Bachelor Matt Agnew’s friend Kate GRILLS contestants in trailer

Matt Agnew enlisted the help of his close friend Kate to determine who should win his heart on The Bachelor, in a trailer for Thursday’s episode In the clip, Kate grilled the remaining contestants on their compatibility with the handsome astrophysicist, 32 And shortly after the trailer dropped, Kate told The Daily Telegraph that’s she’s ‘protective’ of Matt and would ‘hate for him to be taken advantage of’ ‘I just want Matt to be happy and I hope I can help him in some way today,’ Kate said ‘I am protective of Matt. He is a really genuine, nice guy. I would hate for him to be taken advantage of ‘In the trailer for Thursday’s episode, Kate takes no prisoners as she pulls aside Abbie Chatfield, Elly Miles and Cassandra Mamone, for a one-on-one chat She begins by asking Elly, 24, her age, before interrogating Cassandra, 33, on what her future plans are, and Abbie, 23, on whether marriage and kids are on the cards Kate is then approached by Sogand Mohtat, 30, who questions whether Abbie is being truthful ‘I had my moments with Abbie,’ Sogand begins, before alluding to Abbie changing the truth to what suits her Upon learning of Sogand’s actions, Abbie confronts Sogand at the cocktail party.’That’s it,’ she says before storming off from the mansion’s gardens in a dramatic fashion It’s not the first time Abbie’s behaviour has become a cause for concern.On Wednesday’s episode during the group date, co-star Mary Viturino, 31, branded Abbie a ‘player’ after she claimed to be the ‘most honest’ of the group  In a piece to camera, Mary said of the blonde: ‘She wants time with Matt and she doesn’t care what she has to do to get it ‘  

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