) It’s your birthday. – [Hannah] I decorated it all by myself. Here it is. – [Dana] Hannah decorated your chair, Hannah did all the decorations last night. Did you have fun decorating? – Yes, it took me a long time to do it. It’s pretty. – [Dana] Why did you
like to decorate so much? – I like first birthdays a lot so I just do it myself to decorate it. – [Dana] Livia’s whole
journey from conception to now has had a big impact on our family. The beginning of her
pregnancy, Tim and I, I think, went through our hardest
part of our marriage, or at least what I would consider the hardest part of our marriage. I took a little while naming
her because I was like, well, because we were
in a season at one point where it was just like, this is stinky, and I don’t wanna give
her a negative name, but through trials and through
working through situations together, her name came about. How many eggs did you put in there? – 17. – [Dana] 17 eggs? Are you serious? – Yes. I just thought nobody
would be eating cereal. – [Dana] I’ve never done more
than 12 eggs for our family. (kids playing) That’s alright, thanks
for cooking breakfast. I’ll eat eggs. – [Tim] Livia means
peace and we’ve certainly seen that in our own family. She’s brought that in a
lot of ways to our kids. When they are feeling sad or upset, they often go over to
Livia and sit with her, and just hold her and
that gives them peace. – [Dana] And helps calm them down. – [Tim] You wanna try it? – Bite! – [Tim] Nope. (laughter) You wanna try it again later? Okay pretty girl. – [Dana] And then her middle
name Hope was something for me while I was
still pregnant with her, and we were going through stuff, was like, the hope that we have in Christ and that things are going to be better. (Livia babbles) And of course we have learned
a lot since she was born and having three surgeries this past year, she has just been such an
encouragement to be around. For somebody so little to go through what she’s gone through
so far, um, she’s strong. – [Tim] Fortunately she doesn’t know anything different either. – [Dana] That’s true,
I think that probably makes a big difference. I mean, and she fights it,
she fights the patching part, she doesn’t like it and she
doesn’t like the eye drops that she’s had to do. – Doesn’t like, you
got to pry open her eye and shove stuff in there. – [Dana] But through everything,
she has been such a joy and such a happy little baby and very easygoing, I feel like. She’s just been fun. (little boy yelling) Do you like those napkins? (upbeat music) – Yeah. – [Dana] Yay Livia! Hi birthday girl! (kids exclaiming and laughing) How old is Livia? – One. – [Dana] One. – [Tim] Livia has really
done a lot for our family, I feel like she’s been
something that we’ve all kind of rallied behind together, around her, not only for physical
stuff, but also just like someone who needs a lot
of attention and care. Even the twins like to go over
and sit and play with her, and talk with her and
she’s really brought a lot of our family together in
her one year of life already. – [Dana] Mm-hmm. (upbeat music) I’m really thankful for the
life that she has brought into our family and just
thankful that God has blessed us with her and thankful
for all the lessons that we have learned along this past year. As hard as they’ve been,
I’m really thankful that we’ve gotten them all. (children laughing) ♪ Happy birthday to you ♪ ♪ Happy birthday to you ♪ ♪ Happy birthday dear Livia ♪ ♪ Happy birthday to you. ♪ – [Dana] Alright, Livia, you
get the first scoop of cake. (children talking) – [Daughter] And then can I have some? She likes it. – [Dana] Is that yummy? She had a taste of a
strawberry earlier today; she really liked it. (upbeat music) – [Tim] I remember this day
last year, when the home birth happened here and that
seems like a really long time ago, but it really
doesn’t when I look back at everything that’s happened
in one year, it’s like she’s crawling now, she has opinions now, she’s eating food now. – [Dana] Is that yummy Livia? (children talking) She’s like, “Where’d the blanket go?” Here, feel this. – You like it? (Livia laughing) – [Dana] She’s wiggling. (children laughing) (Livia crying) – [Dana] Not like riding unicorns yet. We just like to cuddle them. – [Tim] And I think like,
what’s she going to be like when she’s two, another year from now? She’s probably going to be talking and even more opinions. – Walking. – Yeah, walking and being like a little, she’ll be kind of like what the twins are. You know, little walking,
talking little person. – [Dana] It’ll be fun to see. – [Tim] It’s coming up
sooner than you think is. – [Dana] It is, it’ll
change really quickly. Alright, this is from grandma and grandpa. Livia is one. Happy birthday. To our tiny little gift from God, love grandma and grandpa. (kids talking excitedly) – So soft. – Livia! – Toby, the present from you. – This is your present. – [Tim] Toby, you’re giving
her your special puppy? – [Dana] You’re going to give it to her? – [Tim] That’s really special. – Toby has two of them, a
small one and a big one. That’s his big one. – [Toby] I’m going to keep the small one. – [Tim] You’re going
to keep the small one? – [Dana] Dear Livia, happy
birthday, you are one year old. You have grown to be a
big, cute little girl. You are so adorable– You like the unicorn? Yeah. (upbeat instrumental music) (laughing) She’s liking all this attention, I think. – [Tim] Did you make that for her, Zeke? – [Dana] What’s in here? – [Tim] Is that from Zeke? – [Dana] Look what big brother gave you. (upbeat instrumental music) – [Tim] From mom and dad. (upbeat instrumental music) Father, please help Livia
have a good night’s rest, help her sleep well and I ask
her to grow up and love you, and serve you in your kingdom. Amen. – [Dana] Amen. – [Tim] We love you Livia and we can’t wait to see you turn two. We have a fun year ahead.

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