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Hey, everyone. I’m Elena one of the video producers at Brit+Co and I’m here at the Ultimate Massage Zeel Party Bachelorette,
it’s kind of a mouthful It’s a tongue twister It is, it is. And I’m here with Cynthia Irons, she is the Chief Marketing Officer of Zeel How’s it going Cynthia? It’s great. Thanks for coming to our Ultimate Bachelorette Spa Party! There you go. She got it right. Thank you so much for having me here I’m so excited to be here. Now, It’s the Ultimate Bachelorette Party, so we’re going to be viewing the Bachelorette later. Um but first off tell us a little bit about Zeel. So Zeel is massage on demand You know you want a massage when you want one, when your back hurts, when your muscles ache, when you’re stressed out You don’t want to book in advance And you don’t want to sit in car With Zeel since 2012 you can get a massage in as little as hours from the time that you book We’re in 65 cities across the United States You can get a massage as early as 8 AM or you can book one and have it as late as 10:30 PM. Wow, now if you all love massages like I do and this is great because I really, really want to get this app. And I didn’t know about Zeel before I got here. I’m so excited to use it. If you guys want an on demand massage. Make sure you go to Zeel. How do we, how do we, see how to get this? It’s really simple, you go to or our iPhone or Android app and then to book a massage You just choose this gender of your therapist, time, and location for your massage What type of massage you want and
then you sit back and relax Because our massage therapists shows up with the massage table and the music and the lotion and they turn your home into a five-star spa! Excellent. We’re going to be dropping that in the comments section if you guys have any questions for Cynthia or I, let us know. So we are at the spa party like I mentioned, behind us we have some massage beds Talk to us about throwing your own spa party at your home. So it’s really simple. Yeah, you can get your own singles massage or you can book a couples massage Or you can book your own at-home spa party. It’s really simple you just have to think about where do you want to set up your massage therapists, how many guests do you have, how long is your party and then we start figuring out how it works for you. So for example, I threw a birthday party for my sister. We had three bedrooms, six guests. So what we did is we had everyone have a 60-minute massage in the bedroom And it was a two-hour party you could also do like
30-minute massages You know where they undress and have the full spa experience Or you could do what we’re doing here tonight where it’s a cocktail party poolside? We have the massage tables set up and everyone is going to be getting 10 to 15 minute clothed table massages and because the ladies are going to look so chic, they could be face up to not to smudge their makeup So it’s kind of like what you’d see sometimes at a chair massage, but you’re laying down It’s so much more comfortable, and it looks absolutely stunning for an at-home spa party Yeah, especially where we’re at right now. Like take a look at this environment, we have an infinity pool. There is a golf course right behind us and so it’s absolutely beautiful to do it here in Or- Orinda Yeah we are here in Orinda, California in the
San Francisco Bay area for our
Ultimate Bachelorette Spa Party But it’s not just about the massages obviously the massages are key and that is your go-to item But it’s all about the food and the decor and the cocktails that will really make your entire party Yeah, speaking of which right behind us which we are going to go and navigate over here We have some drinks and what is this whole setup we have for this ultimate Spa party tonight? So obviously with any party your menu is the most important thing that you’re going to be putting together So when designing your menu for a
spa themed party think about selecting items that are health and wellness based but obviously delicious and fun, so tonight we have Besides the absolutely fantastic cheeseburgers, there are some zucchini fritters with a dill yogurt sauce we have lemon asparagus pizza slivers, and these absolutely delectable California rolls with a corn relish and then, Bachelor wine, of course, for the cocktail because it goes with our Bachelor theme We have some roses right there on this wine So we’ve got a Chardonnay and a Rosé
for everyone to dive into And then for those who don’t want to drink, we also
have a nice sparkling water and a sparkling
spritzer lemonade. And now this is not just a spa party, but it’s an Ultimate Spa Party But why is it so ultimate? So we were actually thrown onto this idea to do the ultimate Bachelorette viewing party by another Zeel fan Julianne Hough, who last season was watching the Bachelor and while watching her brother, Derek Hough, decided to showcase for her friends this whole massage party he brought in Zeel massage, and we thought well that is just such a fun idea What if we were to do the same thing so we decided to go to three of our most fantastic Zeel fans who are also just happened to be on the Bachelor, so we have Ashley I, Lace Morris, and Carly Waddell who are here as well. So they are helping us host our Ultimate Bachelorette Massage Themed Party Yes, and we are actually going to go and talk to them.
