Bachelor bungee

A rope around my feet can only mean one thing..
– What? Bungee jump?
– Yes, man No! No, no!
No, I shit my pants I really shit my pants, suckers
– Stay still, you’re on this bridge What??
– Stay still, you’re on this bridge, you know. I can not hear you
– Stay still, you’re on this bridge. What bridge?
– In Belgium, just across the border. What?
– In Belgium, just across the border! Damn, I piss in my pants.
I really shit my pants. I swear, damn.
If it is… Fucking hell…
It isn’t!? – Yvo, listen to me.
Yes – I’ll do your headphones off.
Yes – 3, 2, 1 and you’ll jump forward.
No, I want that thing off my head (blindfold). – No
I want that thing off my head. – We will only take of headphones. O.K.?
But I also want that thing off my head. – We take off the handcuffs.
No, Also … uhhh see. – No
Yes – No
Yes – No
– You shouldn’t be afraid. Forward, forward,forward… No, I want that thing off my head
– Stay calm, stay calm. First we take off the headphones.
– Don’t move, ok? – Listen, we’ll count all together…
Yes, Sander said that it’s really high! – Listen, we’ll count all together 3, 2, 1
and then you jump forward, yes? No, I want that thing off my head
– Just jump forward, one meter forward. Listen I want that thing off my head. – It’s a good company!
I want that thing off my head. – You stay blindfolded.
No – Yes. Do you do it? Come on!
Of course, but I want that thing off my head. -Stay there.
I want that thing off my head. – No, don’t. Don’t take that thing off.
I really shit my pants. – Man, you don’t shit your pants. Spread your
arms. – Spread your arms. Here we go…
No, wait, wait. I want that thing off my head. I want to watch!
– No. We’ve got it all on film, don’t be afraid. – 3..
No, wait, wait. – God Damned, this is really high.
Am I save? – Yes!
who has secured me? – The guy next to you, but he is not allowed
to speak, he speaks only french. No… How high is it?
– High! No, wait.
– It’s 40 to 50 meters. Don’t be a pussy! I want to watch!
– 3, 2, 1…

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  1. Hoe kan hij niet door hebben gehad dat hij niet op het punt stond om van een brug af te bungeejumpen?

  2. The language they speak is Dutch. It's what they speak in the Netherlands. NOT to be confused with Deutsch/German. They are speaking Limburgs, which is a dialect spoken in the South-East of the Netherlands. On the site where this video was originally posted on, the title also says that these guys are from Limburg. It's not Belgian, because Belgians pronounce some letters different and they use the Dutch polite form of you instead of the normal form of you.

  3. Warning SPOILER Warning

    the guy jumps into the water and swims out. the video leaves metallic aftertaste in mouth and shortens you life for 3:31 min. 

  4. Why is this world filled with such a lot of miserable fuckers? Trying to find a problem with everything.

  5. Not all dutch talk like that. Not the most beautiful language we can all agree but  thats why we do talk english. The language can be hard to learn. Dutch descends from the german language, so go figure , because in my opinion that even sounds worse… But we have also inherited some of the german qualities you foreign fuckers dont have.

  6. Wajooo dit is hielemoal gen dialect dit is gewoen Nederlands met un accent. Alle minse in ut Züje spreake volgensmig zoe als ze normaal Nederlans proate. Un dialect is iets huul anders huur. Dit is trouwens allemoal neet goad gespelt, nemus kin det volgensmig.

  7. Before talking shit about the Netherlands, please mention that we from the dutch community aren't always like those. Dank u.

  8. good one
    help vith votes

  9. Why the animosity? Ek verstaan dit nie. Ek bly nie naby hierdie mense nie en ek verstaan elke woord. Dit was 'n prank. vir hulle was dit snaaks. As jy nie daarvan hou nie, maak jou browser toe of beweeg aan. gmpf….

  10. wat een drukte over ons Limburgs … je leest alleen niet veel over het filmpje, wat ik best grappig vind!

  11. Blijf stil staan op die brug 
    Blijf stil staan, want je staat op die brug
    Je staat op die brug…

    Prachtig gewoon.

  12. if your gona bungee jump, u can hear lots of wind blowing.. or something because you are high up.. but this guy cant hear shit when his headphone is taken off.. i wonder why..

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