Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties – Learn English Vocabulary

Hello! This is Jack from Now, I just recorded a video where I talked about my weekend and you’ll be able to
watch that video by clicking the link in the description or on your screen. But in
this video, I want to talk more about bachelor and bachelorette parties. So,
just to tell you what these parties are these are parties where you celebrate
the upcoming marriage of someone, so for example, we have some friends who are
getting married quite soon and my wife went on the bachelorette party the other
day. So, she enjoyed this, she celebrated with her friend – the fact that she was
going to get married. It’s like the last chance you have to go out and have some
fun before you actually get married. So, I’ve been to a few these parties before. In
the UK, they are usually quite crazy and it’s interesting because most people
decide to fly to somewhere in Europe – if you live in some parts of Europe, you
might notice a lot of big groups of people from the UK celebrating a stag do
or hen party – a hen do. So, this is a British way to say it. So, we have a stag party
or a stag do, and then we have a bachelor party in American English. We have a hen
do or a hen part,y and then a bachelorette party in American English. So, yeah if you
do live in Europe in one of the cities, you probably have noticed big groups of
either men or women coming to celebrate that upcoming marriage. Now, I’ve actually been to a couple in Spain and the tradition in Spain is that you dress the bachelor, in this case
the bachelor, in fancy dress or in a costume, for example, you see people
going out as chickens or as my friend dressed up as an ostrich. So, you have
these like different costumes that people wear and it’s just a different way to celebrate that
party. Now, usually the person – the bachelor or the bachelorette – gets quite
nervous before these parties because they don’t know what is going to happen
– they don’t know how crazy it is going to be. Now, I haven’t been to it really crazy one, but I’ve heard
some very funny stories and different situations that have happened. I’m not gonna
share them on this video because it’s not appropriate but just know that a lot
of the time that these parties get a little bit wild and a little bit crazy.
I think one of the most famous films that shows this type of party is The Hangover,
and there are three parts of The Hangover and it just shows what can happen on a
weekend. Now, this is obviously an extreme version but as I said, things do get a
little crazy. But what I want to know is what are these parties like where you
live and do you celebrate this kind of event. If so, please let me know what
happens, within reason! Don’t get too detailed but let me know what
generally happens in these types of parties. OK, so thank you for watching and
I’ll see you next time!

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