So just follow me, Thank you so much Cynthia, and I’m going to navigate right over here to this chair And I’m going to talk to these beautiful ladies.
How are you doing? Hi! Again, we have Ashley, Lace, and Carly and we are gonna go ahead and Chat with you not only about the Bachelorette, but I want to get your ladies opinion on Zeel. Why do you love Zeel? I love it because Bachelorette season is actually like my busiest season ever. Because I have like all this press that I do because I’m like the beat reporter for the Bachelor so at the end of my week I’m like “Okay, you’re gonna do all this, you’re gonna do great at it and then you’re going to get your Zeel massage” and it’s the best part of my week. Its like the beginning of my wind down. I love it. Do you use Zeel often? Do you just like open up your app and you’re just like I’m gonna book my massage Yeah – tonight. Well, that’s the awesome thing. It’s like when you realize that you have a couple hours the end of the day You’re like, okay that that’s time for Zeel. I’m gonna pull out my app. Yeah. How about you? I love Zeel because it comes to your house or wherever you’re at and you get it right there and you’re comfortable where you’re at and thats why I love it. Yeah, it’s so easy. It’s like getting an Uber or like Postmates, there are so many on-demand apps right now. And a massage like who can ask for anything better? My ultimate night is basically Postmates and Zeel. I love it. Forget Netflix and chill. And how about you Carly? Um I love it because I just started planning my wedding and wedding planning is so stressful Like it is, your mind is constantly going and you’re trying to figure out everything. And it’s the one thing that I can do for myself that relaxes me Zeel and wine. Yeah, and it’s just the best relaxation thing. Yeah, do you think it’s something that you’d use maybe for your bachelorette party? Oh yeah! Actually yes! That sounds fantastic. I mean speaking of the Bachelorette. You think okay, well this seems like a really good idea for a bachelorette party. Yeah. Yeah, absolutely. Okay now speaking of the Bachelorette So I want to talk a little bit about it and what your opinions are so far. It’s only on episode three tonight Um, right now I’m Team Peter, but I want to get your lady’s opinion. What are you seeing? What are you predicting? What are your thoughts? I have to say Peter and Rachel I almost called her Lindsey. Sometimes I almost call her Lindsey too. It’s Rachel Lindsey. You know him and Rachel have the same gap in their tooth. So I feel like they’re meant to be together. This is what I was thinking too And they even had a conversation about it. Which I thought was the cutest thing Yeah, they discussed their gap, like who does that? I know they’re cute. They’re comfortable. I think she’s really smitten with him. Super attracted, and I think that they might be in it for the long run except for that means that Peter isn’t available for the rest of us [hahaha] But I also really like Dean. I like Josiah. I like Eric. Okay, okay. Anybody else? Those are my four. What about the Demario drama? I just want to get your opinion before you know I don’t know, real high school. He’s just ridiculous. I thought that That girl, his girlfriend. “His girlfriend” My theory is that she’s probably just like a hookup girl. Wait the scrunchie Let’s not talk about her style, is one whole other thing. I mean, and I feel really bad talk about that She was wearing a scrunchie on the Bachelor. Yeah, it was just very Jerry Springer. It was very Jerry Springer, it was not very on brand. No, it wasn’t actually. I don’t know I thought it I thought I added a little bit of spice, but you know we’ll see he’s gone but tonight We’re going to find out what the what the big drama is he’s going to talk- he’s going to talk to Rachel tonight I don’t know what to expect, so we’ll see. Thank you so much ladies for being here if you guys have any questions, or you want to check out Zeel we’re gonna drop that in the comments section and let us know of your questions and tell us what you guys think about the Bachelorette or who your favorite guy is? Gonna go with Peter. Okay, well thanks so much for watching everybody. Bye!

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